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Bullish Sentiment Is High on Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Netflix

Tradebird users weigh in on whether they are bearish or bullish on various stocks in the midst of earnings season.
Wells Fargo Fraud Perpetrators Get Off Scot-Free: Here's Why Bankers Don't Go To Jail

Just like after the Great Recession, in the wake of the Wells Fargo scandal, no one seems to be going to jail. This is why...
3 ETFs to Buy If You Think Alphabet Will Beat Earnings

The digital advertising world is dominated by Facebook & Alphabet. When Alphabet reports third-quarter results, investors will be looking to see which side is winning the fight.
Here's What Amy Schumer Had to Say to the Walk-Outs

Amy Schumer has something to say to the 200 audience members who walked out of her Tampa, Fla., show Sunday night after she started dissing Donald Trump, People reports. "Dearest Tampa, Im sorry you didnt want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in, to mention the biggest...
Bill Murray Wins Comedy Prize, Hands It to Audience

Bill Murray accepted a bust of Mark Twain for his lifetime achievement in comedyand immediately handed it to the audience to be passed around. Murray was honored Sunday night at the Kennedy Center by more than a dozen of his co-stars and collaborators, including David Letterman, Sigourney Weaver, and...
Where Does It Make the Most Sense to Raise Your Home Insurance Deductible?

Raising your homeowners insurance deductible will save you money in the short term, but it's a more lucrative proposition in some states than others.
Protestors Target PayPal After Founder Supports Trump

In the wake of news that PayPal founder Peter Thiel has donated money to Donald Trump, users organized a protest. The only problem? Thiel doesn't own PayPal anymore.
Will Skittles Sales Spike Amid Trump Controversy?

Skittles have been thrust back into the political spotlight. The only thing worse would be if the brand became a symbol.
33 Hilarious Kid Memes That Are Too Real For All Parents

Kid memes might be better than cat memes.
These 5 report cards say a lot about what your home is worth

How does your home stack up for insurance claims, walkability, school quality and more?
Time Warner, AT&T shares fall amid concerns over deal clearance

By Jessica Toonkel and Supantha Mukherjee (Reuters) - Wall Street signaled skepticism on Monday that AT&T Inc would secure the government approvals needed to carry out its planned $85.4 billion
5 ways to get more from your credit cards

Take advantage of theselittle-known perks andprofit from your plastic.
Islamic State steps up counter-attacks as fighting edges closer to Mosul

By Maher Chmaytelli and Stephen Kalin BAGHDAD/BARTELLA, Iraq (Reuters) - Islamic State expanded its attacks on Monday against the army and Kurdish forces across Iraq, trying to relieve pressure on
France clears 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais, children in limbo

By Matthias Blamont CALAIS, France (Reuters) - France began clearing the sprawling "Jungle" camp on Monday as many migrants who have camped for months or years among sand dunes near Calais gave up on
Best U.S. Cities for Retiring on $30,000 a Year

Living comfortably on $30,000 a year in retirement is doable (even in the U.S.) if you scout out places that make it easier to stretch your savings.
Will Wanda's Deal Boost Lions Gate and Warner?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wanda Group will offer a 40% rebate to studios that shoot movies and TV shows at its new Movie Metropolis located in Qingdao, China. Count Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) and Lions Gate (NYSE: LGF) among the studios signing on to shoot projects at the facility, which is scheduled to open in August 2018.
Eminem: 'You Should Be Afraid' of Trump

With less than three weeks to the election, Eminem decided it was time to weigh in. Rolling Stone reports the rapper released a nearly 8-minute track Wednesday in which he says of Donald Trump: "You should be afraid of this dang candidate." He goes on in "Campaign Speech" to call...
Betterment Says New Tax Algorithm Boosts Returns

Betterment has rolled out a tax-coordinated portfolio that it claims will boost returns by 0.48% annually.
Shakespeare's Rival Now Listed as His Co-Author

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," wrote William Shakespeare in Henry VI , Part IIor was it Christopher Marlowe? After more than 400 years, Marlowe has been given joint credit for all three of the Henry VI plays long thought to have been the work of...
Video: What you need to know about home equity

Need to pay for a big expense? Learn how you can use your home equity to pay for it.
Check out the lakefront home of Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson

Wouldn't it be nice to own this house that the legendary rock star is selling?
Benefits of using the ACH network for business

Learn the advantages of using?the Automated Clearing House?for?processing payments.
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Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife Sues Subway
Jared Fogle's ex-wife says Subway knew about his "depravities," and now she's suing the sandwich chain for an unspecified amount in damages, the Indianapolis Star reports. "I filed this lawsuit because I have questions" about exactly what Subway knew and when, Katie McLaughlin told reporters Monday. The suit alleges that... More >
Latest News
Attorneys for Trump's Accusers Have a Message for Him
Jessica Drake is the latest woman (No. 11, by Variety and NBC News' count) to accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, claiming that the GOP nominee hugged her tightly and kissed her after a 2006 golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif., then tried to offer her $10,000 to return... More >
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