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10 Most Dangerous States for You and Your Family to Live In

Living in states in the South may cost less compared to Northern counterparts, but they are some of the most dangerous states in the country.
9 Beauty Products to Run Out and Buy This February

Winter doldrums don't stand a chance when you have bright eye shadows, beach sticks, hair-thickening potions and more awesome beauty products to play with
Here's How The Great $41 Trillion Generational Wealth Transfer Is Intercepted By Probate Pirates

Some $16.9 billion of losses comes from deceptive but legal tactics however the crime is covered over because the criminal is in some cases a lawyer in probate court.
Graduation Dresses Under $100

These are so pretty, you'll want to ditch your graduation gown
'Fast Money' Recap: What's Hot -- and Not -- in Tech Stocks

The trading panel is concerned about chipmakers, can't wait for Apple earnings and wondered what went wrong between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.
California to Name Tunnel After Robin Williams

Unless fans of failed 1853 Whig Party gubernatorial candidate William Waldo make a last stand, California will soon be getting a Robin Williams Tunnel. A bill to rename the tunnel, which connects the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County and was once part of the comedian's daily commute, sailed through...
These Questions Made RDJ Walk Out of Interview

Robert Downey Jr. thought he was doing an interview to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron , and for almost four minutes, he was. But when Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Britain's Channel 4 started getting personal yesterday, RDJ wasn't happyand ended up walking out of the interview, the Los Angeles Times reports....
The Bull Market in Stocks Is Coming To An End, But Your Portfolio Doesn't Have to Follow

Don't get caught running with the bulls. Speculation that the stock market is due for a correction has some investors concerned that the bull market might be ending soon.
Here's How The Great $41 Trillion Generational Wealth Transfer Is Intercepted By Probate Pirates

Some $16.9 billion of losses comes from deceptive but legal tactics however the crime is covered over because the criminal is in some cases a lawyer in probate court.
The Youngest Generations Are Not Interested in Filling the Leadership Gap

The opportunity has never been greater for many to take the leap into leadership. The only problem is no one wants it.
Should I invest my emergency stash of cash?

Now that the bulls are back on Wall Street, should I invest my emergency cash?
Deducting private mortgage insurance

Lucky for you, the tax deduction for private mortgage insurance keeps getting extended.
What are the different types of price discrimination and how are they used?

Understand the difference between the three major types of price discrimination and how each is used in practical business applications.
How to Prep Your Portfolio for Down Markets

Down markets are a reality that can kneecap your retirement withdrawal plans. Minimize the pain with these strategies.
Bruce Jenner: 'I'm a Woman'

Bruce Jenner's not-so-secret secret is now officially revealed: For all intents and purposes, Im a woman, he told Diane Sawyer of ABC News . People look at me differently. They see you as this macho male, but my heart and my soul and everything that I do in lifeit is...
What is Unlimited Liability?

Unlimited liability means that the owners of a business are liable for the entire amount of debt and obligations of that business.
A Shaken Everest Sees Its 2nd Deadliest Day

Amid the sea of casualties in today's quake in Nepal are at least 10 that are garnering headlines of their own because of where tragedy befell them: on Everest. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake, the strongest to hit Nepal in more than eight decades, triggered a deadly avalanche in the Mount...
Is this investment too good to be true?

Something's probably fishy when an unusually high return is promised for an investment.
What's the fastest way to boost my credit?

Your credit report has a long memory. Here's how to get it to forget your checkered past.
Weight Loss Success: How a Trip to Sri Lanka Helped Me Drop 49 Pounds

Traveling to tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka inspired April Risteffo to appreciate what she eats—and drop 49 pounds.
Can HELOC save couple from debt time bomb?

Facing rising debt payments soon? Here are some options to explore for winning the battle.
17 Ways to Lose Weight When You Have No Time

The scale doesn't care how many hours you have in your day—only how wisely you spend them.
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1K+ Doctors to Dr. Oz: Just Quit
After 10 doctors called for Columbia University to fire that "quack" Dr. Mehmet Oz , and Oz fired back and then doubled down , the medical community decided to poll itself. Some 1,300 doctors responded to a poll put out by social network SERMO, and these are the results, per LiveScience... More >
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At 145, Vladimir Lenin Is Looking Great
A tip for looking your best at age 145: Try replacing bits of your skin with plastic. That's what the experts in charge of preserving Vladimir Lenin's body have done, Scientific American reports. The Soviet Union founder, who died in 1924, would have turned 145 this week, and his mausoleum... More >
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