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Stock Market Risk Is at All-Time High and Nobody Is Noticing

As the stock indexes continue trading near all-time highs, there are many cracks under the surface.
The Shelf Life of Plastic Surgery

Why your first procedure might not be your last: The plastic surgeries that might require a "tune-up"
What 14% Unemployment Means for the Class of 2015

A still-bloated youth unemployment rate may delay graduates from finding their dream jobs, funding their retirement and buying homes. But all is not lost.
Beauty Secrets From the Most Gorgeous Place on Earth

The thickest hair, smoothest skin and hips that don't lie: these are the beauty secrets Tahitian women have relied on for centuries
Gasoline Prices Expected to Tick Upward as Summer Demand Increases

Gasoline prices are following the increase of crude oil prices and will likely rise slightly this summer.
Stan Lee Releasing a Most Appropriate Memoir

Stan Lee is publishing a memoirand, of course, it will be in the form of a graphic novel. Lee, 92, the former head of Marvel Comics and creator of such iconic comic book (and now major motion picture) characters as Spider-Man and the X-Men, says in a statement that...
Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak's Relationship Gets Them $7.5M

If you've always wanted to know more of the story behind Mindy Kaling's on-again, off-again romance with BJ Novakdescribed by a publishing industry source as a "complicated" relationship that took place while they were co-starring on The Office then you're in luck. And so are Kaling and Novak, who...
Your Bad Credit Is Costing You Big Money When It Comes to Your Insurance

Did you know that your credit score also impacts what you pay for insurance?
Will Foreclosure Victims Ruin the Market Now That They're Creditworthy Again?

Some 7.3 million consumers who lost homes to the foreclosure crisis could soon find their credit has recovered enough to let them qualify for mortgages and buy again.
An Epidemic of Bogus Hotel Booking Sites Now Costing Travelers Millions

Hotel trade groups puts the scam's price tag at $220 million
Borrowing from home equity: Rules of the road

A home equity loan or HELOC can be a blessing or a curse. Know the difference.
Why does a homebuyer need to get a CLUE?

Get clued in on how to check a house's insurance claim history and avoid surprises.
Etsy Earnings: Slowing Growth Worries Investors

Online marketplace Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY) failed to live up to high expectations for its first quarter as a publicly traded company on Tuesday. High spending and slowing growth in revenue and users triggered a sell-off. Shares closed Wednesday 18% lower than where they were before the company reported earnings Tuesday after market close.
How do I calculate my effective tax rate using Excel?

Find out how to calculate your effective tax rate using Microsoft Excel, what income tax rates to apply to your earned income and how progressive taxes work.
Introducing the Martha Stewart Triscuit Flavor

Weird: Martha Stewart has her own limited-edition flavor of Triscuit crackers out this month. Not so weird: That flavor is "toasted coconut and sea salt." The Huffington Post calls it "the bougiest thing in the cracker aisle," which is about what you'd probably expect from Stewart, but notes that it...
The 3 Key Numbers Caterpillar Investors Must Know

Heavy-equipment manufacturer Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) has found itself at the epicenter of the global economic slowdown, with sluggish activity in construction, infrastructure, mining, and now energy having taken its toll on the company's growth prospects.
Tycoon Loses $15B in 30 Minutes

Pop goes the bubble: An energy company chief's brief time as the richest person in China ended in a spectacular collapse this week. In a brutal 30 minutes or so of trading on Wednesday, Li Hejun's fortune went down by as much as $500 million a minute as shares in...
12 Reasons Why Dehydration Is Bad for Your Body

Being dehydrated can make you tired, grumpy, prone to weight gain, and more.
What you should know about land loans

So you want to buy land? Getting a land loan is different from a traditional mortgage.
Video: Slow your spending with cash?

Try using cash instead of debit and credit cards to see how much money you can save.
14 Fad Diets You Shouldn't Try

From the impractical to the downright dangerous, these diets aren't your best choice for losing weight.
Where will mortgage rates head next week?

Mortgage experts predict what will happen to rates over the next week -- and why.
12 Breakfast Recipes You Can Eat for Dinner

Rethink your traditional mealtime recipes and have pancakes or frittatas at night.
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California Farmers Make Historic Water Concession
Another sign of the severity of California's drought: Farmers who hold some of the oldest and thus strongest water rights in the state have agreed to voluntarily cut their water use by 25% this season. The move by the farmers in the delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers... More >
Latest News
Dead Man Wakes Up Before Trip to Morgue
Another entry for the not-dead-yet files: A man who had been pronounced dead in Milwaukee began moving around as a medical team was preparing to take him to the morgue, reports WISN . The strange tale of 46-year-old Thomas Sancomb began Tuesday when his worried girlfriend called 911 because she couldn't... More >
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