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Twitter Tumbles on Another Exec's Departure, Micron Tanks on Lower Price Target

Twitter falls after a high-level executive announces his departure. Micron Technology tanks after an analyst cuts the chip maker's price target.
Hard Candy Founder Launches New Line of Nail Lacquers

Indulge your inner '90s girl with one of these totally important shades
What Obamacare Supreme Court Decision Means for Consumers

Obamacare will live to fight another day as the Supreme Court rules that people enrolled under federal exchanges can still get tax subsidies.
Throw Out All Your Shoes -- This Is the Only Pair You Need

What do you get when you cross a high heel with a bootie? The hottest accessory trend now
'Jurassic World' Leads the Pack for the Third Week Running

Universal's mega-hit about dinosaurs run wild topped box office sales for the third consecutive week.
Kate Hudson's Dad Says Kids Are 'Dead to Me Now'

The messiness continues between Goldie Hawn's oldest children and their father, Bill Hudson. As previously reported , Oliver Hudson lashed out at his dad via Instagram on Father's Dayposting a throwback photo of himself, sister Kate, and their father with the caption "Happy abandonment day." Bill Hudson broke his silence...
Univision Dumps Miss USA Over Trump

Several things stood out when Donald Trump announced his presidential bid liberal glee, conservative scorn , escalators, paid supporters but what many in the Latino community heard was his proposal to build a "great, great wall" on the US-Mexico border to block Mexican drugs, crime, and rapists. Outrage ensued , Trump-shaped pinatas...
Doing Well, But Not Feeling Rich? You're a 'High Net Worker'

High net workers make mid-six figures and have up to $1 million invested, but they're in far more danger of losing it all than their high-net-worth counterparts.
How You Can Get a Great Deal on an Auto Lease, Even for Luxury

While monthly lease offers under $200 are common enough, experts say it is surprising to see the high quality of vehicles available now with such aggressive deals.
Consumers Are Saving From Low Gas Prices and Paying Bills

Cheaper gasoline prices have been a boon for consumers, who remain saddled with debt amidst stagnant wage growth. Many consumers are paying their bills from the savings.
5 ways smartphones have changed prepaid cards

Smartphone innovations are changing the way we use prepaid cards.
Home loan options for paying college costs

Good news: You have equity in your home. How can you use it for college?
Why Hasn't McDonald's Beaten The Dow Recently?

McDonald's has underperformed the Dow Industrials since 2009, but a reorganization and buyback could turn things around.
What is a Greenshoe Option?

A greenshoe option is a provision in an underwriting agreement that allows the underwriter to buy up to 15% of the shares in an IPO at the offer price.
PBS: Ben Affleck an 'Improper Influence'

After the Ben Affleck embarrassment, is Finding Your Roots now the kind of show that won't hush things up on the say-so of a Hollywood star ? Sounds like PBS isn't sure: It says an internal review has "determined that the series co-producers violated PBS standards by failing to shield...
Calculating Degree of Financial Leverage

Degree of financial leverage (DFL) is a metric that measures the sensitivity of a companys operating income due to changes in its capital structure.
Mummified Remains Found in Indiana

Workers exploring the site of an intended quarry in rural Indiana stumbled upon a mummified body that experts say could be anywhere from 500 to 2,000 years old, the Times of Northwest Indiana reports. "They could distinguish a head and a torso," says a local sheriff. "It could be...
11 Reasons You're Always Hungry

Hungry all the time? Your stress levels, drinking habits, and other lifestyle factors may be to blame.
How can I deduct my home equity line of credit?

Whether or not you can deduct the interest on home equity depends on several factors.
Savings challenge: Make your own shaving oil

Stop nicking your budget; lather up some savings with this money-saving tip.
25 Healthy Recipes for a Vegetarian Feast

Try our vegetarian soups, salads, and desserts for an entirely meatless meal from start to finish.
Fixed-rate mortgages: Just the basics

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of a fixed-rate mortgage.
4 Habits That Set You Up for Good Luck

Serendipity isn't a game of chance. It's much more predictable than that. Experts have identified four habits that can set us all up for good fortune.
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Jeb Bush on His Criminal Associates: I Need 'Better Radar'
Running for the White House, Jeb Bush portrays himself as a man who has "worked his tail off" to get ahead in life. But in his business dealings—which involved such diverse fields as real estate, credit card services, and water pumps—the candidate seemed to benefit from his father's... More >
Latest News
'Mind Blowing' Fire Burns Entire Neighborhood
From just across the Wenatchee River, Dominick Bonny watched a whole neighborhood in his central Washington town burn as a wildfire destroyed two dozen homes and forced hundreds to flee. "With the wind blowing away from us, it was like we were watching a natural disaster within arm's reach," he... More >
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