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Shutterfly's Future Is Bright, Halloween Will Spur Sales -- CEO

CEO Jeff Housenbold says the company has been swept up in the overall market malaise but expects another year of record revenue.
Makeup You Can -- and Should -- Sleep in

Now, hitting the sack without washing your face can actually be good for your skin
Halloween Spending Will Be Big on Boos and Booze

Halloween is fast becoming a mega-major U.S. holiday - and that's costing you big money. But the invisible hand works in mysterious ways: spending is lower than last year.
9 Chic Ways to Reinvent the Denim Skirt

This isn't your jean mini from 2004. Here, the denim skirt gets a major update
Gold Will Go Higher Once Faltering Economy Pushes Fed to Act

Anthem Blanchard, founder of Anthem Vault, said a faltering economy and intensive action by Fed Chair Janet Yellen will send the yellow metal higher in the coming year.
Bankrupt 50 Cent Now Suing His Ex-Lawyers

Rapper 50 Cent, who filed for bankruptcy over the summer and revealed his lifestyle is not actually as blingy as it seems , is now suing his former lawyers. The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, says the Wall Street firm Garvey Schubert Barer didn't represent him well in a legal battle...
Malia Obama Is Applying to Colleges

High school seniors busily applying for college have a certain First Daughter among their ranks, and the New York Times takes a long look today at where Malia Obama might end up. Little is known about her preferences or her grades, but her personal life definitely makes her an attractive...
10 Best Cities for Singles on the Prowl

Those looking to find someone, whether to marry or to be single with, must consider a number of factors beyond population size before committing to one city.
Fantasy Football Insider Trading Scandal Sacks Gambling World

Fantasy football attracts big money and takes its fair share out of your wallet. But the system may be more nefarious than you realized.
The New Mortgage Process Will Require a Houseful of Patience

Streamlined mortgage documents make it easier for a buyers to see if the loan they were quoted is the loan they're getting. However, it takes time to get them right.
Savings challenge: Pay your credit card bill every week

Will frequent credit card payments help control spending and boost your credit score?
6 simple steps to protect your credit card

Fortify your wallet against intrusion with these credit card data-breach defenses.
How to Use Boring CDs to Diversify

Markets are volatile and are in for more punishment. CDs can help investors earn some interest while they're waiting out the storm.
Getting Life Insurance in Your 20s Pays Off

Find out how Americans in their 20s can benefit from a well-thought-out life insurance policy, especially if they are able to build cash value for retirement.
Hey, Lauren From Fordham, Tom Hanks Found Your ID

All Tom Hanks fans wish they were Lauren from Fordham University today. Hanks posted a picture online Tuesday of a student ID from the school, bearing that moniker and a photo but with the last name blocked by his thumb. "Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park," reads...
Want to Start Up an RIA? Expect These Hurdles

RIAs looking to strike out on their own need to overcome and plan for a number of hurdles.
India's Glowing Border Is Visible From Space

An astronaut above the International Space Station has captured a stunning image of what NASA refers to as "one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen at night." The Sept. 23 image shows the glowing, snaking border between India and Pakistan, visible because of...
Bloated All the Time? 11 Reasons Why

Always bloated? Surprising ways to flatten your belly and ease bloating fast.
3 things you need to tap home equity

Even with rising home prices, you'll still need these key ingredients to take cash out of your home.
How to find the best bank

How do you find the best bank for you? It's all about fees and services.
11 Secrets of People Who've Lived to 100

Centenarians from around the globe share their secrets to longevity.
Should I raid my 401(k) to pay off the mortgage?

With your mortgage rate high and 401(k) return low, this is 1 option, but there are more.
9 Best Workouts to Do When You Have Your Period

Soothe period pain with these cramp-crushing exercises.
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Here's Why McCarthy Says He Bailed
There might be somebody out there who can unite all 247 House Republicans, but Kevin McCarthy says it definitely isn't him. The House majority leader tells Politico that his shock decision not to seek the nomination for speaker came after friends said to him: "Why do you want to do... More >
Latest News
Aztec Site Reveals Grisly Fate of Captured Spaniards
Excavations at the site of one of the Spanish conquistadors' worst defeats in Mexico are yielding new evidence about what happened when the two cultures clashed—and the native Mexicans were in control. Faced with strange invaders accompanied by unknown animal species, the inhabitants of an Aztec-allied town east of... More >
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