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Stocks Close Lower Ahead of Greek Vote on Bailout

Greece's debt woes roiled global markets this week, and probably will do so again next week.
10 Foundations for the Most Youthful Skin of Your Life

Fill in wrinkles, airbrush age spots and give dehydrated skin a dewy finish with these amazing, decade-erasing foundations
When Is It Pretty Much Always a Terrible Idea to Borrow Money?

The average American has over $15,000 in credit card debt as of June 2015. The total shared debt of all Americans is over $11 trillion, up 1.7%.
The 2015 Academy Awards Beauty Looks That Deserve Their Own Golden Statue

A little rain couldn't keep celebs like Margot Robbie, Sienna Miller and Reese Witherspoon from slaying the red carpet
Whole Foods Co-CEOs Apologize for Overcharging Customers

Whole Foods potentially faces big fines after it admits to mistakenly overcharging New York City customers for its prepackaged foods.
Joni Mitchell Expects 'Full Recovery' After Aneurysm

Joni Mitchell's friend and conservator is setting the record straight on the Canadian singer's condition after she was rushed to the hospital in March. Though singer David Crosby claimed Mitchell was "not speaking yet" in an interview with HuffPost Live on Friday, Leslie Morris approved a statement on JoniMitchell.com...
Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Divorcing

One day after their 10th anniversary, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced that they're splitting, reports People and AP . "After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce," says a joint statement. "We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a...
Retirement Goals Taken Seriously by Millennials, But Will They Save Enough?

While the percentage of employees investing in their 401(k) jumped 13% between 2011 and 2015, only slightly more than half of Millennials now participate in their plans.
5 Things You Should Definitely Buy In July

July is a middling month for retailers, but consumers can find savings on computers, tools and even late summer vacations if they look hard enough.
Best July 4th Sales 2015: Shop Red, White & Blue

The fantastic deals at these major retailers are sure to inspire hefty savings to go with your dose of patriotism.
$100M: Michael Jackson's former Neverland Ranch

Once home to an elephant, giraffes and Bubbles the chimpanzee, Neverland is on the market for $100 million.
Where will mortgage rates head next week?

Mortgage experts predict what will happen to rates over the next week -- and why.
Calculating Interest Expense

Interest expense is the cost of borrowing money.
5 Things Proto Labs' Management Wants You to Know

When it comes to delivering consecutive record quarters, quick-turn manufacturer Proto Labs (NYSE: PRLB) has been on an absolute tear. The last 11 quarters have brought record revenue to the company. Most recently, during the first quarter, Proto Labs generated $58.5 million in revenue, representing an increase of 27% year over year, or 31% after factoring in currency fluctuations.
Now World's No. 2 Rich Guy Spurns Trump

Suffice it to say that Latinos don't love Donald Trump : The second richest guy on planet Earth has joined the burgeoning list of Latino-affiliated groups jumping ship in the wake of the candidate's derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants. Carlos Slim announced yesterday that his Ora TV would back out of...
Understanding Natural Unemployment

Natural unemployment is often defined as the lowest rate of unemployment an economy will reach.
Women, Stop Using This Word at Work

Women, enough with the word "just." In a post at LinkedIn , Google alum and entrepreneur Ellen Petry Leanse makes the case that women use the word much more often than men in the workplaceto their own detriment. It's a weak word, she argues, and it makes women seem weak...
Mapping the road to a fixed-rate HELOC

If the draw period on your HELOC is ending in the next few years, here's a plan of action.
Other types of mortgages

There are all types of mortgages for all types of people. Consider these nontraditional loans.
10 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

Boost your energy, drop pounds, and feel happier than ever with these diet tweaks.
What to do when the debt collector calls

Collection agencies are good at scaring people. But there are limits to what they can do.
10 Foods You're Probably Eating Wrong

Just when you thought you were hitting it out of the park with your attempts to eat right, it turns out a handful of seemingly innocent habits could be sabotaging your efforts.
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Acquaintance Charged in Arizona Couple's Murder
The story surrounding the deaths of Arizona couple Michael and Tina Careccia is starting to come into focus. Police today charged Jose Valenzuela, 38, who lived just blocks away, with murdering them, reports the Arizona Republic . Authorities say Valenzuela confessed prior to a second interview and told police that he... More >
Latest News
Escapee: Only One of Us Had Sex With Prison Worker
Captured escapee David Sweat is apparently continuing to talk, and per CNN , he's talking about sex. A former inmate of the prison who worked in the tailor shop with Sweat and Joyce Mitchell three years ago had this to say about their relationship to ABC News : “We had a joke.... More >
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