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Jim Cramer -- Micron, Marvell Could Rise on Increasing Chip Demand

Micron and Marvel Technology will benefit from an increase in DRAM and flash demand, Cramer says.
These Kids on Instagram Will Make You Rethink Your Hair -- and Life in General

Meet the cool kids (as in toddlers and tweens) who put your blowout to shame -- and have way more followers than you, too
This Is What a First-Time Homebuyer Looks Like

They're young and they're willing to pay in cash, but their desire for lower down payments echoes some of the worst aspects of the housing crisis.
7 Hair Vitamins to Help Your Hair Grow Longer and Thicker

If you already regret your spring chop, one of these vitamins for hair might be the answer
John Paulson Bought These 5 Stocks -- but the Charts Say Sell

How does technical analysis stack up to John Paulson's stock picking strategy?
Sarah Jessica Parker to EpiPen Maker: I'm Out

As lawmakers deal with their own awkward situation related to the jacked-up costs of the EpiPen , a celebrity is taking her own stand. Sarah Jessica Parkerwho Gizmodo notes has campaigned for anaphylaxis awareness for manufacturer Mylan in the name of her son, who has a severe peanut allergyannounced...
GOT Star Has (Non-Shadow) Baby With Guy Pearce

A winter-appropriate onesie is comingfor the new baby of Carice van Houten and her partner, Australian actor Guy Pearce, People reports. The 39-year-old Dutch Game of Thrones star was tagged in Pearce's Twitter announcement Monday, which proclaimed, "A cute little package arrived and told us his name's Monte Pearce....
How Road Warriors Conduct Private Conversations as They Combat Noise Pollution from Other Travelers

Having business conversations can be challenging and many travelers are forced to retreat to their hotel room.
How Close Are We to Biometric Credit Cards? Closer Than You Think, Whether You Want Them or Not

Fingerprint-based credit cards have long been part of the “future” discussion of financial payments. But is that future right now?
What Is the Best Cell Phone Carrier for International Travelers?

T-Mobile and Google's Project Fi slug it out for the title of best for travelers.
The 5 worst cities for underwater homes

One state's cities dominate for homes worth less than what's owed. Is it your state?
Should I Close My 6 Store Credit Cards?

Is having open credit cards good for your credit score? Find out.
Senior Citizens Feel Cheated by LTC Rate Hikes

It's grim news for some long-term care policy holders who now face a bleak choice of settling for reduced benefits or paying much higher premiums.
Publishing Articles on Investopedia Advisor Insights

A complete guide to publishing an article on Investopedia's Advisor Insights platform.
NFL Player Publicly Asks Out Aly Raisman, It Works

What do you do after winning gold as part of the most dominant women's gymnastics team in Olympic history? Apparently let your friends set you up on a very public blind date. It started with a Yahoo! Sports video in which Oakland Raiders tight end Colton Underwood says Aly Raisman...
What's a Dead Cat Bounce? InvestoTrivia

Quiz: What does the financial phrase "Dead Cat Bounce" mean?
Homeless Woman, 80, Finally Gets $100K Owed to Her by US

For years Wanda Witter, an 80-year-old retired machinist wandered the streets of Washington, DC, with three suitcases crammed full of Social Security paperwork that she insisted proved the government owed her a lot of money. People called her crazy and a hoarder, especially because she slept in shelters or on...
IRS can't find my W-2. How do I get my $3K refund?

Take these steps to find out why the IRS doesn't have a record of your work.
Why that rental car might not be safe for you to drive

You know when your own car has received a recall notice, but what about a rental car?
6 Mistakes You're Making With Your Contacts

Here's how to keep your eyes safe from long-term damage.
Who gets Mom's leftover reverse mortgage?

See if her heirs can claim the remaining reverse mortgage credit line after she dies.
The Mental Tricks Laurie Hernandez Uses to Summon Crazy Confidence

Try her moves the next time you need to calm your nerves.
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'Registered Genius' Says He's Made $1.1M Off Trump Fans
More than $1 million has been raised in the name of Donald Trump by a PAC—but zero dollars appear to have gone to help the GOP nominee, and donors are furious with the "registered genius" and "grape soda connoisseur" behind the setup, Politico reports. Ian Hawes is the 25-year-old... More >
Latest News
What We Can Infer From Clinton's Use of 2 Planes
It's been a campaign tradition for the last half-decade or so, at least until Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump quashed it. Both travel with two sets of planes, with the press corps relegated to No. 2. "A pox on both their jetliners," Jim Rutenberg declares at the New York Times... More >
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