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Billionaire John Paul DeJoria Is Bullish on the Consumer

The hair products king says the U.S. economy is strong now but is not so sure about what happens once the presidential race is over.
We Injected Ourselves With Vitamins for Glowier Skin. Here's What Happened

Celebrities swear the intravenous treatment makes you look like you just spent the weekend at a spa. Here's what we thought
Don't Sell Your Home - There May Be Nothing to Buy

Sellers face a terrifying market for buyers, so many are deciding not to sell just now.
8 Stay-Dry Solutions for Every Sweaty Scenario

Breaking a sweat and battling B.O.? This summer, find a sweat fix that really works
Here's Why Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Donald Trump Should Actually Like Each Other

Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump have butted heads recently. But the fact is, it's a love-hate relationship, with a lot more love than hate to go around.
Manager: Intervention Reached Out, but Chyna Was Dead

The manager of beloved WWE legend Chyna says he was so worried about her prescription drug use that he was working to secure her a spot on the A&E TV show Intervention but she was already dead when producers "started reaching out" to her. Anthony Anzaldo tells E! News that...
Source: Prince Probe Looking at Doctor's Role

Investigators suspect an overdose of prescription drugs caused Prince's death last week and they want to find out exactly where he got them, according to a source close to the investigation. The probe is looking at whether a doctor was on Prince's plane when he made an emergency landing in...
Why You May Want to Book Your Next Hotel Room Directly

It's war on between hotels and travel agents - and you can be the winner.
Choose the Wrong Credit Rewards Card? You May Have Just Made An $800 Mistake

There's cash on the table with rewards credit cards, but choose wisely.
The CFPB's New Web-based Tool Looks to Hold Student Loan Servicers Accountable

Payback Playbook is expected to bring more people with student loans into cheaper repayment plans.
Mortgage rates are down again, making refinancing tempting

With mortgage rates falling, some lenders see an influx of refinances.
Hedge fund manager George Soros' towering net worth

Soros has gone from waiter to Wall Street, buildingan impressive empire along the way.
What is a Contingent Convertible (Coco)?

A contingent convertible, or coco, is a security thats similar to a traditional convertible bond, but with one important difference.
Brazil Olympics: Trouble in Paradise?

Get an in-depth look at the laundry list of unique problems in Brazil that may pose a serious threat to the success of the 2016 Brazil Summer Games.
Prince Checked With Journey Before Releasing 'Purple Rain'

Prince's "Purple Rain" bears enough similarities to Journey's "Faithfully" that quite a few cover version mashups can be found on YouTube. But there was never a legal battle over the songs, because Prince reached out to Journey before releasing "Purple Rain," Journey's Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain tell Billboard . Cain...
VIMAX: Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Fund Performance Case Study

Discover the performance trends of the Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Fund, and learn which times of the year the fund has performed its best and worst.
'Paralyzed Bride' Cut Ties With Friend Who Pushed Her in Pool

Rachelle Chapman, the now-30-year-old paralyzed in 2010 when one of her best friends pushed her in the pool at her bachelorette party , is talking to People and Today in advance of a TLC documentary about her storya documentary that reveals, among other things, that Chapman is no longer friends...
10 Delicious and Healthy Ways to Use Chia Seeds

Those tiny little seeds pack in tons of good nutrition—find out how to add them to all kinds of dishes.
Mortgages tiptoe up as homebuying season starts

The rise could be due to homebuying demand or in anticipation of the Fed.
Personal lenders promise online-only mortgages

If it's an online experience you prefer, maybe the personal loans marketplace is for you.
Must I pay IRS the money stolen by ID thief?

No, you don't have to pay the IRS the defrauded amount, but do take these steps.
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11 Things to Know About the Woman Who's Spent 2 Decades With Hillary
Newsweek has a deep look at the mysterious woman whose "selfless servility and uncanny knack for predicting what the boss wants have put her closer than almost anyone to the most powerful woman in American politics." Huma Abedin first started working for Hillary Clinton at the White House in 1996.... More >
Latest News
Boys Lost at Sea Seen in Newly Released Video
An investigation into two teen boys lost at sea has turned up never-before-seen video of their departure, but an attorney for one of the boys' families fears investigators may be giving up, CBS News reports. "I think that the video was released because the Florida Wildlife Commission has decided it... More >
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