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Valeant Filing: CEO to Earn $1.5M, More if He Meets Goals

Valeant is working to rebrand itself and it's starting with paying CEO Joe Papa less than his predecessor.
7 Seriously Cute Earmuffs to Keep You Warm

These fluffy accessories up your fashion game in a big way -- and they're practical
How to Cash In on Boomers' Retirement Plans

The Baby Boomers' retirement is about to lead to 20 times as much leisure spending. That means the opportunity for real money for the right entrepreneurs.
Killer Heels: 15 Shoes You Would Never, Ever Be Able to Walk In

Enter into a world of high-heeled pain. You may want to sit down for this
More Financial Advisors Joining Envestnet's Platform

Shares of Envestnet are up over 11% so far this year and the second half is shaping up well as more financial advisors join its platform.
Prince Lay Dead in Elevator for 6 Hours

Prince was apparently battling opioid addiction when he diedand when he did die, he lay in an elevator for at least six hours before being found, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Sources close to the investigation say Prince had suffered an opioid overdose on April 15 and received treatment...
Biggest Loser Contestants: We Starved, Used Drugs

San Francisco police officer Mark Yesitis has seen some bad stuff: "I've seen people's brains outside their heads," he tells the New York Post . What could be worse than that? "Being on The Biggest Loser ." Yesitis is among several contestants of NBC's long-running weight-loss program to tell the newspaper that...
How to Handle Your First 401(k) Plan

For a new 401(k) investor, education and an early start are the keys to becoming a retirement millionaire.
1 in 5 Car Title Loan Borrowers End Up Losing Their Vehicle

Are car title loans legitimate? Some say so, and some say no.
Most Americans Don't Know What a College 529 Plan Is – And That's a Problem

Lack of awareness on college 529 plans is holding U.S. families back in terms of affording college.
The IRS can help you pay for kid care

If you paid someone to care for a dependent,this special credit could cut yourtax bill.
Take a virtual quick-step around Carrie Ann Inaba's home

The "Dancing With the Stars" judge hopes to score a winning price for her L.A. abode.
Gold Pulling Back After Powerful First Quarter Rally

A gold fund pullback to 115 could shake out weak hands and set up a low-risk buying opportunity.
Retirement Planning: 3 Differences in What Men and Women Want

Discover what surveys reveal about how people say they want to spend their retirement years, and how the answers depend largely on gender.
Elijah Wood: Hollywood Is Hiding Pedophile Scandal

Elijah Wood, who started his movie career with a bit part in Back to the Future II when he was just 8 years old, says Hollywood is rife with pedophiles and he might have been a victim if his mother had been less protective. In a Times of London interview,...
These Savings Accounts Have the Highest Interest Rates

Don't expect interest from a bank savings account to make you rich. You can do better, however, than the paltry 0.08% average paid in 2015.
A Woman Spoke Ill of a Dead Teen. Her Principal Wouldn't Have It

Now this is a principal. On Sunday 18-year-old Myneishia Johnson was gunned down on the streets of downtown Memphis when a 19-year-old allegedly fired a rifle into a crowd. Two days later, a woman emailed Booker T. Washington Principal Alisha Coleman-Kiner questioning her decision to allow the dead teen's 1-year-old...
26 Weight-Loss Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Get the scoop on the diet strategies that really work and keep the pounds off for good.
A tax-free way to pay IRA account fees

You won't owe taxes if you pay fees from your IRA. In fact, there may be other tax breaks.
Repo scare: Borrower might lose car due to twisted co-signing

See how a responsible car owner can seek relief from an unreasonable co-signer.
How to fight the 'zombie house' next door

You won't successfully sue the vacant home's owner, but you can try these tactics.
Tylenol Ingredient May Impair Your Ability to Empathize With Others

New research suggests acetaminophen could have surprising side effects.
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Ex Allegedly Confesses to Killing Missing Florida Mom
A US airman has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Florida mom and Air Force veteran last month, NBC News reports. Authorities say 30-year-old Steven Williams, the ex-husband of Tricia Todd, confessed to killing her on Tuesday and was arrested. Despite "gross inconsistencies" that "only got worse... More >
Latest News
Report: 'American Sniper' Exaggerated His War Record
Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame was a Navy SEAL who acted heroically in combat. That part isn't in dispute. He just didn't act as heroically as he claimed in his best-selling book, according to a report at the Intercept . In the book, which was made into a hit film,... More >
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