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Intel May Acquire Altera Now -- Is Qualcomm Next?

The latest news report is that Intel will buy Altera next week, but a subsequent deal for Qualcomm is unlikely despite some strategic merit to the companies combining.
Want it, Need it: One-Piece Swimsuits

Thinking about changing up your go-to bikini routine? The one-piece is having a moment. Give one a chance with these hot picks
Most Big Auto Insurers Are Just Taking Advantage of Your Low-Mileage Driving

Auto insurance companies seem to be taking low-risk drivers for granted, but consumers aren't standing for it.
And the Style Oscar Goes to ...

There were some duds on the red carpet (cough, Jennifer Aniston) but these are the dresses that deserve their own little gold statuette
Economic Data on Tap -- Next Week, It's Reports, Reports and More Reports

The first week of each month is always packed with economic reports, so expect employment, consumer spending and manufacturing data to drive the markets in the trading week ahead.
The Duggar Lesson: Stop This Reality Exploitation

Boy, those Duggars were fun to watcheven hate-watchuntil things got creepy . Same with Honey Boo Boo . And Duck Dynasty . Enough already, pleads Kevin Fallon in a post at the Daily Beast whose headline advocates the "end of hicksploitation on TV." When doling out blame to the particular families...
Lohan Going Off Probation for First Time in 7 Years

Tomorrow looks to be a milestone day for Lindsay Lohan: Her lawyer will be able to report to a Los Angeles judge that she has completed all her necessary community service, paving the way for her to be off probation for the first time in seven years, reports TMZ . The...
Why Your Spouse Should Be at the Center of Your Estate Planning

A spouse not only knows how to fulfill your wishes after you die, but can keep the peace among family members while finding some of their own.
When You Go to Buy a Starter Home, You Need to Think About More Than Just Yourself

Buying any home is an investment, and investments need customers.
3 Things to Do With That Retirement Account You Forgot About When You Left Your Job

Do you have a 401(k) from a previous job? Here's what to do with it.
Should I invest my emergency stash of cash?

Now that the bulls are back on Wall Street, should I invest my emergency cash?
Consumers on financial security: Video

According tothe poll, nearly half of Americans are saving virtually none of their paychecks.
How can I calculate the tracking error of an ETF or indexed mutual fund?

Understand what tracking error is and learn about the significant difference it can represent for investors who favor index ETFs or mutual funds.
Credit Card Blocks

The reserving of a portion of a credit or debit card balance for the cost of services not yet rendered.
More Bad News for the Duggars

Still no official word from TLC on whether 19 Kids and Counting will be canceled in the wake of the Josh Duggar scandal, but multiple sources connected to the network tell TMZ it's looking like that's what will happen. "If you're betting, you'd be wise to put money on the...
Why EMC's Acquisition of Virtustream Is Good News

In a surprise announcement, information technology service company EMC (NYSE: EMC) said Tuesday it plans to acquire global cloud service provider Virtustream in an all-cash transaction of approximately $1.2 billion. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2015.
Motorcycles May Get Unique Privilege in California

Motorcyclists slowed down by California's freeway traffic may soon benefit from the first law in the nation to let them zip between cars in a practice known as lane-splitting. The state Assembly passed the measure today and sent it on to the Senate, reports the AP . It would let motorcyclists...
No-Cook Meals You'll Love

Too hot to turn on the stove? No need to—just make our yummy throw-together dinners!
Get coins counted: Don't break the bank

Saving your pennies (and other coins)? Don't throw away money by paying for coin counting.
Credit card interest rates for May 28, 2015

Here are the average credit card rates from Bankrate's weekly survey of large banks and thrifts.
10 Foods You're Probably Eating Wrong

Just when you thought you were hitting it out of the park with your attempts to eat right, it turns out a handful of seemingly innocent habits could be sabotaging your efforts.
10 states with the highest gasoline taxes

Live in one of these states? You're probably paying higher gas prices.
9 Ways to Quit Sugar for Good

Easy tips to help you cut sugar out of your diet forever.
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Hastert Details Emerge: It's a Sex Scandal
Earlier stories hinted at it , but now a slew of reports are asserting that Dennis Hastert got into trouble with the feds because he was trying to cover up a sex scandal involving a former student. Outlets including the Chicago Tribune , the Washington Post , the New York Times , and CNN... More >
Latest News
'Sweet Tooth' May Be 'Achilles' Heel' of HIV
Imagine you're hankering for a snack, but your refrigerator is chained up. Now imagine you're the HIV virus, and inside your fridge is the food you need to grow and spread. A new study from Northwestern Medicine and Vanderbilt University provides the chains: Researchers say they've found a way to... More >
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