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ROME (AP) — A complex of ancient temples in Rome that are linked to the scene of Julius Caesar's murder will be opened to the public.

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Nat King Cole’s Daughters Celebrate the Music Legend’s 100th Birthday: ‘He Touched the Soul’
Mon Feb 18 13:24:32 EST 2019

With the death of their sister Natalie Cole on New Year’s Eve 2015, twins Timolin and Casey Cole, 57, have inherited the responsibility of carrying on the legacy of their father Nat King Cole, the legendary jazz singer and pianist.

“We assume the authority of honoring and preserving our father and the rest of the Cole family legacy,” Timolin told PEOPLE Sunday at The Breakers Palm Beach during a Nat King Cole Generation Hope event to celebrate what would have been their father’s 100th birthday on March 17.

“We know mom and dad and our siblings are cheering us on. They are the angels guiding and encouraging us to continue expanding access to quality music by helping school children with the greatest need and fewest resources.”

Nat’s brother Freddy Cole, 87, who was nominated for a Grammy Award earlier this year for “Best Jazz Vocal Album”, entertained guests with his lyrical storytelling and his musical trio.

Nat, who died in 1965 of lung cancer at age 45, was one of the most popular and talented recording and concert artists in American history.

Timolin and Casey, who live in Boca Raton, Fla., spread their father’s legacy by funding musical instrument instruction, music composition and songwriting as well as technical expertise in the recording arts. Donations to Generation Hope have exceeded $1.5 million and have helped more than 34,000 children around the country.

“Our dad was a kind and generous man who people called the ‘gentle giant’,” says Timolin of the superstar who turned out nearly 700 hits for Capitol Records.

“We are so proud that he touched the soul with his voice and was a quiet leader in the arts. He always said, ‘I may be able to bring harmony among people with my music.’ We want to continue that dream in a time when we really need it.”

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The twins just returned from Los Angeles where Lights Out: Nat King Cole, an avant garde, bio-musical set during the filming of the final television episode of The Nat King Cole Show, is being performed at The Geffen Playhouse Theater.

The musical, starring Dule Hill and cowritten by Colman Domingo and Patricia McGregor, illustrates the racism that took place off camera and the turmoil that Cole endured as the first African-American host of a TV variety show.

“Casey and I were mesmerized watching Lights Out,” says Timolin. “It captures the essence of our dad, a side that most people have not seen before. They will observe the inner conflict and anguish that he suffered in the culture of that time.”

The twins know that their family’s talents need to be shared with new generations so they can enjoy the music that millions have loved and respected over the years.

“The music, spirit and the way our father and Natalie made people feel when they listened to them sing will be alive forever,” Casey tells PEOPLE. “Our family history is one of musical excellence and charitable giving. We are making sure that legacy lives on.”

Baby Albino Turtle Born With Her Heart Beating Outside of Her Shell Defies the Odds
Mon Feb 18 13:24:11 EST 2019

Hope has a condition so rare, there isn’t even a name for it.

According to Caters New Agency, the albino pinkbelly sideneck turtle was born with her heart exposed. In humans, this condition is called ectopia cordis, but in veterinary medicine there is no name for the life-threatening genetic defect.

Even with her heart beating outside of her shell, the baby turtle, named Hope, has defied the odds and survived.

Hope lives with her owner Michael Aquilina in New Jersey. Aquilina, known as AquaMike on Instagram, was given the turtle by a friend who felt Aquilina had the passion and experience to give Hope the longest, happiest life possible.

The little turtle arrived at Aquilina’s home in November 2018 and continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

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Hey guys, just wanted to 👋🏼 to you all in case you forgot about me 😜🧡 #turtle #turtles #reptiles #pets #animals #nature #love #cute #hello #itsme #lol #smile #happy #photooftheday 🐢

A post shared by Aquamike (@aquamike23) on Dec 20, 2018 at 9:02pm PST


Aquilina posts regular updates on how Hope is thriving to his Instagram. The dedicated owner often shares videos of the turtle’s underbelly, where her exposed heart can be seen beating just outside of her shell.

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stay hopeful 😁🦐 #turtle #turtles #food #animals #cute #love #pets #smile #live #happy #reptiles #nature #wildlife #albinoturtle #hope

A post shared by Aquamike (@aquamike23) on Nov 18, 2018 at 6:08pm PST


AquaMike is also filled with posts of Hope eating, posing for the camera and enjoying her private tank — along with plenty of shots of the other turtles Aquilinia cares for.

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Plastron check, heart check ❤👀 #hope #turtle #turtles #animals #pets #reptiles #heart #heartbeat #cardio #cardib #cute #love #aww #anatomy #biology #science #medicine #vet #veterinarian #instagood #naturephotography #wow #cool

A post shared by Aquamike (@aquamike23) on Jan 23, 2019 at 9:08am PST


“Hope has impacted my life in so many ways it actually makes me emotional,” Aquilina told Caters.

To ensure Hope stays healthy, Aquilina makes every effort to protect the turtle’s immune system and exposed heart, reports Daily Mail.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Delayed Awards Show for the Most Touching Reason
Mon Feb 18 13:18:19 EST 2019

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a very good reason for being late to the recent Endeavour Fund Awards.

Earlier this month, the royal couple held hands as they walked the red carpet for the awards ceremony honoring service members who have used athletics or adventure to challenge themselves as part of their recovery and rehabilitation. However, a special pre-show engagement kept the parents-to-be longer than expected.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with Viv Johnston, whose special forces son Danny died from suicide last year after suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Me and my family were invited to the awards ceremony, and we were told that Harry and Meghan would like to meet us,” Viv told the Mirror“I was amazed, a bit nervous but very excited. We were shown to a ­private room and Harry and Meghan came in. They were absolutely wonderful.”

And Harry didn’t let the awards show’s start time get in the way of his meaningful conversation about the challenges soldiers face.

Viv recalled, “Three very panicked blokes came in at one stage and said, ‘Sir, we have to go, people are waiting,’ and he said, ‘Well, I’m talking,’ and we carried on chatting.”

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Viv previously received a letter of condolences from Harry after the 34-year-old royal learned of Danny’s death through a friend who works in Kensington Palace, noting that the prince was touched by her son’s story – as was his wife.

“Meghan was so sweet and ­caring,” Viv said, according to the Mirror. “They both were very genuine and I was very moved that they cared so much about what had happened to Danny — that meant a lot.”

Meghan and Harry were also curious about All Call Signs, a veterans’ mental support charity set up after her son’s death – and they took home a reminder of the organization.

“I then asked if he would like an All Call Signs wrist band,” Viv said. “I expected someone to take them away once I handed them over but both he and Meghan smiled, said thank you and put them straight on.”

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The Endeavour Fund Awards, set up by the Royal Foundation overseen by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, celebrated its third year. Meghan and Harry were there to hand out two of the three prizes during the ceremony. Former army captain Harry also made a speech.

And the royal couple were on the judging panel choosing the lucky three recipients of the awards.

Ahead of announcing the winner of the Celebrating Excellence award, Meghan told the nominees, “You don’t have the ripple effect unless each of you is brave enough to create the first wave.”

Meghan took the stage to announce the winner of the Celebrating Excellence Award. She gave a short speech, saying, “I’m so, so grateful to be back. Last year was my first time coming and it was such a meaningful night.”

Since its launch in 2012, the Endeavour Fund has supported 86 different projects that have directly assisted more than 5,000 wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women. Through their own fundraising, these ventures have collectively raised more than $3 million for other forces charities.

The awards align with other initiatives to help veterans, including the Invictus Games, the prince’s Paralympic-style contest for sick, injured and wounded serving and former armed forces members.

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