From Associated Press, August 19, 2018 10:11 PM EST

NEW YORK (AP) — Italian actress Asia Argento — one of the most prominent activists of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment — recently settled a complaint filed against her by a young actor and musician who said she sexually assaulted him when he was 17, the New York Times reported.

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Asia Argento, Weinstein Accuser, Made Deal with Accuser Who Once Played Her Son: Report
Sun Aug 19 22:41:57 EDT 2018

Asia Argento, a #MeToo activist and one of Harvey Weinstein‘s most high-profile accusers, reached a financial settlement with her own accuser in April, according to a bombshell report by The New York Times.

Citing documents sent to the newspaper, the report says that in the months after her allegations against Weinstein, the 42-year-old Italian actress reached a $380,000 settlement with her own accuser, Jimmy Bennett, who once played Argento’s son in 2004’s The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

The actor and musician, now 22, claimed that Argento, then 37, sexually assaulted Bennett, then two months removed from his 17th birthday, in a California hotel room years earlier. (In California, 18 is the age of consent.)

Bennett claimed in the documents that Argento kissed him before performing oral sex on him and engaging in intercourse at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, California, according to the report.

An agent for Argento did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, and the Times says Argento and her reps did not respond to multiple requests for comments in the time leading up to the story’s publication on Sunday.

Argento’s late boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain — who died of suicide on June 8 — “helped Ms. Argento navigate the matter,” the Times reports, though additional details about his involvement were not available.

As part the settlement, Bennett forfeited the copyright to a selfie from May 9, 2013 — which was among the documents the Times said it received and verified with three people familiar with the case — of Bennett and Argento lying in bed, according to the Times.

A different photo of Argento and Bennett posted on May 9, 2013 remained on her Instagram account as of this story’s publication.

My son my love until I will live @jimmymbennett marina del rey 05.2013

A post shared by asiaargento (@asiaargento) on May 9, 2013 at 2:29pm PDT


Bennett’s notice of intent to sue — sent in November to Richard Hofstetter, a lawyer for both Argento and Bourdain — asked Argento for $3.5 million in damages for the intentional infliction of emotional distress, lost wages, assault, and battery, according to the Times.

The actor and musician’s attorney, Gordon K. Sattro, wrote in the notice of intent that Bennett’s “feelings about that day were brought to the forefront recently when Ms. Argento took the spotlight as one of the many victims of Harvey Weinstein,” the Times reported.  

Bennett declined an interview with the Times, but the outlet reports that Sattro told the newspaper, “In the coming days Jimmy will continue doing what he has been doing over the past months and years, focusing on his music.”

Argento’s attorney lawyer Carrie Goldberg reportedly wrote Argento in April about the agreement and payment in an email obtained by the Times, describing the money as “helping Mr. Bennett.”

“We hope nothing like this ever happens to you again,” Goldberg wrote, according to the Times. “You are a powerful and inspiring creator and it is a miserable condition of life that you live among s—ty individuals who’ve preyed on both your strengths and your weaknesses.”

Argento is one of the over 60 women who have accused disgraced movie mogul Weinstein of sexual assault, harassment, and rape. She alleged in a New Yorker piece by Ronan Farrow that Weinstein forced oral sex on her in 1997.

“I was not willing,” she told Farrow of Weinstein. “I said, ‘No, no, no.’ … It’s twisted. A big fat man wanting to eat you. It’s a scary fairy tale.”

Argento also told Farrow that she had “consensual sexual relations with multiple times over the course of the next five years” after the alleged assault. She described the incidents as “one-sided and ‘onanistic,’” Farrow wrote, and worried Weinstein would “ruin her career if she didn’t comply.”

A spokesperson for Weinstein previously told PEOPLE in a statement that “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”

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After the New Yorker story was published, Bourdain tweeted to his girlfriend, “I am proud and honored to know you. You just did the hardest thing in the world.”

“In 1997, I was raped by Harvey Weinstein here at Cannes,” Argento said at the Cannes Film Festival’s Closing Ceremony earlier this year. “I was 21 years old. This festival was his hunting ground.”

Scott Disick Says He's in a 'Different Place' in Life: 'I Can Have Fun and Still Hold Down a Job'
Sun Aug 19 22:36:39 EDT 2018

Scott Disick is turning over a new leaf — or so he insists.

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex asked his unofficial mother-in-law Kris Jenner to become a partner in his house-flipping business, and she said yes.

“I am very pro Scott right now,” Jenner told Khloé Kardashian. “He’s getting up early in the morning, working all day, excited all day. He’s like a different person these days.”

“Scott is making some really good improvements in his life and he is natural at flipping houses,” agreed Khloé, 34. “So I think this is a good use of his time.”

Disick, 35, then invited Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble to come with him to Art Basel in Miami. And when Gamble got delayed by a few days, that didn’t stop Disick from networking solo.

“We’re going into business and we’re starting right away,” he said. “I’m going to be the buyer, I’m the seller and I’m actually furnishing my own place. I get to finally show the world that I actually do work, not just appearances and social media and events. I want to take it one step further, build my own furniture. … Like a modern day Martha Stewart.”

“I feel like I probably come across to the world a little bit different than I really am, and I’m not saying a lot of the things are not exactly 100 percent true, because they are,” he acknowledged. “But I definitely think there’s a lot of people that maybe underestimate me and I’m excited that I do have this now to show that I am professional when I need to be.”

But when Disick failed to show up for an important day of meetings that had been planned for weeks, Gamble sensed something was up.

“He did not surface,” he later relayed to Jenner. “When I got there, I didn’t see him at all, or talk to him. I didn’t see if he was f—ed up, he might have just wanted to spend quality time with his girl . But I saw online that he had a wild night. … I think with him, it’s all about his company. His company brings out the best or the worst in him.”

“It’s really upsetting — for his reputation, for my reputation and for his future in general,” said Jenner. “He needs to step up. And I worry about if this is a pattern or not.”

When Jenner confronted Disick about it, he apologized but maintained that he wasn’t spinning out of control.

“When you f— up, you don’t just f— up a little bit,” said Jenner. “You f— up.”

“Yeah, but I really haven’t,” he said.

“Sometimes these little set setbacks can cost you dearly,” she warned. “I get excited when you invite me to be a part of your project. I want to do that. But I want to believe that you’re in 150 percent. I don’t want to be excited to be doing this with my partner who’s MIA in Miami somewhere. I want to make sure that you are serious.”

“I’m just here to make you the best that you can be — the best dad, the best friend, the best son, everything,” she added. “And you’ve got that in you all the time. You just have to realize how amazing you are.”

While Disick appreciated Jenner being the “voice of reason,” he insisted he was on the right track.

“As much as I understand that I need to be responsible, I don’t know when I ever said that I can’t go out,” he said. “I’m doing my best in life, but I still like to have fun when I can. I went out late, I slept in. I don’t really feel like the world should be crashing down around me. When I asked Kris to be a business partner, I didn’t ask for a high school principal.”

“For the longest time, I’ve been going to Kris for advice on pretty much every single thing,” he added. “Even though I do want her to be a business partner, she needs to realize that I really am in a different place in my life and I can have fun and still hold down a job, a relationship, a life, a family, and all these different things. It’s not just all fun and games and things of that nature.”

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Disick wasn’t the only one preoccupying the momager. She was also highly concerned with Khloé, who was 20 weeks into her pregnancy. (She welcomed her first child, daughter True, with boyfriend Tristan Thompson on April 12.)

Khloé — who was hoping to have a natural birth as opposed to a C-section — was cautiously avoiding gaining too much weight too quickly, as recommended by her doctor. But Jenner had a different agenda.

“I think growing up, Khloé was always conscious of her weight,” said Jenner. “Khloé has worked so hard for the last couple of years really getting in shape and looking healthy, and she’s never looked better. So I think she’s a little bit scared of what’s going to happen after baby — but being pregnant is a beautiful thing and the last thing she should be worried about is gaining a lot of weight.”

“My mom has this old school mentality where she thinks I should be sitting on the couch, just eating food,” countered Khloé. “If I don’t have the same experience as my mom, then she thinks something is wrong with me, which blows my mind!”

RELATED: Khloé Kardashian Bares Her Beach Bum in Cheeky One-Piece Swimsuit While on Vacation in Mexico

While Jenner tried to force-feed her daughter mounds of pasta or boxes of donuts, Khloé politely resisted.

“If I want a donut or cookies, I’ll eat them,” she said. “I’m not depriving myself. Everything I’m doing is instructed by my doctor and I would love to avoid a C-section if possible, but if my baby turns out to be really big I’m going to have to get a C-section.”

“I absolutely love my mom, but she is a psychopath,” she continued. ” ‘Are you sure you should be doing this?’ … It’s just so extreme. Enough is enough!”

Finally, Jenner tagged along for one of Khloé’s check-ups, where the doctor reassured the mom-to-be that she’s done “so well” and is on track for a natural birth.

“I am breathing a huge sigh of relief,” said Jenner. “Khloé is the smartest girl and will always take care of herself and her baby. So I’m going to step back and show her that I trust her.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

The Originals Star Claire Holt Marries Andrew Joblon — and Their Dog Is a Wedding Guest!
Sun Aug 19 20:28:22 EDT 2018

Claire Holt is a married woman!

The Originals star, 30, announced on Instagram Sunday that she and fiancé Andrew Joblon, said “I do.”

“8.18.18 ❤,” Holt captioned a photo of the couple at their wedding on Saturday.

Surrounded by a colorful arbor of flowers, the Australian actress smiled in her flattering lace gown as her new husband, clad in a blue suit and sneakers, beamed. As an adorable bonus, the couple’s dog, Teddy, joined them for the portrait.

Joblon posted another photo with the same caption, but his image showed the duo sharing a passionate kiss with the handsome pooch out of view.

Holt announced her engagement to the real estate executive, who was previously linked to Amanda Seyfried, in December 2017.

“My heart is so full ❤,” she wrote on an image of the couple kissing as her ring was front and center.

The news came months after Holt’s ex-husband, Matthew Kaplan, filed for divorce — citing irreconcilable differences — on April 27, one day before the couple would have marked their one-year wedding anniversary.

My heart is so full ❤

A post shared by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on Dec 3, 2017 at 8:51am PST



A post shared by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on Jul 24, 2017 at 8:06am PDT


Finally homeward bound after the best month of my life. Thanks for the memories! 😍❤🙌

A post shared by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on Jul 30, 2017 at 11:04am PDT


Holt revealed her romance with Joblon in July 2017 with a flurry of Instagram posts from their getaway in Italy. After posting a shot of the couple smiling on a boat, Holt shared a photo that appeared to show them kissing as the sun set behind them and another pair.

“Finally homeward bound after the best month of my life,” she wrote. “Thanks for the memories!”

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