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Amanda Knox Murder Conviction Overturned by Italy's High Court

Raffaele Sollecito | Photo Credits: Corbis

Italy's highest court overturned the murder conviction of Amanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito on Friday, the AP reports.

Last year, a Florence appeals court convicted Knox and Sollecito in the 2007 death of Knox's former roommate, Meredith Kercher. After a thorough examination, the supreme Court of Cassation concluded the evidence could not support the conviction. Their reasoning will be released within 90 days.

Both Knox and Sollecito have maintained their innocence throughout the case, claiming they spent the evening at Sollecito's apartment the night Kercher, 21, was murdered and sexually assaulted in the apartment she and Knox shared with two other students.

Another man, Rudy Guede from Ivory Coast, was eventually arrested, tried and convicted of her murder in a separate trial. He is currently serving a 16-year sentence.

The court's ruling is the final decision on the matter.

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Ryan Reynolds Just Won the Internet with His Deadpool Reveal

Ryan Reynolds | Photo Credits: 20th Century Fox

We're obsessed with Ryan Reynolds for many reasons--the face, the hair, pretty much everything, really-- but we really love his sense of humor.

The actor, who is currently shooting Deadpool, the spin-off film featuring his character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, revealed the official Deadpool costume on Twitter Friday.

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But it wasn't just any reveal; in the photo, he's channeling another famous Reynolds: the manly Burt Reynolds famously appeared naked on a bearskin rug for an issue of Cosmopolitan in the '70s.

The homage wasn't enough, though, because Reynolds then captioned the photo with a play on one of the lines made popular by the Spider-Man franchise. "With great power, comes great irresponsibility," he wrote.

What do you think? Looks nice and cozy for an assassin, huh?

Deadpool is scheduled for release in February 2016.

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Which Fan Favorite Is Returning for Heroes Reborn?

Masi Oka | Photo Credits: NBC/Photofest

Yatta! Masi Oka will reprise his Emmy-nominated role of Hiro Nakamura in NBC's event series Heroes Reborn, the network announced Friday.

Currently starring on CBS' Hawaii Five-0, Oka will guest-star in the 13-episode series, which debuts this fall.

"I'm excited to return to my Heroes roots," Oka said a statement. "Hiro Nakamura was such an inspirational role to play, and I'm hoping the fans will enjoy seeing him back on TV."

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Heroes creator and executive producer Tim Kring is equally excited to have the show's breakout star return. "We are thrilled to have Masi back in the Heroes family," Kring said. "The character of Hiro Nakamura was such a huge part of the first series' success, and a gigantic fan favorite. We felt the fans would really love seeing him back in action again."

Heroes Reborn will once again chronicle the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. You won't see Hayden Panettiere's cheerleader, but original cast member Jack Coleman will appear alongside Zachary Levi (Chuck), Ryan Guzman (The Boy Next Door), Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time), Danika Yarosh (Shameless) and others.

Are you excited to see Hiro return?

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