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Dancing with the Stars: Who Got the Season’s First Perfect Score?

Emma Slater, Michael Waltrip | Photo Credits: Adam Taylor/ABC

First things first: Last week, several people took issue (to put it mildly) with my noting that Sadie Robertson has "resting bitchface." To clarify: I don't think Sadie Robertson is a bitch. I know nothing about Sadie Robertson, other than the fact that her family hunts ducks and her grandfather is kind of a wacko, and frankly I have no opinion about her whatsoever. For those who are unfamiliar with the phrase "resting bitchface," it is used to describe someone who has a less-than-sunny natural disposition. (I myself suffer from RBF.) It's been my observation that every time the camera cuts to Sadie - even when everyone else in the balcony is hooting and hollering for their fellow contestants - she looks absolutely miserable. Case in point:

With this being a reality show where one's tenure is dependent upon viewer votes, I don't think it's doing her any favors. So, that was my only reason for noting it. (And, for what it's worth, she's looking a lot happier to be there tonight.)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled recap!

It's Movie Night Monday on Dancing with the Stars, with tuxedo-clad guest judge Kevin Hart filling in for Len Goodman (and dueting at one point with Josh Gad). "We are all set for a fun night," Tomsays unconvincingly, before immediately noting that Randy andKarina are in jeopardy. Awkward. The performances:

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Randy and Karina (paso doble)
Movie: Rocky
The dance: 
Ooh, I'm immediately into the boxing ring set. This is off to a good start. But Randy still looks a little stiff and it definitelyseems like Karina is doing most of the work here. He also seems to be just a quarter step behind the music. However, bonus points for his somersault at the end.
What the judges say: 
Julianne says Randy's relying too much on Karina and his timing is off. Bruno agrees. Carrie Ann thanks Randy for putting added intensity into the performance, but cautions him to not do it at the expense of finesse. "I don't know what they're talking about," admits Kevin. At least he's honest — and the way he screams his scores cracks me up.
Score: 26 (out of 40)

Tom reveals that Alfonso/Witney and Betsey/Tony are safe.

Alfonso and Witney (quickstep)
Movie: Austin Powers: Goldmember
The dance: 
I'm on the fence about Alfonso incorporating his son into the routine. The little guy is adorable (those two missing front teeth!), but this is a shameless play for votes if I ever saw one. And it's not necessary! Alfonso is great, matching Witney step for step as they glide around the floor. He says he's out to prove that he's not only about "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It," and this dance gets the job done.
What the judges say: 
Bruno is delighted, but cautions Alfonso to watch his frame. Carrie Ann is also "so impressed." Kevin says he "murdered" the dance, but notes: "You don't put a black man in a velvet suit and tell him to dance." Julianne keeps her bad cop hat on and offers advice on Alfonso's holds.
Score: 32

Betsey and Tony (contemporary)
Movie: Ghost
The dance: 
OMG, it's hologram Tony. This dance is gorgeous and elegant, and I'm actually stunned and a little upset that Julianne only gives it a 6. It may look like Tony's doing most of the work, but there's a level of balance on Betsey's part that shouldn't be scoffed at. She stumbles a couple of times but, you know what? She's got 40+ years on me and I couldn't do any of those moves, so good on her.
What the judges say: 
"No one can bend it like Betsey," Bruno notes. Carrie Ann says Betsey does the lifts as well as a pro, but needs to point her toes more. Kevin says he has the hots for Betsey, who "dropped it like it was hot" and looked like a 21-year-old. Julianne has a girlcrush on Betsey but agrees with Carrie Ann about the toe-pointing.Score: 29

More results: Michael and Emma are safe; Sadie and Mark are safe; Antonio and Cheryl are in jeopardy; Lea and Artem are safe.

Lea and Artem (cha cha)
Movie: Back to the Future (duh)
The dance: 
It's the moment we've all been waiting forBack to the Cha-Cha! The little skit at the beginning is cute, but it's just a warm-up for the main attraction — which is totally fun, if not 100 percent technically flawless. Lea looks a little tentative and messes up a couple of times, but her legs deserve their own round of applause.
What the judges say: 
Kevin appreciates that they look happy during the dance. Julianne notes an obvious hand error by Lea, and Bruno references "The power of Lea." Carrie Ann says it wasn't their best and thinks Lea looked uncertain and "on the verge of losing it" the whole dance.
Score: 31

Dancing's Lea Thompson teases "Back to the Cha-Cha"

Michael and Emma (waltz)
Movie: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
The dance: 
Anyone else get the impression that Michael is driving Emma a little nuts in rehearsals? Haha. Ooh! I'm totally enchanted by the Sherwood Forest set. Michael's still far from a frontrunner, but this is probably his best dance to date. Very much "dad who took three months of ballroom dancing lessons to dance with his daughter at her wedding," in a charming way.
What the judges say: 
Julianne calls Michael over to tell him how proud and impressed she is. Bruno also compliments their improvement, and Carrie Ann says she was completely "mesmerized," even though "there's a lot to work on." Kevin praises Michael's hard work.
Score: 28

Antonio and Cheryl (foxtrot)
Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
The dance: 
Sorry Kevin, but Antonio takes the "Best Dressed in a Tuxedo" award of the night. Yowza. It's kind of adorable how much fun he's having with this. It will be a real shame if he and Cheryl go home tonight after doing what's probably their best dance to date.
What the judges say: 
Bruno coaches Antonio on his turns. Carrie Ann says he's not a natural dancer and to work on his breathing. Kevin joins the audience in booing Carrie Ann and says he doesn't have anything to note on the foxtrot, but notes that Antonio is "killin' the tux." Julianne gets cut off.
Score: 29

Sadie and Mark (Viennese waltz)
Movie: Up
The dance: 
Wow, the set designers are bringing their A-game tonight. I'm marveling at how Sadie can do any dance in those shoes, let alone a waltz, but she manages to look even lighter on her feet and — dare I say — even more graceful than Mark. Her dress/jewelry combo is gorgeous too. The balloon lift at the end makes me (and Sadie's dad Willie, judging by a reaction shot) nervous, but is also a nice touch.
What the judges say: 
This is Carrie Ann's favorite dance of the night. Kevin calls it "seamless." Julianne offers Sadie some pointers on her arms, and Bruno says he's "totally and utterly charmed."

Score: 32

Final set of results: Janel/ValBethany/DerekTommy/Peta are all safe; Jonathan and Allison are in jeopardy.

Jonathan and Allison (tango)
Movie: The Great Gatsby
The dance: 
This dance seems pretty good, but to be honest I can't really tell because the spinning camera angles leave me feeling like I'm on a motion ride at Disney World. I guess it's an innovative way to focus on the footwork, but it just makes me dizzy. Jonathan isn't the smoothest/most graceful dancer, but he does a more than decent jobs with the steps.
What the judges say: 
Kevin loves it, especially accompanied with the pared-down Amy Winehouse cover. Julianne also appreciates the break from tradition with the song, but offers a few pointers on Jonathan's frame. Bruno compliments the dance's content. Carrie Ann says it's a marked improvement from last week.
Score: 32

Janel and Val (jazz)
Movie: West Side Story
The dance: 
Apparently these guys had two days to learn the dance after their initial planned routine got scrapped by producers. You can't tell. This is a great dance, due mostly to the fact that Janel is such a natural and they have wonderful chemistry together. I love Val's toreador move — and I'm totally okay with the homage to his washboard abs too.
What the judges say: 
Julianne feels like she was watching a full Broadway show. Bruno calls it a "star-making turn" for Janel. Carrie Ann blurts out that Janel "gives good everything" (including sex). Kevin loves it as well.
Score: 40

Tommy and Peta (tango)
Movie: Scent of a Woman
The dance: 
I have to be honest — at first I wondered if the smoke on the ground was planned or if a spliff had fallen out of Tommy's pants at the start of this number. Kidding aside, this routine showcases his finesse and sensuality. There's a little bit of a grandpa-at-a-wedding vibe going on, but I'm especially impressed with Tommy's flexibility, for lack of a better word, as he gets on the ground at the end of the song.
What the judges say: 
Bruno praises the pair's storytelling. Carrie Ann compares Tommy to Yoda — but it's a compliment. Kevin admires Tommy for staying poised even after following Janel. Julianne overpraises Tommy as "flawless."
Score: 34

Bethany and Derek (jazz)
Movie: Singin' in the Rain

The dance: 
Derek's been talking up Bethany's ankle injury all week, and it's wrapped in a brace tonight, so let's see how she holds up. The dance gets a big boost from the percussion in this version of the song, as well as the fake rain, but even on its own it's classic and graceful. (And that's no surprise — as we see on a video, Derek's been practicing this since he was 4 years old!)
What the judges say: 
Carrie Ann thinks it was "insanely good," and Kevin loves the respect shown for Gene Kelly's original. Julianne sympathizes with Bethany for putting up with her brother's "wrath" and says Bethany "became a woman" with the routine. Hmm. Bruno gets cut off.
Score: 40

There's no results show this week, so the show squeezes an elimination into the last three minutes. Once again, the couples in jeopardy are Randy and Karina, Antonio and Cheryl, and Jonathan and Allison.

Safe: Antonio and Cheryl, Jonathan and Allison

Eliminated: Randy and Karina

Jonathan looks completely floored that he's still in the competition, while Randy and Karina graciously say their goodbyes. And there's another week in the books!

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did Derek and Bethany and Janel and Val deserve their perfect scores? Were you shocked that Randy and Karina went home? And now that we're three weeks in, who are you rooting for? Sound off in the comments!

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Postmortem: Everything Went Wrong on Sleepy Hollow This Week. Stars Preview What's Next

Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison | Photo Credits:  Fred Norris/Fox

[WARNING: The following contains many juicy spoilers from Monday's Sleepy Hollow. Read at your own risk!]

Sleepy Hollow was an exercise in Murphy's Law this week. Everything that could go wrong, did. So where does the Fox drama go from here? Stars Tom MisonOrlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood preview what's next as the countdown to the apocalypse continues.

Where we left Jenny: Arrested for illegal possession of firearms by Sheriff "I'm not here to make friends" Reyes
It feels like just yesterday Jenny was busting out of lock-up, and now the other Mills sister is right back where she started: behind bars. "It's shitty," Greenwood tells, "but she knows it's the best thing for the cause. She's a fighter. She's a warrior. She'll do what she has to do. But she's angry and she wanted Abbie to know that she was angry."

However, Greenwood hints that Jenny won't be locked up for too long. "She's got a sister in law enforcement, so she's going to be alright," she teases. "I think Jenny and Abbie have fought really hard to get back in each other's lives and they're not going to let that go very easily."

But just because Jenny and Abbie love each other, doesn't mean it's easy for Jenny to accept her designation as second string within the team. Whether it's who gets to decide whether or not to raise the Kindred or who's disposable enough to go to jail, it's clear that as talented and smart Jenny is, her voice will never count as much as Abbie or Ichabod's. "What would one think if their sibling was the chosen one and they were not? And after all these years and all she's done, she's kind of just not the one," Greenwood says. "And I think she respects her sister and she wants to help her sister on this journey and be part of the team. But I would imagine, I know, she does feel a little bit of resentment and a little wonder over why it wasn't her."

TV's sexiest crime fighters

While Jenny wonders why she wasn't chosen, there is one thing she'll begin to understand more: WTF was up with her mother all those years ago. Monday'sepisode included more than a few ominous hints that Mama Mills was more than a little off her rocker. But in Sleepy Hollow, where a Revolutionary spy is wandering around building a zombie Frankenstein monster, crazy might just be truth we don't know how to interpret yet.

"It does seem to be sort of a recurring theme," Greenwood notes. "People have their reasons. And I think that's true in general. When you really get down to it, things are done for a reason. They had some sort of thought behind what they were doing. They had some sort of purpose. If you take the time to really look."

Where we left Crane: Leaving his wife with her ex-fiancé, the Horseman of Death 
Can these two just ever be happy? ("Never!" scream a thousand Ichabbie fans in perfect, harmonized unison.)

Crane, once again, does everything in his power to rescue Katrina. But this time she's the one who forces them apart by choosing to stay with Abraham so she can act as a mole. While it was nice to see Katrina get some agency, Mison sums up the situation perfectly: "That's annoying! That's really annoying."

"Two hundred and fifty years they've been waiting. He went to Purgatory trying to get her back. And then we're together for two seconds and she's,' No, no, no, I'm sticking around with the ex,'" Mison says. "Yes, that gets on his wits to no end."

Not to mention the fact that Crane created a monster out of the Horseman's head all to get her back. A monster who, lest we forget, is now on the loose doing God knows what. "I think it went really wrong. It was a bad idea," Mison says of raising the Kindred. "She f--ked it up, Katrina did, by not coming."

Somehow, things will get even messier for the star-crossed lovers as the season progresses. With no one else to speak to, plus their romantic history together, Katrina will understandably develop a slight case of Stockholm Syndrome with the Horseman. "I think we will see him occasionally succeed in twisting Katrina's view of Ichabod," Mison says, adding, "I think it's about time someone spoke up against Ichabod.

TV's most heartbreaking deaths

"There have been times when we've been shooting when I say, 'Have we reached the point now where he's just being a dick? Being a contrary dick?' Because he is," Mison says. "He's moody and he's headstrong and will do his own thing blindly. I wouldn't like him ... and it's nice to have a character say, 'He was my best mate and he stole my fiancée.' Which is what happened. It's nice to see a negative side of him."

Where we left Irving: Selling his soul to Henry, the Horseman of War
If you're ever signing a contract and you start bleeding on it, stop what you're doing because there's about a 90% chance you're about to sell your soul.

Of course, Irving was a little distracted by the imminent possibility of electroshock therapy and life in a psychiatric facility to be focusing on such trifles. In fact, the former police captain doesn't even realize what he's done — but that doesn't mean he isn't responsible, Jones insists.

"He made a choice to confess to murders that he did not commit. He made a choice to reveal that a demon was responsible, knowing that they would not believe that. He made a choice to sign that contract and not do what lots of people don't do when they read contracts, because we all agreed to that f--king iTunes contract and we never f--king read it," Jones explains. "My point is, all of those are choices. They are decisions that we make that we often take for granted. He is about to be faced with the repercussion of those choices. But he's still making choices that put him this position."

While Irving signing his soul over to Henry is bad news for our heroes, Jones was thrilled when he found out what the producers had planned. "I don't even know what the f--k I've done," Jones says. "I really love that wrinkle because I think it underscores to me what Irving is really about. Which is he's a disciple and his faith has been questioned and ... to be questioned with your faith under these circumstances is just destructive on so many levels."

With his back truly against the wall now, Irving will be forced to question exactly how far he'll go to survive — and what his survival is worth. "I think he is very much who he is, but the circumstances are so heightened he's not able to react in a way that allows him to behave as if he has choices," Jones says. "So will he make the elevated choice or will he make the choice to save his own ass? I think that's his conflict."

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox. What did you think of this week's episode?

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First Look: Damon Lindelof Inspires a Lost Homage on Phineas & Ferb

Dr. Doofenshmirtz | Photo Credits: Disney XD

When a mysterious hatch is uncovered, things start to go haywire. It's not an episode of Lost, but close: Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof came up with the story behind the Phineas and Ferb episode "Lost in Danville," which airs Monday night at 7:30/6:30c on Disney XD.

In the episode, Dr. Doofenshimirtz is kidnapped to Seattle by another evil scientist, Professor Mystery. The episode also pays homage to Lost in several ways — including, yes, the surprise appearance of a polar bear.

Also on the Lost tip, Terry O'Quinn voices Professor Mystery. Additional guest voices include Jane Kaczmarek and Rob Morrow as capsule inhabitants Denise and Bernie.

Here's a first look at "Lost in Danville."

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