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Trusty Horses; Tools, Pizza and Shoes: Jim Cramer's Best Blogs

Catch up on Jim Cramer's thinking over the last week about why you shouldn't abandon the Four Horsemen and four characteristics that define what wins in this market.
Get the Look: Pretty in Punk

Follow these steps to get this glamour-girl-meets-punk look, fresh off the New York Fashion Week runway
Looking to Save Money Happily? Try Living in One of 15 Sunniest Affordable Cities

Living in warmer climates can pay off financially especially during the winter.
Movie Closets We'd Love to Raid

In the case of these fashionable ladies (and one guy), their fictional closets are as dream-worthy as their actual outfits
This New Trend Could Change Customer Experience in Retail

Rohit Bhargava, author of Non-Obvious, says investors need to be more careful when trying to identify trends, although Disney could change the retail space.
WNBA's Griner, Fiancee in Domestic Violence Bust

Phoenix Mercury standout player Brittney Griner and fiancee and fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson were arrested on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct following a fight at their home in a Phoenix suburb. The two 24-year-olds were booked into jail in Phoenix following their arrests yesterday and later released. Agents...
Native Americans Walk Off Set of Adam Sandler Movie

Adam Sandler is filming a comedy about the Old West for Netflix, but his Native American actors aren't laughing. About a dozen have walked off the set of the Ridiculous Six in New Mexico, reports the Indian Country Today Media Network . A cultural adviser also bailed. Those interviewed cited a...
5 Sales Tips to Heat Things Up as You Sell Your Home This Summer

The 2015 summer home selling season could be a blockbuster. Don't hesitate to take full advantage.
Alaska Moves Forward On Regulating Marijuana Concentrates

The state may become the first to establish regulations in this part of the ganja biz after a ban of concentrates fails in the legislature
What to Invest In After You Have Maxed Out Your 401(k) Contribution

401(k) + IRA: How to mix and match retirement plans
Avoid rate shock from variable-rate HELOC

Have a variable-rate home equity line of credit? Consider refinancing and locking in a lower rate.
Study these loan types to pay for school

If a home equity loan is needed to pay for school, here's what you need to know.
What stage of the economic cycle is usually the best for an investor to enter the electronics sector?

Learn how savvy investors employ sector rotation to gain from the electronics sector during expansion and avoid losses during contraction.
What is the Coupon?

In the financial world, coupon represents the interest rate on a bond.
Jared Leto's Joker Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Marking an anniversary by sharing a photo on Twitter is a pretty routine thing to do, but Suicide Squad director David Ayer did just that in a pretty atypical way yesterday. He marked the Joker's April 25, 1940, comic book debut by tweeting the first image released of Jared Leto...
Why would you look at a company's net debt rather than its gross debt?

Learn the difference between net debt and gross debt, how to calculate debt using a company's financial statements and why net debt is important for investors.
Lost Sisters Survive 2 Weeks on Girl Scout Cookies

Two sisters who got stranded in the snow in remote Michigan managed to survive on Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs for 13 days. Lee Wright, 56, and Leslie Roy, 52, were rescued yesterday after a police helicopter caught a glimmer of light reflecting off their windshield, reports mlive.com...
The 4 Most Confusing Things About Sugar

What's the difference between naturally occurring and added? Is fruit fine? Does eating sugar lead to diabetes? Here, the truth about all things sweet.
Tom Cruise's California compound for sale

This house is worth jumping on a couch for: Cruise's California estate is for sale.
Roth IRA may be key to heirs' tax savings

Here are some steps to take now to reduce your heirs' tax liability when you die.
20 Must-Have Gadgets for Exercising With Your Dog

Expert-approved gear for playing fetch, setting up an obstacle course, or running with your dog.
Who gets Mom's leftover reverse mortgage?

Can heirs claim the remaining credit line on Mom's reverse mortgage after her death?
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Experts Met to Plan for Nepal Quake—Last Week
Nepal's devastating earthquake was the disaster experts knew was coming. Just a week ago, about 50 earthquake and social scientists from around the world came to Kathmandu, Nepal, to figure out how to get this poor, congested, overdeveloped, shoddily built area to prepare better for the big one, a repeat... More >
Latest News
Family: Deputies Stripped Our Dead Girl, Took Photos
As they were investigating a 2009 drunk-driving accident that killed 20-year-old Jessica Mejia, Cook County Sheriff's Officers stripped off all her clothes except for her underpants, placed her partially naked body on a tarp, and then took photos—all while in the view of onlookers and other emergency responders. Next... More >
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