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Here's Why You Should Buy Tesla Right Now

If you don't believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket, one analyst believes you buy Tesla.
8 Waterproof Mascaras That Stand Up to the Sweatiest Workouts

The waterproof mascaras that won't wimp out at your wedding, pool party or even an hour of hot yoga
Houses Near Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Reap Better Property Value Returns

Zillow determined that homeowners realized greater gains when they were in close proximity to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, the national grocery store chains.
9 Most Awe-Inspiring Fall Fashion Ad Campaigns

When famous faces, designer duds and the best creative minds in the business come together --- magic happens
Why Dealmakers Are Getting Hooked on Aquaculture

Fish farm operators -- and suppliers of the technology that is helping them grow -- are becoming sought-after targets of industry titans and financial investors alike.
Judge Won't Throw Out Sex Assault Case Against Cosby

A judge refused to throw out the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby on Wednesday, sweeping aside claims that a previous district attorney had granted the comedian immunity from prosecution a decade ago, the AP reports. The case now moves to a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is enough...
OJ Isn't Too Excited About Cuba Gooding Jr. Portraying Him

So what does OJ Simpson think of Cuba Gooding Jr. portraying OJ Simpson in American Crime Story ? According to Gooding Jr., he recently heard that OJ hasn't actually seen the show, but said that "Cuba's portrayal I feel indifferent about," Gooding Jr. told Watch What Happens Live 's Andy...
Why Are So Many Families Hurting In This Recovery?

Why soaring enrollments in financial remediation classes may be good news about the economy.
Is It Safe to Sell Your Used Tech Gear?

If you sell that iPhone 5, are you setting yourself up for identity theft?
Volunteer to Get a Great Paying Job

Sometimes the fastest route to paying work is to volunteer first. Here's how it works.
Sisters-in-law vie for man's life insurance

A woman separated from her husband got his life insurance and fears his sis will sue.
8 personal finance lessons to master by age 40

Following these basic tenets will help youtriumph overjust about any moneychallenge.
The 3 Best Vanguard Funds for Value Investors in 2016

Find out which of Vanguard's value funds are the best for building a solid core-satellite value investing strategy for your portfolio.
Sanders' Healthcare Plan: Could it Work?

Find out if presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' proposed single-payer health care plan could actually work in the United States.
Kate Winslet: Yeah, Leo Could Have Fit on Titanic Board

Kate Winslet has finally addressed a concern some Titanic fans have probably had for years: Why did her character, Rose, let Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack, die when there was clearly a door floating in the ocean that was large enough for both of them to ride to rescue? "I think...
4 Common Active Trading Strategies

Active trading entails buying and selling securities with the intent of profiting from short-term price movements.
Cop Who Killed Teen Sues for 'Extreme Trauma'

The killing of a black teenager in Chicago in the final days of 2015 has a new lawsuit, and it's not from the side one might think: Officer Robert Rialmo is suing the estate of Quintonio LeGrier , the 19-year-old he says attacked him with a bat while he was responding...
30 Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship

Unhealthy behaviors between romantic partners, friends, or even coworkers aren't always as obvious as they seem.
Answers to 10 tough bankruptcy questions

The Bankruptcy Adviser answers frequently asked questions from readers.
4 tips to save without really trying

Some are good at stashing cash for future needs. If you're not, follow these tips.
4 Decadent Chocolate Recipes That Have Secretly Healthy Ingredients

Festive, superfood-filled treats for the holidays
What property buyers should know about land loans

You can get a loan to buy land without a house. Here are some pointers.
7 Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Logging lots of miles? Here's how to sidestep the most common pain-related issues.
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Man Believed to Be First Ever Killed by Meteorite
There's the slim chance of being hit by lightning, and then there's the almost nonexistent chance of being hit by a meteorite. A man in India, however, was apparently killed by the latter, which would likely make him the first person recorded killed by an object that fell from outer... More >
Latest News
Violent Winter Storm Batters Cruise Ship
Passengers on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship got an unexpected taste of life at sea on Sunday when their vessel ran into a savage winter storm off the coast of North Carolina, reports the Orlando Sentinel . The high winds and waves prompted the ship to order 4,000 passengers to... More >
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