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4 Unusual-Volume Stocks to Trade for Breakouts

These stocks rising on unusual volume are within range of triggering breakout trades.
Keeping Up With Cait: The Cost of Being Transgender

It takes big money to look as good as Caitlyn Jenner. We break down the hefty price of becoming a woman
Will Student Loan Borrowers Get Better Protections from Loan Servicers?

While the CFPB slams loan servicers, some believe the essential problems originate with the Department of Education.
17 Empowering Quotes From Women of Color

The most inspiring quotes from phenomenal, trailblazing women
'Star Wars' and 4 Other Awesome Drones to Consider Buying This Holiday Season

The Millennium Falcon is just one of a slate of drones expected to end up on consumers' wish lists this year.
Malia Obama Is Applying to Colleges

High school seniors busily applying for college have a certain First Daughter among their ranks, and the New York Times takes a long look today at where Malia Obama might end up. Little is known about her preferences or her grades, but her personal life definitely makes her an attractive...
Selena Gomez: It Was Lupus, Not Drugs

The rumors flew when Selena Gomez canceled the last part of her tour in 2013 and went to rehab in 2014, with much of the tabloid media speculating that she was struggling with addiction. But, she reveals in a Billboard cover story, what she was actually struggling with was ... an...
5 Bargain - Under the Radar - Holiday Destinations You Can Afford

From big game to cowboy buddhas, top - but cheap - vacations beckon.
Your Long-Term Financial Plans Are Absolutely Frightening

The fact that more than 70% of you don't make financial plans beyond a year upsets financial advisors, but the overall lack of saving is just plain unhealthy.
Why Raiding Your 401(k) Is a Mistake

Tapping into your 401(k) plan for a loan or a distribution should be considered only as a last resort for consumers who are short on cash.
Taking a short-term loan from your IRA

If you want to tap your individual retirement account for a loan, know the rules first.
Expensive surprise with reverse mortgage

If you're unhappy with a reverse mortgage, you do have some options and decisions to make.
Baidu and CloudFlare's Virtual Private Venture Explained

Learn about China's Great Firewall and the advent of new virtual joint ventures between businesses in China and the United States.
What's a Sector?

The term sector has several applications in economics and finance.
Tupac's Letter Explaining 'Thug Life Is Dead': $225K

After Tupac Shakur declared from jail in 1995 that "Thug Life ... is dead," he explained himself in an emotional letter to Nina Bhadreshwar, a staffer at his record label, Death Row Records. That five-page letter is now for sale for $225,000 from Moments In Time , the New York Post...
What is a Bounced Check?

Bounced check is a slang term to describe a check that cannot be processed because its writer has insufficient funds.
NFL Player May Lose Foot to Infection

An ankle injury has turned into a nightmare for New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells. He has been in hospital for more than a week battling antibiotic-resistant staph infection MRSA, the NFL says in a press release. Doctors are doing their best to avoid amputating his foot but they...
12 Facts You Should Know About Ovarian Cysts

What are ovarian cysts? Experts explain this common (and usually harmless) condition.
Smart Banking: Why do money market accounts exist?

Money market accounts are hugely popular. But how do they differ from savings accounts?
2015 Bankrate Checking Account Survey

Checking fees are at record highs, according to our yearly survey of 25 top U.S. markets.
Saving to make your grandkids millionaires

Want to turn a nest egg into a fortune? Savings and compounding interest are the keys.
The Best Foods for Every Vitamin and Mineral

Want to get your nutrients the natural way? We break down the best food sources for 20 of the most important.
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No More Nude Photos at Playboy Magazine
Playboy magazine has decided it no longer makes sense to try to compete with an Internet full of photos of naked women. The 62-year-old magazine is undergoing a major revamp and will dispense with nude photos when it relaunches in March, the New York Times reports. "You're now one click... More >
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Company Grabs CO2 From the Air to Make Fuel
Visit a town north of Vancouver and you may notice a long, blue building that appears ordinary—but is really leading the way in climate-change technology. Run by the Canadian company Carbon Engineering, the plant is busy capturing carbon dioxide from the Earth's atmosphere. It's also designed to process the... More >
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