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Cramer: Don't Expect Twitter to Deliver in Near Term but Panera Will Climb

Jim Cramer answers viewers' questions on Twitter, Alcoa and Panera.
7 At-Home Color Kits Perfect for African American Hair

Skip the damage and get the color you want with these DIY dyes
Retiring Happily Abroad: 21 Best Places

Three of the top five best places to retire are in Europe, thanks to the rise of the U.S. dollar.
5 Spray Deodorants to Convert You From the Stick

Brands like Dove and Degree think you should switch to a spray. Here's why
Stocks Extend Modest Gains as Crude Oil Tops $49

Stocks extend modest gains Wednesday after a steeper-than-expected drop in crude supplies prompts a surge in oil prices.
Obama Asked Jon Stewart to Secretly MeetTwice

A 2,500-word piece by Darren Samuelsohn for Politico certainly doesn't bury the lead: President Obama has twice asked Jon Stewart to make, as the story's headline puts it, "secret" visits to the White House to meet with him. The "previously unreported" meetings, which occurred in October 2011 (amid the...
Twitter Tiff With Nicki Minaj Not Taylor's Best Move

Taylor Swift is a human being who does human things. That's one of the main takeaways, according to Vox , after the singer posted a knee-jerk reaction yesterday to a tweet by fellow artist Nicki Minaj. "If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid...
World's Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Every two years the World Economic Forum analyzes the performance of 141 destinations, ranking them for safety and security. Heres a look at the locations that fared best and worst.
Luxury Cannabis Tourism: Here's Your Guide

The legalization of marijuana has spawned an explosive cannabis tourism industry. Bud + Breakfast, anyone?
How to Avoid Financial Disaster: 6 Best Books

There are books galore that claim to have the "secrets" of wise investing. Most don't deliver. Picks on our list explain value investing and give insight on avoiding fraud.
Why does my insured son have big hospital bills?

When a person loses a job, grabbing the first insurance option may be a mistake.
10 midyear tax moves to make now

Summer's a great time to consider the tax moves you'll be able to take next year.
Netflix's New Strategy: Penetrate Your Hotel Room

Will Netflixs new ventureto offer its media content in hotelspay dividends? Investopedia explores the business potential and related developments.
What is the relationship between current yield and yield to maturity (YTM)?

Learn about the relationship between a bond's current yield and its yield to maturity, including how the market price of a bond affects both calculations.
The Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj Feud Is Over

As far as celebrity apologies go, this one from Taylor Swift actually sounds sincere: "I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke. I'm sorry, Nicki." Recipient Nicki Minaj thinks so: "That means so much Taylor, thank you," she responded . And thus, the short...
How can EV/EBITDA be used in conjunction with the P/E ratio?

Learn how traders and analysts use the two equity evaluation metrics, EV/EBITDA and P/E, together to obtain a more complete assessment of a company.
How Cecil the Lion Was Lured to His Death

It's the dawn of a new, uncomfortable day for Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who achieved infamy yesterday when it was revealed he was the hunter who felled the beloved lion Cecil in Zimbabwe. The New York Times and Washington Post today have more on how Palmer and his...
The Real Reason You're Not Losing Weight

Is your blood sugar blocking your efforts to shed pounds? The diabetes-weight connection is trickier than you think.
What happens to mortgage, home after bankruptcy?

Reaffirming a mortgage in bankruptcy can be nearly impossible if you're behind on house payments
Video: What determines mortgage rates?

Lenders have less to do with determining your mortgage rate than you might think.
13 Zinc-Rich Foods

A little bit of zinc does your body plenty of good. These sources of the crucial mineral will help keep your immune system (and much more) in tip-top shape.
Mom earns diddly from savings. What can she do?

Mom keeps a pile of cash in savings. Find out why playing it too safe is a risky move.
10 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

Boost your energy, drop pounds, and feel happier than ever with these diet tweaks.
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'Smoking Gun' Found in 'Happy Birthday' Lawsuit
In what the New York Times called the "lawsuit of the ages" when it was first filed two years ago, a new development is making the case even juicier with "smoking-gun evidence" that one of the world's most popular songs is in fact in the public domain, reports the Hollywood... More >
Latest News
Prison Worker Spills on Sexual Favors, Murder Plan
In a glimpse into what the Washington Post calls the "rose-tinted romances of prison life," statements offered by prison worker Joyce Mitchell lend insight as to why she helped two felons escape the Clinton Correctional Facility last month. In statements acquired by the New York Times , NBC News , and ABC... More >
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