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Franklin Mutual Series CEO Sees Opportunities in European Economy, U.S. Telecoms

Franklin Mutual Series Chief Peter Langerman believes there is still room to rise in European stocks and is watching stateside telecoms and banks.
8 Fresh Ways to Wear the Quilted Trend

Whether you like to dress up or keep things casual, there's a quilted accessory to update your style
When Pell Freezed Over: Republican Budget Wants a Ten-Year Cap on Federal Student Grants

Federal proposal, coupled with Obama cuts, will drive down the value of Pell aid, critics say.
7 Ways to Wear a Fur Vest This Winter

No sleeves? No problem. These fur vests were made for layering
'Fast Money' Recap: Raging Nasdaq, Stripped Down Kors, Small Appetite for McDonald's

The Fast Money panel saw opportunities in the white-hot semiconductor industry and also considered the struggling casino industry -- in Macau and abroad.
U2 Tour Manager Found Dead in LA Hotel

U2 is in mourning for the tour manager who had been with the band since they were barely out of their teens. Dennis Sheehan, 68, was found dead at the Sunset Marquis Hotel early Wednesday morning after emergency services were called to the West Hollywood hotel for a report of...
Taylor Swift Can Save Students From Final Exam

Does world history teacher Colter Pierce at Skyview High School set a tough final exam? This year's students will never have to find out if Taylor Swift gives the Billings, Mont., teacher a call. He has promised the exam will be canceled if the star calls him, and a Facebook...
Feeling In The Dark About Your Power Bill? Check For These Ways Utility Companies Screw You

Utility bills are a notorious place for financial bleeding. Keep an eye out for these common ways that you might be overpaying every month!
Why Retiring in Your 30s Is a Terrible Idea for Anyone

You may have enough invested to retire in your 30s, but that doesn't make it a good idea. Inflation mounts, skills wither and 60 years are longer than you think.
Waiting Just a Few Years to Go To College Can Save You Tens of Thousands

Deferring the college experience might be the best way to save big bucks.
Credit card interest rates for May 28, 2015

Here are the average credit card rates from Bankrate's weekly survey of large banks and thrifts.
Found a homebuyer, but now I don't want to sell

Homeowners often get seller's remorse. It can be an expensive affliction.
Tesla Home Batteries Could Transform Your Electric Bill

With limited daylight hours, solar power cannot power our homes at night, but Tesla Motors might help solve that problem.
eBay Vs. Amazon Business Model

For sellers looking to unload grandmas things, the decision to go online is easy, but, they still must choose which site to list with: eBay or Amazon.
5 Celebrity Wines That Are Actually Kinda Good

The staff over at E! Online has offered up a pretty amusing taste test of 15 celebrity wines. Here are five that were reviewed pretty wellplus, just for fun, three that most definitely were not: Drew Barrymore's Pinot Grigio: "I would actually buy this and make her more rich....
What impact is the farm-to-table movement having on the food & beverage industry?

Learn about the impact the farm-to-table movement is having on the food and beverage industry. Farm-to-table is about sourcing from local producers.
Relax: Planets Aligning Won't Cause 'Big One' Tomorrow

On the off chance you're given to believing every sky-is-falling theory you run across on Facebook, the one about a planetary alignment triggering a massive earthquake this week is absolute nonsense. Gizmodo traces the latest to a video from a guy named Frank in the Netherlandsunder the name of...
Want Kelly Ripa's Toned Arms? Do This Move

Tone every arm muscle from your triceps to biceps, and tighten the rest of your body, too, with this move.
Get coins counted: Don't break the bank

Saving your pennies (and other coins)? Don't throw away money by paying for coin counting.
48-year-old has just $6K for retirement

If you've failed to save enough for retirement, don't keep making the same mistake.
4 Energizing Breakfast Recipes From the Ranch at Live Oak

Power up your day! Start with an energizing breakfast straight from the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, Calif.
Will used-car maintenance bust my budget?

Here's how to figure how much money you'll spend on used-car upkeep.
12 Swimsuit Season Diet Secrets

Dive into all the joys of summer and watch that winter weight melt away.
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Chicago Cops Didn't Want You to See This Photo
Two white police officers holding rifles pose over a black man wearing deer antlers in a shocking photo that city lawyers tried to keep from the public. The photo, which surfaced a few years ago and is believed to have been taken sometime between 1999 and 2003, led to the... More >
Latest News
Cops: NFL Player Ignored Restraining Order
If the Chicago Bears were still giving Ray McDonald more chances, he would be up to at least four by now. The defensive lineman was arrested yesterday—for the second time in less than 72 hours—for allegedly violating a restraining order issued after he was accused of assaulting a... More >
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