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Jim Cramer: Let's Make This Clear -- I'm Not Selling Apple

If you want to sell Apple, go right ahead, Cramer says. He's staying put.
7 Underwear Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Recover from all your under-the-surface woes with this lesson in bras, panties and shapewear
What Is the Best Cell Phone Carrier for International Travelers?

T-Mobile and Google's Project Fi slug it out for the title of best for travelers.
You Need These Stylish (and Comfy) Shoes

Our favorite fashion influencers show how to pull off a throwback favorite
Jim Cramer's 'Off the Charts': Chipotle Is Working on a Healthy Rebound

Jim Cramer looks at Chipotle, whose charts suggest a major stock recovery.
GOT Star Has (Non-Shadow) Baby With Guy Pearce

A winter-appropriate onesie is comingfor the new baby of Carice van Houten and her partner, Australian actor Guy Pearce, People reports. The 39-year-old Dutch Game of Thrones star was tagged in Pearce's Twitter announcement Monday, which proclaimed, "A cute little package arrived and told us his name's Monte Pearce....
Weiner's Woes Could Lead to 'Ugly' Custody Battle

Anthony Weiner has already lost wife Huma Abedin over his latest sexting transgressions, but the fact that Weiner's young son may have been in one of his late-night selfie sessions could have him in trouble with child services. Experts tell the New York Daily News which says it won't be...
What a 50-Year Low in Homeownership Means for American Buyers

America homeownership is bouncing along the bottom at a five-decade low. But will new buyers fill the hole anytime soon?
How Road Warriors Conduct Private Conversations as They Combat Noise Pollution from Other Travelers

Having business conversations can be challenging and many travelers are forced to retreat to their hotel room.
Can You Bring Your Significant Other on a Business Trip?

Half of us already do this. Is that wise or plain dumb? When it comes to etiquette, your job hangs in a balance. Here are the rules of the game.
Home remodeling on the rebound, led by millennials

Our survey finds these renovations are the most popular onesAmericans plan to do.
5 things that annoy us the most about credit cards

Americans love their credit cards, but they also have peeves with plastic. Hear their gripes.
Is Viacom's MTV in Serious Trouble?

There was a time when the MTV Video Music Awards counted as a major show. It might not have equaled the Academy Awards, but the irreverent event was right in the next tier. The music channel's annual event was famous for its signature performances, outrageous moments from stars like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and even,more recently, Justin Timberlake and Eminem.
Kohl's Copies J.C. Penney's Beauty Care Strategy

Kohl's (NYSE: KSS) looks like it's tearing another page out of J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP) turnaround playbook. The mid-tier department store chain just finished adding beauty care departments to all 1,100 of its stores. It's been J.C. Penney's partnership with beauty and personal care products specialist Sephora that has helped pull the retailer back from the brink of financial ruin.
'17 F---ing Years and It's Over!': Solo on Suspension

Hope Solo didn't react well to her team losing to Sweden during the Rio Olympics, earning her a six-month suspension from US Soccer for her remarks that the Swedes were "a bunch of cowards." Her reaction upon finding out about her suspension was similarly explosive, and USA Today's For the...
Difference Between Short Selling And Put Options

Short selling and put options are used to speculate on a potential decline in a security or index or hedge downside risk in a portfolio or stock.
Here's What Happens If You Lie About Climbing Everest

A total of 456 people reached the peak of Mount Everest during this past spring climbing season. PTI reports Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod were not among them. The Indian police officers, who claimed to have been the first Indian couple to climb Everest, were banned from climbing any mountain in...
Fast Action Can Prevent Sepsis Death, CDC Says

Know the signs of extreme response to infection, consider it a 'medical emergency'
See supermodel Christie Brinkley's fashionable home

The camera loves her stunning estate, which includes a tower offering ocean views.
5 athletes who screwed up and lost sponsorships

Saying or doing the wrong thing cost these world-class athletes millions of dollars.
How do I maintain control during a tire blow-out?

There are ways to prevent a tire blow-out, but if one does happen, here's what you should do.
Don’t Worry, Be Gloomy: Negative Feelings Have Benefits Too

No one likes to be cranky, but it turns out that “negative” feelings have a slew of surprising perks. In this excerpt from the new book Emotional Agility, a Harvard Medical School psychologist explains why making peace with our anger, fear, and sadness can usher in a more authentic sort of joy.
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Lawsuit: Chipotle Forces Employees to Work Without Pay
Chipotle continues to find a cockroach in its chicken burrito, metaphorically speaking. It lost its spot as America's top Mexican restaurant, illegally fired an employee over critical tweets , and saw one of its executives busted for allegedly buying cocaine . Not to mention myriad outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus . Now,... More >
Latest News
Why Wilder Didn't Want Anyone to Know He Had Alzheimer's
Willy Wonka , Blazing Saddles , and Young Frankenstein clips are all over social media to honor Gene Wilder, who died of Alzheimer's complications Monday at the age of 83, as are the deeper reads and looks back on Wilder's life. Some notable picks: The New York Times offers a glimpse into... More >
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