The TV Listings Feature

The TV Listings feature allows you to see network TV schedules for your area up to two weeks in advance. Click any TV show in the list to see a pop-up window with info about that show.

You can also click the News tab to see the latest entertainment news, and even search for news (using the Search box at the bottom of the screen in the News tab).

How to Add the TV Listings feature to myEarthLink

  1. Look for the Add a Feature box at the bottom of myEarthLink.

  2. Click on TV Listings in the list, then click Add.


Note: The more features you include on your page, the longer your page will take to load. myEarthLink also provides a second page, for features you use less often.  Just click the Page 2 link in the upper left corner.

For a longer list of all the channels available from your TV provider, see: The TV Listings Page