SiteAdvisor Plus

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus (and the online service that supports it) helps keep your computer safe and secure while you surf the Net. Through a special arrangement with McAfee, PeoplePC members get the program and the service for FREE for one full year.

Click the McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus button on the toolbar to visit a Web page with lots of information about SiteAdvisor Plus, including how to download it for free.

Note: Once you download and install SiteAdvisor Plus, the button will be deactivated, but still visible. You can remove the button from the PeoplePal Settings screen.

Questions about using or installing SiteAdvisor Plus?

All support for SiteAdvisor Plus (including installation, registration, and all other issues) will be given by McAfee directly. Please check out the help within SiteAdvisor Plus, or visit the McAfee Services and Support Web page.