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Investors Rotate Into Energy; Apple Attractive for Now

The CNBC 'Fast Money' traders note that investors are rotating out of growth and into energy stocks. They also take a look at the upcoming earnings season.
Commuter-Friendly Beauty Products You Can (Almost) Apply in the Car

Take the fast lane to pretty with these easy-on, no-mess formulas
Working After 50: How to Navigate the Workplace So You Don't Short-Change Retirement

Theres a strong chance that one out of every three Americans reading this is over the age of 50not quite ready to retire and still a viable, valuable worker.
Fake a Face Lift With Makeup

Makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian shows how to look years younger instantly -- without going under the knife
Stocks Rise as Investors Interpret Fed Minutes as Dovish

Equities turn higher in late afternoon trading Thursday as investors interpret the Federal Reserve's minutes of its September meeting as dovish.
New Film The Walk Inspires Vertigo, Vomiting

Business Insider has one piece of advice for moviegoers planning on seeing Robert Zemeckis' new 3D film The Walk : Don't eat a big meal beforehand. The film tells the story of Phillippe Petit, who tightrope walked between the towers of the World Trade Center without a net in 1974. Apparently...
Daniel Craig: I'd Rather Slit My Wrists Than Play 007 Again

Daniel Craig has said he wants to move on from the James Bond franchise and that, for now, he would rather slit his wrists than do another Bond movie. In an interview with Time Out magazine, in which he was asked whether he could imagine doing another Bond film, Craig...
Fantasy Football Insider Trading Scandal Sacks Gambling World

Fantasy football attracts big money and takes its fair share out of your wallet. But the system may be more nefarious than you realized.
Open House Confidential: What Buyers and Sellers Should Know

Those buying or selling a house are not always thinking about staging, cucumber water and Costco cookies. But these are standard features of today's open house. And there are consequences.
Retirement Misjudgment: You Probably Are Measuring Portfolio Performance All Wrong

Looking only at returns without thinking about risk, means seeing only half the picture. As they say, 'In investing you can either eat well or sleep well.'
Fitting annuities into a retirement plan

Proceed cautiously when looking at annuities for your retirement. They can be complicated.
Is ex liable for interest charges on card bill?

You may need to go to court to get him to pay. Here's why.
Tips To Improve Chances Of A Small Business Loan

Enhance your small business loan eligibility by keeping these important tips in mind.
Top Investment Banks In The Energy Industry

Many global Investment banks are highly involved in the energy industry, but there are also some smaller banks and boutiques that are strong players.
Crazy Rumors Going Around About Sandra Bullock

If the gossip media is to be believed, Sandra Bullock is moving in with her new guy and adopting another baby. The first piece of news comes courtesy of the National Enquirer , whose sources say Bullock and boyfriend Bryan Randall are moving into Bullock's Jackson Hole home, along with Bullock's...
Do mutual funds pay interest?

Find out how and why some mutual funds pay interest, and which types of funds make regular dividend distributions to shareholders each year.
Marital Dispute Leaves Husband Living on Front Lawn for Months

Sharafat Khan, 69, has been living on the front lawn of the million-dollar Texas home he shares with his wife ever since she kicked him out in March, KHOU reports. Now neighbors are starting to become concerned for his mental and physical health. "He's wearing the same clothing, it's dirty,...
What Can You Make With Greek Yogurt?

Superstar chefs turn this protein-packed dairy treat into three delicious dishes.
Video: How to save money without trying

Looking to save money? Jean Chatzky shares an easy way to save without squeezing your budget.
How much will I pay for mortgage closing costs?

Mortgage closing costs appear twice in the Loan Estimate. Here's where.
How to Burn Off 24 Holiday Foods

Try these inventive (and fun!) ways to work off that sweet potato casserole.
Loan Estimate: Is this an adjustable-rate mortgage?

Can the interest rate change? The Loan Estimate shows you if it can and when.
10 Healthy Food Blogs That Truly Satisfy

Hungry for fresh, reality-checked eating advice? These bloggers deliver.
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800-Pound Man: Hospital Kicked Me Out Over Pizza
A Rhode Island man's weight is a death sentence, and his father says he's now nearing that fate after the hospital that was treating the 33-year-old kicked him out. Steven Assanti says he spent nearly 3 months at Rhode Island Hospital, during which time he lost 20 pounds. He weights... More >
Latest News
American Who Foiled French Train Attack Is Stabbed
One of the three Americans who helped stop an apparent terror attack aboard a French train is hospitalized in Sacramento after being stabbed, reports KCRA . The details on what happened to Spencer Stone are fuzzy, but police say the assault took place about 12:45am outside a stretch of popular... More >
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