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Open Sourcing Beats Crowdsourcing on the Road to Success, Says Red Hat's CEO

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of software maker Red Hat, says open organizations are superior to those with traditional corporate structure because innovation comes first.
8 New Beauty Products to Buy at the Drugstore

January is the ideal time to stock up on cheapie beauty essentials
Feeling In The Dark About Your Power Bill? Check For These Ways Utility Companies Screw You

Utility bills are a notorious place for financial bleeding. Keep an eye out for these common ways that you might be overpaying every month!
Fake a Full Night's Sleep with These New Super-Concealers

Anti-aging makeup? Sign us up! These new BFFs brighten eyes instantly and provide long-term skin care benefits
Apple Drops as Plant Catches Fire, Marvell Technology Soars on Upgrade

Apple shares fall as plant catches fire and fewer billionaires hold the company's shares. Marvell Technology jumps on an upgrade.
Autopsy Performed on BB King's Embalmed Body

Two BB King heirs who've been most outspoken about the blues legend's care in his final days are accusing King's two closest aides of poisoning him. Daughters Karen Williams and Patty King allege that King's business manager, LaVerne Toney, and his personal assistant, Myron Johnson, hastened their father's death, which...
Josh Duggar's 2008 Incest Joke Pretty Creepy in Retrospect

A joke Josh Duggar made back in 2008 was pretty uncomfortable at the time, but in the wake of the child molestation scandal swirling around him, it's even more uncomfortable. On an episode of 19 Kids and Counting from that year, Duggar was discussing an upcoming date he had with...
Obamacare Satisfaction Is Up, But Consumers Are Still Worried About Costs

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation gets into the data behind Obamacare's second open enrollment period.
Why Retiring in Your 30s Is a Terrible Idea for Anyone

You may have enough invested to retire in your 30s, but that doesn't make it a good idea. Inflation mounts, skills wither and 60 years are longer than you think.
One Last Lesson for College Grads: How to Get a Job When You're Starting From Zero

Here's a crash course for the young adults who have never set foot in a school career guidance office or held an internship and don't know how to find employment.
Strike it rich with prize-linked savings?

These accounts offer the chance to win prizes of up to $2 million just for saving.
5 perks of a great travel rewards card

Live the globetrotting lifestyle, or visit family often? Be sure you have the right rewards card.
What does it mean when I get a Fed margin call?

Learn what a fed margin call is, what it means when you receive one and what steps you must take to satisfy the fed's requirements for trading on margin.

A reinsurance company that is participating in a reinsurance contract along with other reinsurers.
Martin Sheen on Charlie's Implosion: Steroids

Finally, an explanation for Charlie Sheen's 2011 meltdown: It was not, in fact, fueled by tiger blood and Adonis DNA , but by steroids, according to dad Martin. "Only those of us that knew him understood what was going on. I'm talking about steroids, at that time," Sheen says of his...
How is a savings account taxed?

Read about the taxation of interest income on personal savings accounts, how the tax is calculated, and how to report savings account interest to the IRS.
Senior Prank Involving 72K Ladybugs Ends Poorly

A new entry in the senior-prank-gone-awry category : A number of Maryland high school students found themselves on the wrong side of the law after allegedly breaking into their high school at 3:40am Wednesday and dispersing 72,000 ladybugs. The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office has identified seven suspects: Police...
Hot Meals in 30 Minutes

Here are five healthy, hot meals ready in 30 minutes or less.
5 mortgages that require little or no money down

Homebuyers seeking loans with light down-payment requirements have options.
6 financial planning tips for 40-somethings

Finances can be complicated for those 40 and up. Here's how to make your 40s fabulous.
4 Energizing Breakfast Recipes From the Ranch at Live Oak

Power up your day! Start with an energizing breakfast straight from the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, Calif.
Will hotel bidding site net huge savings?

Don't pay full price for hotels! Try this method for scoring king-size bargains.
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Obama's Immigration Reform Takes a Big Hit in Court
It was supposed to be one of the signature elements of his second term, but a court ruling today raises the possibility that President Obama's sweeping immigration reform won't begin until after he leaves the White House—if it begins at all, reports the Washington Post . The setback came courtesy... More >
Latest News
Radio DJ Kills Bunny With Bicycle Pump Live on Air
A Danish radio DJ chose a controversial way of drawing attention to what he sees as hypocrisy in the animal welfare debate: He hit a 9-week-old rabbit three times with an iron bicycle pump while on the air, then wrung its neck. Later, Asger Juhl of Radio24syv ate it for... More >
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