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Heres How Apple Added a Bit of 'Star Wars' to Its Empire -- Tech Roundup

Word is out Apple has acquired Faceshift, a Swiss startup whose motion-capture technology translates people's facial expressions onto avatars or CGI figures in real time.
8 Must-Wear Nail Colors That Flatter Dark Skin Tones

Your cheat sheet to the stunning summer nail colors that complement dark skin
Destinations You Must Avoid in an Era of Terror

Where not to go: naming country names. The U.S. State Department has issued what amounts to a global travel alert.
10 Habits That Piss off Your Dermatologist

Here, the mistakes that make your derm bristle -- and are wrecking your complexion
Blue Apron Is Changing Cooking Forever -- Here's What It's Like Making Meals With It

Blue Apron, which recently raised $135 million to help it expand, is taking the country by storm. Here's what it looks like to cook meals using the service.
Enya Is Back, and She Might Have Some Big News

Enya is backafter a seven-year hiatus, she released her eighth studio album, Dark Sky Island , on Friday and to celebrate, BuzzFeed has a nearly 6,000-word profile of the Irish singer, who lives in a castle 45 minutes away from Dublin. Despite having never toured and rarely even being...
Hunger Games Scores $101M Still Falls Short

Sometimes even when you're winning, you're losing. Such is the case of the final installment of the Hunger Games , which kicked aside James Bond and handily won this weekend's box office in its hefty $101 million debutyet, as USA Today notes, MockingjayPart 2 managed to come in dead...
Black Friday Shopping Increases Theft From Cars

The theft of personal items or gifts from cars are 28% higher on Black Friday than any other day of the year, according to Travelers, the Hartford, Conn.-based insurance company.
Black Friday Shopping Increases Theft From Cars

The theft of personal items or gifts from cars are 28% higher on Black Friday than any other day of the year, according to Travelers, the Hartford, Conn.-based insurance company.
Department of Education Must Get Straight With Its Student Loan Servicers

Borrowers have no say in who services their loans; a centralized auto-debit sign-up would be all good.
Do I owe more tax for inherited IRA distribution?

Compare the numbers on your 1040 with those sent by the IRS to find the problem.
Bottleneck in processing mortgage payments

Paying your mortgage on time weekly and still being hit with late fees? There's a problem.
Surpassing the World's Toughest Border: China's Great Firewall

Learn how Baidu and CloudFlare's agreement to work together has tackled China's digital firewall, and how the partnership improves Internet access in China.
An Introduction To Depreciation

Companies make choices and assumptions in calculating depreciation, and you need to know how these affect the bottom line.
This Is Adele Impersonating Adele

If you've ever wondered what Adele would sound like if she were impersonating an Adele impersonator, the answer is now clear: She'd sound like Adele. That weirdness is courtesy of a stunt she pulled with the BBCthe video is here in which she donned a fake nose and chin,...
Moneygram Vs. PayPal Vs. Xoom: Who has the Lowest Fees?

Learn about the different fees associated with leading transfer services PayPal, MoneyGram and Xoom and the types of services that each company provides.
Russian Pilot: 'No Contact at All' Before Plane Shot Down

The Russian pilot rescued after his plane was shot down by Turkish forces on Tuesday says there's "no way" his plane was in Turkey's airspace, the BBC reports. Capt. Konstantin Murakhtin also denies Turkey's claims that he and his fellow pilot were warned at least 10 times in the minutes...
How can I add my wife to a reverse mortgage?

You can put your wife's name on a reverse mortgage, but first find out if it's the best option.
Tax break for using HELOC to help son buy home?

The rules for deducting interest on home equity are confusing. Here's how it works.
Top 5 US cities for building wealth

When it comes to helping regular people build wealth, these cities rock.
21 Worthless Foods a Nutritionist Will Immediately Cut From Your Diet

Want to start eating healthier and lose weight? Four nutrition experts share the red-flag foods you should avoid as part of a healthy diet.
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Sheriff's New Welcome Sign Isn't Super Welcoming
It might be the most unwelcoming welcome sign in America. A six-term Georgia sheriff spent more than $500 of his own money to install a welcome sign outside the Harris County sheriff's office telling anyone who doesn't like the way they do things there to get out, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer... More >
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These Are the 10 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks in the US
Face it, with the holidays approaching we're all going to be stuck in traffic for at least a little bit. But we won't have it nearly as bad as the poor saps trying to get through the following 10 bottlenecks, which were deemed the worst in the country by the... More >
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