Political News http://enews.earthlink.net/channel/news/pol Political News Supplied by AP en-us (c) 2019 EarthLink Networks Inc. Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:31:09 EST Sun, 20 Jan 2019 11:48:30 EST 5 GOP senators try to figure how out closely to run with Trump http://enews.earthlink.net/article/pol?guid=20190120/158156f5-9c40-43a5-86b7-c0860ac28738 DENVER (AP) — Republican Sen. Cory Gardner helped mastermind the GOP's midterm strategy of pushing Senate candidates closer to President Donald Trump. Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:31:09 EST 20190120/158156f5-9c40-43a5-86b7-c0860ac28738 By NICHOLAS RICCARDI, ADAM BEAM and DAVID SHARP Associated Press Where the investigations related to President Trump stand http://enews.earthlink.net/article/pol?guid=20190119/d22719d8-2cfc-48ac-b014-d0aec3fd05cd Where the investigations related to President Donald Trump stand and what may lie ahead for him: WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT? Trump is facing investigations in Washington and New York. Sun, 20 Jan 2019 00:38:27 EST 20190119/d22719d8-2cfc-48ac-b014-d0aec3fd05cd By The Associated Press Associated Press The shutdown today: Trump makes offer to Democrats http://enews.earthlink.net/article/pol?guid=20190119/b3c4982e-be4e-4918-b411-b0eaf6e5f805 What's up with the partial government shutdown on Day 30: WHAT'S NEW President Donald Trump sought to break the government shutdown impasse Saturday, offering to extend protections for young people brought to the country illegally as children, if Democrats give him $5.7 billion for his long-promised border wall. Sun, 20 Jan 2019 00:36:05 EST 20190119/b3c4982e-be4e-4918-b411-b0eaf6e5f805 By The Associated Press Associated Press Trump offers temporary 'Dreamers' deal for border wall http://enews.earthlink.net/article/pol?guid=20190119/9d4afded-4258-4135-a17d-99b235341cc3 WASHINGTON (AP) — In a bid to break the shutdown stalemate, President Donald Trump on Saturday offered to extend temporary protections for young people brought to the U.S. Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:22:52 EST 20190119/9d4afded-4258-4135-a17d-99b235341cc3 By JILL COLVIN, CATHERINE LUCEY and ZEKE MILLER Associated Press Trump salutes remains of 4 Americans killed in Syria attack http://enews.earthlink.net/article/pol?guid=20190119/36425604-0fdd-4636-9c42-3d393984ba05 DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. (AP) — A solemn procession. A long salute. A chaplain's prayer. President Donald Trump traveled to Delaware's Dover Air Force Base on Saturday to pay his respects to the returning remains of four Americans who were killed this week in a suicide bomb attack in Syria. Sat, 19 Jan 2019 22:54:27 EST 20190119/36425604-0fdd-4636-9c42-3d393984ba05 By JILL COLVIN Associated Press