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Deutsche Bank, Tesla and Facebook: Doug Kass' Views

Doug Kass shares his thoughts on what's up with Deutsche Bank and toothless FANGs.
8 Bronzing Hacks for Women With Dark Skin

These essential products and bronzing techniques give complexions of all colors that next-level glow
Out-of-State Students Helping to Keep In-State College Tuition Low in the Golden State

State higher ed aid cuts in the aftermath of the great recession continue to have an impact.
9 Best Matte Lipsticks

The matte lipsticks our readers are simply mad about
The 10 Safest States in America in 2016

If mass shootings, natural disasters and other threats have you concerned for your safety, consider living in New England, home to the top six safest states in America, said WalletHub.
Old Reel on eBay Yields 2 New Nirvana Recordings

A Nirvana fan has unearthed a previously unreleased seven-track recording on eBay from 1993, just before the band recorded its third and final studio album, In Utero . The label on the reel includes the date and "Pachyderm Studios," where it was recorded, reports Alternative Nation , which notes that the set...
Singer Saw Prince Lose Consciousness: 'His Eyes Fixed'

The world has been haunted since the untimely death of Prince Rogers Nelson in April, but none more so than Judith Hill, who was with the pop star when his flight made an emergency landing six days before he died. Hill was sitting across from Prince on the plane flying...
How Your Voice Is Preventing Hackers From Accessing Financial Information

Companies are combatting sophisticated hackers by utilizing voice biometrics to authenticate customers when they call banks or credit card companies.
Here Is What Your Health Care Actually Costs Each Year

While your out-of-pocket health care costs are lower than they were, they're still substantial for older folks. Start saving now.
Of Course 2 out of 3 Millennials Don't Have Credit Cards

Credit card issuers and the financial services industry are seemingly the only ones shocked that a generation hindered by debt wants to avoid more of it.
You like low rates? The Federal Reserve does, too

We translate Fedspeak to help you understand what the central bank is up to.
Disabled widow won't get 2 benefit checks

Claiming Social Security is tricky enough. Try sorting it out with more thanone option.
Why Advisors Ignore Most Marketing Pitches

Advisors are busy folks and as such, they aren't easily swayed to read marketing materials.
Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls

Before tapping your home equity through a reverse mortgage, find out what could go wrong.
Documents: Michael Jackson Had Horrifying Porn Collection

Radar Online claims to have obtained official documents depicting the images of pornography, animal torture, S&M, and gore that Michael Jackson allegedly used while molesting children at Neverland Ranch. The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice, and perverse...
Synaptics Unveils Its New Connected Car Solution

It was November of last year when Synaptics (NASDAQ: SYNA) announced its intention to ramp-up its efforts in the rapidly growing smart car market. Synaptics had already begun supplying some of the world's largest automakers with its display driver circuits in 2015, but that was just the first step in its smart car plans.
Inside a Millennial Grocery: Tablets, TeaBot, No Deli Guy

After three straight quarters of sales declines, Whole Foods is hoping a trendy new store format will lure millennialsand people of a "millennial mind-set," as the New Yorker was informedaway from competitors like Aldi and Trader Joe's. It's called "365 by Whole Foods Market." The first location opened...
Use home equity or cash to buy 2nd home?

Should you tap your home's equity or pay cash to make a down payment on a 2nd home?
How Google co-founder Sergey Brin built his fortune

Want to read more about this tech giant's wealth? Just Google it.
10 Delicious and Healthy Ways to Use Chia Seeds

Those tiny little seeds pack in tons of good nutrition—find out how to add them to all kinds of dishes.
House-rich senior denied credit for home repairs

If you lack funds to repair your home, you still have at least 5 options.
How Your Cube Mate Can Improve Your Concentration

If your neighbor is focused, you'll focus better too, a new study suggests. 
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Study Finds Cause of 'Mystery Holes' in Sand Dune
The mystery holes that plague an Indiana sand dune —and triggered its public closure when one nearly swallowed a 6-year-old boy —are apparently caused by a "ghost forest" of underground trees. Per a recent study, buried trees at Mount Baldy dune are decaying and breaking in a way that sucks... More >
Latest News
Mitch McConnell Won't Answer Key Question About Trump
Does Sen. Mitch McConnell consider Donald Trump qualified to be president? Well, it's a good question—and it's still a question, Politico reports. "You know, he won the Republican [nomination] fair and square," he said Sunday on ABC's This Week when asked whether Trump is qualified. "He got more votes... More >
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