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Why Jim Cramer Says a Bank-Led Market Rally Is 'Significant'

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says that the current market rally could be significant. Fueled by bank, technology, biotech and health care stocks, there's potential for more growth, he said.
Clumpy Lashes Are a Thing -- Here's Why You Should Embrace Them

This (former) makeup mistake is exactly the badass upgrade your lashes need
Want to Flee Donald Trump? Try Buying Citizenship Here

Second passports aren't just for spies and criminals anymore. Civilians around the world are getting in on the global citizenship market.
The Best Tinted Dry Shampoos For Your Hair Color

We tried a bunch of color-boosting dry shampoos -- here are the ones that got rid of grease without making a mess
SEC Investigation Slams Alibaba Shares -- Tech Roundup 

Alibaba shares fall after it discloses an SEC investigation. Toyota makes an investment in Uber.
Bubba Smith, NFL's 'Gentle Giant,' Had CTE When He Died

Before he played Moses Hightower in the Police Academy franchise, Charles "Bubba" Smith took some hard hits on the football field as a Pro Bowl player and defensive end for the Baltimore Colts, among other teams. And those hits during his 10 seasons in the league were apparently enough to...
Cosby Must Stand Trial on Sex Assault Charges

Bill Cosby was ordered Tuesday to stand trial on sexual assault charges after a hearing that hinged on a decade-old police report in which a woman said the comedian gave her three blue pills that put her in a stupor and made her unable to stop his advances. District Judge...
Can You Actually Refinance a Student Loan? Yes, You Can

Refinancing a student loan can save you big bucks -- that is, if you know what you're doing.
Most Americans Don't Know What a College 529 Plan Is – And That's a Problem

Lack of awareness on college 529 plans is holding U.S. families back in terms of affording college.
To Cut Debt, Americans Are Downsizing or Even Eliminating Summer Vacation Plans

Worried about debt, and even a recession, Americans are forgoing summer vacations.
How to back out of a contract with an 'ugly house' agent

You can probably get out of this lousy real estate deal. Try one of these strategies.
3 things you need to tap home equity

Even with rising home prices, you'll still need these key ingredients to take cash out of your home.
New Broadcom Could Lead Tech to Higher Ground (AVGO)

The newly-merged Broadcom Ltd could enter a new trend advance after a failed March breakout.
4 Reasons Why Selling Is Harder Than Buying

Understand why selling stocks is harder than buying them, and develop strategies for establishing investment goals with price targets.
Starbucks Barista Majorly Goofs on Helen Hunt's Name

Celebrities they're just like us . Helen Hunt says Starbucks mangled the spelling of her name on her drink order, but the goof was a little more extreme than "Hellen." A confused barista mixed her up with fellow Oscar-winning actress Jodie Fosterand didn't even manage to spell the wrong name...
Behind the Scenes of Your Mortgage

Four major players slice and dice your mortgage in the secondary market.
Drew Peterson Planned to Fly to Mexico, Join Cartel

Drew Peterson is on trial again and his chances of leaving prison before his 100th birthday appear to be growing slimmer by the day. Fellow inmate Antonio Smith testified on Tuesday that he secretly recorded the Illinois ex-cop after convincing him that a plan to kill Will County State's Attorney...
How to face and overcome 6 tax terrors

Filed an extension and now have 1040-aphobia? Relax, we have remedies.
Study these loan types to pay for school

If a home equity loan is needed to pay for school, here's what you need to know.
Mortgages barely budge in advance of Fed meeting

Home resales are rebounding, interest rates are low and homeowners are refinancing.
4 Decadent Chocolate Recipes That Have Secretly Healthy Ingredients

Festive, superfood-filled treats for the holidays
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Report: 'American Sniper' Exaggerated His War Record
Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame was a Navy SEAL who acted heroically in combat. That part isn't in dispute. He just didn't act as heroically as he claimed in his best-selling book, according to a report at the Intercept . In the book, which was made into a hit film,... More >
Latest News
Feds Unleash Millions of Wasps on 24 States
The US government has unleashed millions of wasps into 24 states, the Guardian reports. But, contrary to the horrifying mental pictures this creates, the release of the wasps is actually a good thing. The emerald ash borer is believed to have invaded North America in the 1990s via wooden shipping... More >
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