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Chevrolet's New Volt Has Battery With 53-Mile Range

The electric hybrid car's battery range and fuel efficiency have improved, Chevrolet says.
11 Best Under-Eye Concealers for Fine Lines

We swiped on dozens of concealers that claimed to be crease-free -- here, the ones that passed the test
Why Hillary's Capital Gains Tax Plan Won't Work

Hillary Clinton has announced her plan to increase capital gains taxes and incentivize long-term thinking on the part of corporate America. But is this strategy really the answer?
8 Furry Handbags You'll Love

For luxe or for less, fur handbags are the accessory to carry this fall
Presidential Campaign Bodes Well for Facebook, Twitter, Other Social Media Sites

Campaigns will spend more on social media ads, but a large number of older voters still watch television. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton launches two television commercials Tuesday.
Silverstone's Brother Factors Into the Bergdahl Pot Story

Who knew Alicia Silverstone had a brother? She does, and he apparently runs a pot farmspecifically, one that was busted during a drug raid at which Bowe Bergdahl was present last week in California. David Silverstone, 43, was charged with felony marijuana cultivation and possession for sale, and thrown...
Consumers: We Were Burned by Jessica Alba's Sunscreen

The Honest Company founded by Jessica Alba has become a $1 billion business selling all-natural products, but some customers say the firm is being less than honest about its sunscreen's ability to protect people from the sun. Many customers have taken to social media to complain that the "ultra-pure" product...
The 10 Most Expensive Men's Luxury Watches on Amazon

Online shoppers may be surprised to find ultra luxury brands they never once thought would be sold on Amazon.
The More Conscientious Your Spouse, The Higher Your Earnings

Conscientious spouses boost earnings by $4,000 or more.
529 Plan Drawbacks Could Lower the Amount Allocated for College Tuition

Some parents have turned to investing money in 529 plans, but many of them lack flexibility in investment options and may not generate enough income. There are alternatives, though.
Is there a tax break for losing money on a home?

If you sell your home at a big loss, will the IRS be as unkind as the market?
Can HELOC save couple from debt time bomb?

Facing rising debt payments soon? Here are some options to explore for winning the battle.
The Biggest Financial Mistakes Millennials Make

Millennials are making financial mistakes that have the potential to cost them big over the course of their lives.
How does the stock market react to changes in the Federal Funds Rate?

Learn how the stock market reacts to changes in the federal funds rate. The fed funds rate is the overnight rate at which institutions lend to each other.
Jose Canseco Will Live as a Woman for Week

Jose Canseco has never been shy of the spotlight, and now the former baseball star is planning a timely new publicity stunt. He plans to live as a woman for a week in support of Caitlyn Jenner, reports TMZ . "In the very beginning, I didn't understand it, so I was...
The Top 3 ETFs For Investing in France

Discover how investors can use exchange traded funds (ETFs) to easily obtain exposure to equities of major companies domiciled in France.
How Slim Shady Got Slim Again

In 2007, when Eminem overdosed on prescription pills, he wound up in rehab and clocked in at 230 pounds. (He's 5-foot-8.) "I'm not sure how I got so big, but I have ideas," the 42-year-old Detroit native tells Men's Journal in an exclusive interview for the September issue. "The...
10 Home Remedies You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Searching for natural remedies? These foods can help a variety of ailments.
5 ways to grow an emergency fund

Can you save for a rainy day without slipping? Follow these tips to stay on track.
Can I force my ex to pay joint credit card debt?

Check your divorce order first. But know that leaving debt unpaid hurts both of you.
Gallbladder Problems: Everything You Need to Know

Most of us don't give much thought to our gallbladders—until they become painfully plugged up.
Pick your plastic: Secured versus prepaid cards

Secured and prepaid cards have their pros and cons. Find out which is better for you.
Swap Your Way Slim at Every Meal

Scale not budging? Your diet could be out of whack. Shed some pounds (without much effort!) by switching up your go-to foods.
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Cops: TV Show Inspires Mom to Hide Bodies of Daughter, Dad
A 25-year-old Florida woman was charged with murder after allegedly killing her father and 6-year-old daughter and then using an episode of Criminal Minds for inspiration when hiding the bodies. According to WFLA , the Polk County Sheriff's Office believes Cheyanne Jessie killed daughter Meredith to keep her from interfering with... More >
Latest News
Michigan Warns: This Plant Can Blind You
Today's reminder that Mother Nature has the upper hand: western Michigan officials are warning the public about the possible presence of a plant that looks a bit like Queen Anne's lace—and has the ability to blind you. The Calhoun County Public Health Department says it identified and removed a... More >
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