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UBS, Barclays, Citi and Others Race to Capitalize on Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology

What can you do with the blockchain? No one knows for sure. But big banks like UBS, Barclays, and, Citi are betting that it may reshape the future of finance.
The Print That Goes With Everything (Seriously)

Black is boring. Swap out your old standbys for these luxe snakeskin accessories
Finessing the Art of Networking to Land You the Next Job

Networking is a critical and noteworthy skill that is overlooked by many professionals until they are seeking another job.
11 Things to Put on Your Summer Beauty Bucket List

Get out of your massage routine and try these awesome beautifying activities instead
Star Wars 'Force Friday' Set to Give Boost to Already Strong Toy Industry

An onslaught of Star Wars toys is about to hit shelves, which should help many -- but not all -- toymakers and retailers.
Kanye Is Running for President

Did the 2020 race for the White House just get its first candidate? If you take Kanye West at his word, then yes. Here are the highlights from his 10-minute acceptance speech after nabbing the Video Vanguard Award at last night's VMAs , per Rolling Stone : On his 2009 Taylor Swift...
Fox Anchor Sues Hasbro for Naming Rodent After Her

If Harris Faulkner were a 9-year-old girl, she might have been tickled to have a Hasbro toy named after her. But the 49-year-old Fox Report Weekend anchor is suing the toy company for bestowing her moniker on its Harris Faulkner hamster, part of its "Pet Pawsabilities" line for the Littlest...
What Is the Advantage Of a Credit Union?

Are you banking in the wrong place? 101 million Americans can't be wrong.
Millennials and Money: Why Dont Young Investors Trust Financial Advisors?

Many younger retirement savers aren't looking for help with financial advisors, and here's why.
If You Have Poor Credit, This Common Household Bill Doubles

Don't let bad credit hike this common expenditure.
Tax loopholes for using 401(k) to pay off house?

Before paying off a mortgage with 401(k) funds, it's smart to talk with a tax expert.
What should I do with $16K in my savings account?

You're not going to get great returns in a savings account. Here's what you should do.
Redefining the Stop-Loss

Using Stop-losses for trading doesnt mean losing money, but instead think about the money you'll start saving once you learn how they work.
What is Passive Income?

Passive income is earned by someone from ventures in which they did not actively participate.
Trump Lets Audience Member Inspect His Hair

If "birthers" are those who doubt President Obama was born in the United States, then Donald Trump apparently has "hairers." The presidential candidate complained at a South Carolina rally today about a New York Times article referencing someone calling him "the man of the toupee," The Hill reports. His response:...
Top 5 Precious Metals Mutual Funds

Obtain information and analysis of some of the top-rated and most popular mutual funds that offer investors exposure to the precious metals industry.
Could This Discovery End Alcoholism?

Scientists say a cure for alcoholism could be on the horizon thanks to the remarkable discovery of neurons in the brain that play a role in whether one glass of wine turns into a bottle. Texas A&M researchers explain the part of your brain known as the dorsomedial striatum contains...
6 Healthy and Portable Meals

Fresh and healthy one-bowl meals that you can eat on the go.
Video: What you need to know about home equity

Need to pay for a big expense? Learn how you can use your home equity to pay for it.
Saving to make your grandkids millionaires

Want to turn a nest egg into a fortune? Savings and compounding interest are the keys.
15 Eating Habits That Make You Live Longer

Eat to 100: Discover the secrets to living long (and well) from the world's healthiest people.
What to do with savings bonds from childhood

You've matured, but maybe not those savings bonds you received as a kid.
21 Reasons You'll Live Longer Than Your Friends

You're well on your way to blowing out 100 candles if you're hitting these healthy lifestyle benchmarks.
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Jailed Clerk's Son Also Won't Issue Marriage Licenses
After Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was jailed today for refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay couples, five of her deputy clerks agreed to comply with a court order to start issuing licenses tomorrow, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. But there was one holdout: Davis' son Nathan, who told Judge... More >
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Insurer Announces Major HIV Breakthrough
Big news in the fight against HIV: Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco's biggest private insurer, says that over 32-month period, not a single one of its clients taking Truvada contracted HIV. Truvada is the name of the daily pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, pill that the CDC recommended for use in at-risk... More >
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