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Why Your Cable Bill Isn't Going Down as Fast As You'd Like

Skinny TV bundles are making a play for the consumer. But lack of channel selection needs to be overcome for wide consumer acceptance.
14 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails

These Hollywood beauties are unfortunate examples of plastic surgery gone terribly wrong
Five Great Discount Back-to-School Retail Websites

Buying back-to-school goods online can save you up to 70% - if you know where to look.
How to Zap Your Sunspots for Good

Those freckles are actually sun damage, but don't worry--here's what you can do to erase them
Should You Buy Tyson Amidst Chicken Scandal?

Will the news of this cruel event hurt Tyson stock?
WWE Stunner: Jon Stewart Rams John Cena With Chair

Since the Daily Show finale earlier this month, Jon Stewart has been keeping busy. Last night the comedian hosted a different kind of show to help WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins defend his title against the face everyone loves to hate: John Cena, SBNation.com reports. The match at...
Man With Rosie O'Donnell Daughter Arrested

The owner of the New Jersey home where Rosie O'Donnell's missing teen daughter was found earlier this week has been arrested for allegedly having inappropriate online communications with the 17-year-old girl, according to authorities and the star's spokeswoman. Steven Sheerer faces charges of child endangerment and distribution of obscenity to...
How to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Americans are still woefully lacking in their retirement savings with only 19% who are saving more this year compared to last year.
How to Drill Down on Dental Costs: Save on Your Next Trip to the Dentist

Finances may be a bigger factor than fear when it comes to avoiding the dentists chair. Finding affordable dental care is possible with a little effort.
Navient Gets CFPB Warning That Its Day In Court May Be On the Horizon

Student loan servicer is in the consumer federal regulator's cross-hairs for jobbing its customers.
David Cassidy's home to go on auction block

Hello, world, there's a house that he's auctionin'. C'mon get bidding!
Smart Banking: Why do money market accounts exist?

Money market accounts are hugely popular. But how do they differ from savings accounts?
How To Buy Penny Stocks (While Avoiding Scammers)

Penny stocks are risky business. If want to trade in them, here's how to preserve your trading capital and even score the occasional winner.
Is it Time to (Finally) Push Kids Out of the Nest?

Parents should make sure their kids realize their home is a launching pad not a landing spot, and advisors can help clients talk to their children.
Wiz Khalifa Busted Over a Hoverboard

Wiz Khalifa got arrested last night in Los Angeles, and it wasn't your everyday celebrity-busted-with-drugs-or-guns arrest: The 27-year-old rapper was arrested for refusing to get off his hoverboard at LAX, and the Daily Beast reports that cops might have gotten a little rough, per some video shot by onlookers and...
ETF Analysis: Vanguard Total World Stock

Learn about the Vanguard Total World Stock exchange-traded fund, which invests in stocks located in numerous countries with a high level of diversification.
Family Fears It Buried Pregnant Teen Alive

If you suffer from taphephobia , you may not want to read on. The family of a pregnant teen in Honduras who died and was buried yanked her body out of her tomb a day after the funeral, convinced she was still alive, the Guardian reports. The incident reportedly happened in...
The New Way To Lose Weight Fast

Is going super low-calorie two days a week the trick to fighting flab? The author of a new book on intermittent fasting explains how it works, and Health provides recipes that fit the plan.
After bankruptcy, do I owe on 2nd mortgage?

You can't be sued after Chapter 7 for your second mortgage, but pay up to avoid other issues.
Strike it rich with prize-linked savings?

These accounts offer the chance to win prizes of up to $2 million just for saving.
13 Fun Ways to Work Out With Your Dog

Because no one loves to exercise more than your four-legged friend.
Is it smart to transfer a credit card balance?

Moving a large credit card balance to a low-interest card might sound good --but is it?
4 Sneaky Reasons You're Overeating

The tricky thing about overeating is you may not even realize youre doing it.
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Manson Family Member Eligible for Parole, But...
Former Charles Manson acolyte Bruce Davis has been found eligible for parole—for the fourth time. Parole officials on Thursday determined it was safe to release the 72-year-old, who has spent 43 years in prison for the 1969 murders of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald "Shorty" Shea. As on... More >
Latest News
Inside the Horrifying 'Slender Man' Stabbing
Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, the then-12-year-old girls accused of savagely attacking a friend last year because, they said, the Internet horror character "Slender Man" told them to, pleaded not guilty last week . In the latest issue of New York magazine, Lisa Miller offers up a compelling, in-depth look at... More >
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