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Time to Take Profits in Energy; Expect Earnings to Drive Stock Prices

The CNBC 'Fast Money' traders said management's guidance trumps earnings, but both will drive stock prices. Take profits in energy stocks, they advised.
The Prettiest, New-for-Fall Eye Shadow Palettes

Update your look with these gorgeous (yet subtle and wearable) colors
12 Hot Luxury Cars With Impressive Fuel Economy

It still isn't easy to find a luxury vehicle that gets more than 25 miles per gallon combined, but Tesla has prodded the competition to adapt quickly.
How to Apply Lipstick Like a Makeup Artist

Follow these simple, yet essential tips for bleed-free, stay-all-day lipstick
Tesla Stalls Amid More Concerns on Model X -- Tech Roundup

Analysts cite significant challenges ahead for the electric vehicle maker.
Rihanna: Rachel Dolezal Is 'a Bit of a Hero'

What does Rihanna think about Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP exec who portrayed herself as black? You may be surprised: "I think she was a bit of a hero, because she kind of flipped on society a little bit. Is it such a horrible thing that she pretended to be...
Clinton's SNL Return: Trump-Bashing Bartender

Hillary Clinton stopped by Saturday Night Live last night as promised , opposite Kate McKinnon, the latest comedian to play her on the late-night comedy sketch show. This time the former secretary of state and would-be commander in chief was slinging drinks as Val the bartender, who kept 'em coming for...
Was Samsung Pay Hacked? What Users Need to Know

Is Samsung Pay still safe to use after the LoopPay breach? Here is what consumers need to know.
20 Countries Where Paid Vacation is a Legal Right

Despite all of the hours they work, Americans are out of luck when it comes to having a healthy work-life balance.
Bank ATM and Overdraft Fees Reach New Highs

Banks are ramping up their ATM and overdraft fees to generate more income, bringing them to new highs, according to a recent survey conducted by Bankrate.com.
Loan Estimate: How to compare mortgage offers

The Loan Estimate helps borrowers compare loan offers. See how to do it.
Put down that credit card application

Avoid extra credit card applications, unless it's necessary. Too many applications can hurt your credit score.
IBM Expands Cloud Offerings With Acquisition

Though some investors can't seem to shake the notion that IBM's(NYSE: IBM) financial results -- third quarter earnings are scheduled for Oct. 19 -- are no longer about legacy hardware or PC-related software sales, CEO Ginni Rometty's "strategic imperatives" are where IBM's bread is buttered, and two of its most critical markets are big data and cloud pool.
10 Steps to Retiring as a Millionaire

Retiring with a million-dollar portfolio may sound like a dream, but its certainly attainable.
New Film The Walk Inspires Vertigo, Vomiting

Business Insider has one piece of advice for moviegoers planning on seeing Robert Zemeckis' new 3D film The Walk : Don't eat a big meal beforehand. The film tells the story of Phillippe Petit, who tightrope walked between the towers of the World Trade Center without a net in 1974. Apparently...
Blackstone to Buy Specialty REIT for $8 Billion

Perhaps the most active shopper on the real estate market, Blackstone Group(NYSE: BX) is again opening its wallet. The ever-expanding financial services group has reached an agreement to buy specialty real estate investment trust BioMed Realty(NYSE: BMR), the latter revealed in a press release.
2 Detained in Fatal Texas University Shooting

A student was killed and another person was wounded in a shooting outside a Texas Southern University student-housing complex on Friday, and police detained at least two people for questioning, authorities said. The university quickly went on lockdown after the shooting was reported around 11:30am in a parking lot...
Why You're Not Losing Belly Fat

Belly fat may be the most stubborn to lose and your daily decisions could be sabotaging your efforts.
Mom earns diddly from savings. What can she do?

Mom keeps a pile of cash in savings. Find out why playing it too safe is a risky move.
Fitting annuities into a retirement plan

Proceed cautiously when looking at annuities for your retirement. They can be complicated.
21 Reasons You'll Live Longer Than Your Friends

You're well on your way to blowing out 100 candles if you're hitting these healthy lifestyle benchmarks.
Get a tax credit for a solar PV plus a new roof?

Uncle Sam wants you to have an energy-efficient home and helps pay for certain costs.
11 Secrets of People Who've Lived to 100

Centenarians from around the globe share their secrets to longevity.
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In an Alaska Village, a Suicidal Domino Effect
A Native village on Alaska's western coast is reeling from back-to-back suicides of three young adults—with each subsequent death influenced by the preceding one. The first death occurred Sept. 24 with the suicide of a 26-year-old man. Alaska State Troopers say the second death occurred Oct. 2 and involved... More >
Latest News
Facebook Pic Reveals More Than Couple Bargained For
Mise-en-scène is super important in Facebook photos, you guys. It's a lesson one couple learned the hard way when attempting to announce their engagement via the social media platform, WGN reports. According to Yahoo , the couple posted a photo of themselves sitting on the couch, with wife-to-be Miranda Levy pointing... More >
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