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New Valeant CEO Acknowledges 'Mistakes' In Drug Prices, Forms Oversight Panel

Three days after taking over as CEO, Papa seeks to calm investors by setting up patent access and pricing committee for drugs
9 Beauty Products on Our Must-Have List This October

A sheet mask you'll want to wear for Halloween, magical moisture booties, the best brow gel ever and so much more
How One Infraction Can Wreck Your Auto Insurance

Failure to wear a seat belt may be the last 'minor' moving violation, as just about anything else will add at least 20% to your insurance premiums.
How to Stretch Your Beauty Dollar

We show you how to get the most bang for your buck with these penny-pinching beauty hacks
Reviews on Yelp's First Quarter Are In and They're Good

Yelp's efforts to sell ads locally and get a piece of the retail sales pie are bearing fruit.
Police Hacked iPhone of Actor's Murdered Wife

While the FBI was trying to figure out a way into the locked iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters, the LAPD found a hacker to crack a phone belonging to the murdered wife of actor Michael Jace , the Los Angeles Times reports. Jacebest known for...
Here's Kit Harington's Game of Thrones Code Name

Spoiler alert: If you're not caught up on Game of Thrones , you probably don't want to read on. But as those who watched Sunday's episode are well aware, Jon Snow is alive. Fans had been wondering about his fate since the end of last season, so in order to keep...
Summer Travel Deals Are Heating Up: How to Land a Great Online Vacation Bargain

Go online to snag the best summer travel deals on airfare, auto rentals and everything else under the sun.
Gamification: Passing Trend or Pathway to Workplace Productivity?

Gamification is an emerging concept designed to engage and motivate employees to strive and reach goals. But is this tool effective?
Guns on Campus: Tennessee Lawmakers Allow Licensed Faculty to Pack Heat in Class

Georgia takes the opposite tack as Governor Deal opposes campus carry law.
Owner can't sell home due to fraudulent lien

The title company should've seenthe lienwhen you bought the home. But you have options.
Aftermarket warranty comes with car's purchase

An aftermarket warranty isone of many offered by the dealer when you buy a car. Here's what it's for.
ETFs: Exploring Expenses in 2016 (BLK, ITOT)

Take a good look at the latest trends in ETF costs. While passively managed funds have become less expensive, actively managed funds have not.
VWELX: Vanguard Wellington Fund Performance Case Study

Learn about the Vanguard Wellington Fund, including an overview of the fund, its historical performance and a trend analysis of its price over the past five years.
Guy in Greenville Ruins It for All Amy Schumer Fans

Amy Schumer told her fans on Saturday, "I will not take picture[s] with people anymore," and though she's since softened her stance a bit, she wants fans to understand that consent matters. She says it all started when a man in Greenville, South Carolina, ran up to her, scaring her,...
Who Should Get an Interest-Only Mortgage?

In the right circumstances, interest-only loans can save you money and help accomplish financial goals; in the wrong circumstances they can be very costly.
Startup Buys 50-Year-Old Company in 'Weird' Deal

"Youre not going to hear about a weirder deal today," declares TechCrunch after a decades-old British speaker company was bought by a tiny Silicon Valley startup this week. Founded in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins boasts pages of audio products for sale. Founded in 2014, EVA Automation has no products to...
Your Ultimate Guide to the 64 Best (and Worst) Holiday Foods

Prevent your pants from getting tighter this holiday season with these smarter food choices.
9 stylish, affordable family cars for 2016

Family cars don't have to lack flair. Check out these good-looking, affordable vehicles.
FHA loan on a condo: Tricky to get, but possible

A condo must be certified before you can get an FHA mortgage on it. Here's what to do.
9 Superfood Upgrades That Will Make Your Meals Even Healthier

Give every meal an upgrade with these hot superfood add-ins—all it takes is a sprinkle or scoop.
Home remodeling on the rebound, led by millennials

Survey: These renovations are the most popular onesAmericans plan to do.
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Sinead O'Connor Sued Over 'Vile' Prince Accusation
The death of Prince has opened up an ugly feud between Sinead O'Connor and Arsenio Hall that is now in the courts. In a Facebook post Monday, the Irish singer accused Hall—"AKA Prince's and Eddie Murphy's bitch"—of supplying Prince with hard drugs over many years, adding that she... More >
Latest News
Trump Camp Stunned by Paul Ryan's Diss
Donald Trump has promised to unite the GOP, but it appears he still has some work to do. On Thursday, the highest-ranking elected Republican in the land stunned the Trump campaign by saying he is "just not ready" to support him, Politico reports. "I'm not there right now," House Speaker... More >
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