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Stock Market Finished Week on Sour Note, All Indexes Lower

China set the stage for a market selloff on Friday by imposing new short selling regulations.
10 Cleansing Conditioners That Will Replace Your Shampoo

You'll never go back to your lather, rinse, repeat routine after trying one of these easy, conditioning co-washes
How to Get the Lowest Mortgage Rates Without a Large Down Payment

Low mortgage rates can play a large factor in homeowners being able to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest.
Golden Globes 2015: The Jaw-Dropping Looks We Want Now

The best beauty looks from Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain and more
Chipotle's Annual 'Woodstock of Food' Is About to Kick Off

The benefits of Chipotle's annual 'Cultivate Festival' go beyond just bringing together fans of the chain's burritos.
11 Celebrities Who've Tried Rainbow-Colored Hair

Rapper Chris Brown and his "Fruit Loop" colored hair may be the latest example of a celebrity sporting rainbow-colored locks, but he's far from being the first in Hollywood to try this beauty trend: Kylie Jenner : The youngest Kardashian sister debuted long, turquoise locks (which may or may not have...
ESPN Suspends Reporter After Rant Caught on Video

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry won't be on the air for a weekthe network has suspended her after a videotape surfaced in which she insults a cashier for a towing company in nasty fashion. Some not-so-pleasant examples, as compiled by Deadspin and Sports Illustrated . Im in the news sweetheart, I...
Corinthian 100 and State Attorneys General Go to the Mat Over For-Profit College Loans

State regulators press ED's buttons as they advocate for slammed Corinthian students
FoolProof Recipe for Teaching Financial Literacy Embraces Skepticism, Shuns Business Input

Chances are the financial literacy operations you've come across are sponsored by businesses that never teach the caveats. FoolProof's program is an example of how financial education ought to work.
For Retirement or Any Savings Goal, Try Being Lazy and Self-Centered

Socking money away is more than a numbers game; its the science of mind of money.
Seniors, strike it rich: Make a million after 70

If you're determined to do so, you can make a million bucks even in the twilight years.
Video: Home equity rates for Nov. 13, 2014

The average home equity line of credit rate rose this week.
What are the Basel III rules, and how does it impact my bank investments?

Learn about Basel III rules and how they impact investors in the banking sector. They have made banks less procyclical, forcing them to raise capital.
Why the House (and Las Vegas Sands) Always Wins

An in depth look at how Las Vegas Sands became a multi-billion dollar company.
Nasty Black Sabbath Feud Plays Out on Facebook

Back in 2012, original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward refused to take part in the group's reunion because of a contract dispute. This week he explainedat great lengthhis problems with the band and, especially, Ozzy Osbourne. Needless to say, Ozzy does not appear happy about it. In a...
Manage Investments And Modern Portfolio Theory

Modern Portfolio Theory suggests a static allocation which could be detrimental in declining markets, making it necessary for continuous risk assessment. Downside risk protection may not be the strength of Modern Portfolio Theory.
Email: Affleck Told PBS to Hide Slave-Owning Relative

An email exchange in the newly published database of hacked Sony documents looks to be embarrassing for Ben Affleck and PBS. Affleck demanded that the show Finding Your Roots withhold the nugget that he had a slave-owning ancestor, reports the Boston Globe . The pressure appeared to be successful, because when...
6 Embarrassing Health Problems, Solved

It's smart to swallow your embarrassment and loop in your MD. (And, no, Dr. Google doesn't count.)
Rates stay low as homebuying warms up

Flat mortgage rates are good news for the legions of homebuyers who are making offers.
Tax bill too big? IRS offers payment options

Can't come up with the cash to pay your tax bill? The IRS takes your money in different ways.
The 6-Minute Ab Workout

by DailyBurn For those who point to time as their biggest hurdle, remember this: A quick sweat session can fit into any schedule. So sidestep those excuses and dive right into this six-minute ab workout, developed by Hoebel exclusively for Life by DailyBurn.
5 lousy ways to save (and how to do better)

Can't get off the paycheck-to-paycheck, no-savings treadmill? Here's how to fix that.
12 Superfoods for Stress Relief

Get smart about stress-eating. Skip the chips and fill up on these potentially anxiety-reducing foods.
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'One of Rarest Types of Titanic Collectible' Is Sold
After the Titanic hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912, the Mackay-Bennett was dispatched from Halifax to the scene to recover bodies; it pulled 306 corpses from the water, and ended up carrying 190 of them back to Canada. But according the the ship's logs, it also brought something else... More >
Latest News
Big Problems for Veterinarian Who Boasted of Killing Cat
A Texas veterinarian has lost her job after posting a Facebook photo on Wednesday night of her "first bow kill"—a dead cat with an arrow through its head. KBTX reports Dr. Kristen Lindsey has since taken down her Facebook account, but the station captured her caption in full: "My... More >
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