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How to Invest in Pay-by-Wrist Technologies

Swiss watchmaker Swatch is partnering with Visa to offer a different take on in-store payments.
11 Fuss-Free Hairstyles for Every Workout

Forget a boring pony. Get the most out of your fitness game with these super-wearable (and ultra-adorable) gym-friendly hairstyles from Pinterest
Fraudsters Want to Sabotage Your Data This Holiday: Heres How to Fight Back

Don't let cyber-thieves ruin your holidays - protect your personal financial data
Sneaky Ways to Squeeze in Extra SPF

Help kick skin cancer to the curb with these sun-protecting steps
Mattress Firm Goes King Size, Acquires East Coast Rival HMK Mattress

The $780 million deal for HMK Mattress, the parent company of Sleepy's, will give Mattress Firm a total of 3,500 retail stores and 80 distribution centers across 48 states.
Journey Guitarist Wins $290K in Wedding Lawsuit

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a $290,000 payout to settle a lawsuit by the guitarist of rock band Journey that claimed the city unfairly jacked up fees to use a city landmark for his lavish wedding. The full board voted unanimously to approve the settlement...
Why Dave Navarro Met With the Guy Who Killed His Mom

When Dave Navarro was 15, a spurned ex-boyfriend of Navarro's mom killed her and a friend who was also at her LA condo. Due to a custody scheduling swap, Navarro was with his dad at the time; otherwise, the rocker says, he believes John Riccardi would have murdered him as...
Why College Isn't Worth It, No Matter How Rich or Poor You Are

Students from low-income families, along with wealthy students, have experienced a post-Great Recession enrollment decline, while middle income student enrollment has remained flat.
How to Invest Your Money the Way Warren Buffett Would Want

The Oracle of Omaha's advice might be more conservative than you think.
These Retailers Will Reject Your Gift Return Attempt This Holiday Season

Some stores are better than others in allowing flexible gift returns over the holidays.
Can disability pay affect Obamacare eligibility?

Find out if disability benefits count as income when a person applies for Obamacare.
5 tips to help your child start saving money

Put your kid on the path to saving success using these strategies.
Is Israel a developed country?

Read about how Israel is a developed country with a highly advanced technology sector. Learn how Israel still has poverty and large wage gaps.
8 Blue Chip Stocks with Low P/E Ratios

Discover why the price/earnings (P/E) ratio is important in determining the relative value of a stock and find out which S&P 500 stocks have the lowest P/E ratios.
Hunger Games Still Ravenous

Apparently The Hunger Games sounded pretty appetizing to Thanksgiving moviegoers, as the final installment of the franchise landed again atop the holiday weekend's box office with a tidy $75.8 million, reports USA Today . MockingjayPart 2 has now collected $440.7 million in two weeks of release, and this...
Understanding The Income Statement

Learn how to use revenue and expenses, among other factors, to break down and analyze a company.
CDC's New Diabetes Stats Show 'Pretty Clear' Change

Some big news in America's public health arena: The number of new cases of diabetes is clearly falling for the first time in 25 years, reports the New York Times . Stats released Tuesday by the CDC show a nearly 20% drop from 2008 to 2014 in what the newspaper calls...
Mortgage rates are mixed, and so is housing data

Wayward mortgage rates reflect uncertainty about the central bank's plans.
Multiple mortgages muddy retirement plans

A pile of loans can complicate your route to retirement. Weigh these options before acting.
20 Habits That Make You Miserable Every Winter

Beat the winter blues by learning the ways you've been sabotaging your mood.
Owe tax on my portion of home deeded to siblings?

To figure your capital gain on the deeded home's sale, you must consider these factors.
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Passageway May Lead to Long-Sought Aztec Tomb
A Mexican archaeologist may have made a major breakthrough in the search for the remains of 200 years of Aztec rulers, the AP reports. Researchers believe the Aztecs cremated their leaders between 1325 and 1521, but despite years of searching their cremated remains have never been found. That may have... More >
Latest News
Mom, Son Found Dead After Inheriting $480K Gold Bar
Good fortune was short-lived for Beverly Giannonatti, 79, and her 57-year-old son, Greg. In October, a cleaning woman found a 25-pound gold bar worth $480,000 in the home of Beverly's late ex-husband in Deer Lodge, Montana. Greg Giannonatti's girlfriend tells the Washington Post it wasn't such a surprise because... More >
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