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Murdoch Speculates That Tribune Is For Sale; Tribune Denies It

Shares of the Tribune newspaper group shoot higher after the mogul suggests a deal is close.
The Easiest Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

Making new friends doesn't have to be difficult. Here, 22 tips to help you expand your social horizons
These Countries Have the Smartest High School Kids

According to a report commissioned by OECD, 24% of U.S. students fail to meet a basic level of skills after they leave school.
8 Luxurious Body Scrubs for Supersoft Skin

These indulgent, therapeutic body scrubs leave skin silky for days
3 Big Stocks to Buy on Big Volume

These stocks are seeing unusually high volume today. Here's how to trade them now.
Game of Thrones Fans Freaking Over New Poster

(Warning: This whole paragraph is one big spoiler alert.) Game of Thrones fans are flipping out after the show released a new promo poster featuring a bloodied Jon Snow, the character played by Kit Harington who (spoiler alert!) apparently died in the season 5 finale. Even the Walking...
Wu-Tang Clan Sell 'Rarest Album Ever' for Millions

Wu-Tang Clan just sold what they're calling the rarest album ever created: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin , just a single copy of which exists . The record, which took from 2006 to 2013 to make and features contributions from every surviving member of the group, has been stored in a...
Are You Really Getting The Best Deal On Cyber Monday?

Holiday shoppers have already missed the best online discounts, and they're less open to shopping by retail's calendar. Cyber Monday feels as dated as that cyber portion of its name.
Fees Down, Tougher Security Features Mark New Era for Gift Cards

Gift cards are increasingly popular this holiday season, as mobile, security, low fees drive demand.
Heres How to Talk Money with Family, Friends, This Holiday Season

Money can be a taboo topic around the holidays - here's how to handle it.
What is Beyonce's net worth? The answer may surprise you

As a singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur, Beyonce's net worth keeps climbing. See where it stands today.
Should you refi, even if it means paying PMI?

The refinance math gets trickier when you add mortgage insurance to the equation.
Can a 401(k) be taken in bankruptcy?

Learn when your 401(k) is protected against garnishment in case of bankruptcy, and find out the instances in which a government agency can garnish your 401(k).
Is South Korea a developed country?

Understand the criteria for determining if a country is developed, and learn why South Korea ranks as a developed country by most meaningful metrics.
After Marrying Jackie, JFK Sent Woman Love Letters

Exactly 52 years and one day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, a batch of letters the then senator wrote to Swedish socialite Gunilla von Post sold for $15,000 at Upper East Side auction house Doyle New York, reports People . This set includes two complete letters on Senate stationary,...
Is Working Longer A Viable Retirement Plan?

Fully funding someones life for three decades without work is tricky. The result is retirement has become, for many, a 30-year adventure.
iPhone 7 to Ditch Its Headphone Jack?

Rumors precede the release of every iPhone, but this one sounds pretty big"sounds" being the operative word. Citing a Japanese blog that got its info from a "reliable source," 9to5mac.com reports that the iPhone 7 may be ditching its 3.5mm headphone jack, resulting in a "more than...
Best way to pay for home improvements?

Here's how to review your borrowing options when your home needs a serious facelift.
Video: Your home is a piggy bank

Think of paying your mortgage every month as building what is essentially a supplemental savings account.
4 Addicting Snacks That Are Actually Good for You

Delicious bites that are super healthy—chocolate and bacon included.
Do I owe more tax for inherited IRA distribution?

Compare the numbers on your 1040 with those sent by the IRS to find the problem.
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Star Economist Floats Contentious Theory on ISIS' Rise
French economist Thomas Piketty is no stranger to controversy , thanks in part to his best-selling writing about income inequality. But he may have just floated his most controversial theory yet, one about the rise of the Islamic State, writes Jim Tankersley in the Washington Post . As first laid out in... More >
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Calif. Man Pulls Off Good Deed Before His Death
A declined credit card, not enough cash to pay a $200 grocery bill, a long line of annoyed customers behind you, and a crying baby. It's enough to make most parents want to sink into the floor, and probably how Jamie-Lynne Knighten felt one night earlier this month at a... More >
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