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U.S. Stocks Tank on China and Greece Worries; Dow Gives Up Year's Gains

Wall Street ends the week on a dour note, taking direction from a global selloff.
How to Get Rid of Your Acne for Good

With these tips, banishing breakouts is so much easier than you imagined
Why the Buy-and-Hold Strategy No Longer Works for Some Retirement Investors

The old tried and true method of buying and holding stocks and bonds no longer works for investors retirement portfolios.
17 Nail Art Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Another holiday, another excuse for nail art. From subtle to splashy, these are the only St. Patty's day designs you need
Banks Will Profit From Cuba's Removal From Terrorism Watch

Banks are watching to see if Cuba is removed from the U.S. State Department's state sponsors of terrorism list. If it happens, open the ATMs for business.
Pam Anderson, Sheriff Joe Team Up

Some inmates at the Maricopa County Jail did a double-take after seeing actress Pamela Anderson serving their lunches. The former Baywatch star was in town yesterday to help promote Sheriff Joe Arpaio's all-vegetarian meal program. Arpaio says cutting meat from the meals served to the more than 8,000 inmates...
Nasty Black Sabbath Feud Plays Out on Facebook

Back in 2012, original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward refused to take part in the group's reunion because of a contract dispute. This week he explainedat great lengthhis problems with the band and, especially, Ozzy Osbourne. Needless to say, Ozzy does not appear happy about it. In a...
Here's How College Grads Can Build the Best Career Search Toolkit

College grads on their first job search should bring everything they have to the table.
How to Set Up a Trust Without Costing Your Children a Cent

Trusts aren't just for the rich. In fact, they may be even more useful to some of the less financially literate investors out there.
Youll Never Guess Whos Paying the Lowest Property Taxes in U.S.

Your income can go a lot further in places many homebuyers overlook.
Deducting private mortgage insurance

Lucky for you, the tax deduction for private mortgage insurance keeps getting extended.
The 5 best fee-fighting credit unions

We expect lower fees from credit unions. These five are the top of the crop.
What is a Capital Account?

Capital account is an economic term that refers to the net change in investment and asset ownership for a nation.
Why These May Be the Top 4 Growth Stocks of 2015

These four stocks have high upside potential in 2015.
ESPN Suspends Reporter After Rant Caught on Video

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry won't be on the air for a weekthe network has suspended her after a videotape surfaced in which she insults a cashier for a towing company in nasty fashion. Some not-so-pleasant examples, as compiled by Deadspin and Sports Illustrated . Im in the news sweetheart, I...
A New Corporate Governance Initiative In Japan

Expectations are low that Japan can create a corporate governance climate that meets global standards, but a new initiative is aimed at doing just that.
6 cars full of zip at the New York auto show

Race cars, roadsters and, yes, a small sedanturned heads at the New York auto show.
Top savings strategies for every age group

Everyone needs an emergency fund. Find the best way to save at your age.
10 Mistakes That Make Cravings Worse

Avoid these and you can get a hold of the food monster in your head.
Video: 6 ways to use a prepaid debit card

Want to limit spending for kids? Can't get a checking account? A prepaid debit card might be what you need.
Healthy Takes on Classic Recipes

Start with a healthy, basic ingredient—roast chicken, whole-wheat pasta, or kale—to whip up these new-and-improved versions of classic recipes.
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St. Louis Marathon Winner Cheated, Loses Title
Kendall Schler was the first woman to cross the finish line in Sunday's St. Louis Marathon, but it turns out she took a short cut. Race officials have stripped her of the win after determining that she slipped onto the course late, after the final checkpoint, and cruised to victory,... More >
Latest News
Truck Flips, Unleashes Millions of Bees on Highway
A truck carrying millions of honeybees overturned on a highway north of Seattle early today, scattering hives and sending beekeepers scrambling to save as many insects as they could. The truck had just merged onto Interstate 5 around 3:30am when it tipped on its side, dumping its load of... More >
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