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10 Most Dangerous States for You and Your Family to Live In

Living in states in the South may cost less compared to Northern counterparts, but they are some of the most dangerous states in the country.
5 Hot Spring Lip Colors

Buh-bye, pinks and reds. The spring 2013 trends are all about more surprising hues
Brace Yourself for Flood of Foreclosures When Boom-Era HELOCs Turn 10

Many underwater homeowners might simply walk away from their homes, letting lenders deal with the problem, but at least another housing bust looks unlikely.
8 Statement-Making Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe

Slogan jewelry, purses and more are ruling the catwalks this season
Reliance Steel Rallies on Earnings but Is Still 'Undervalued'

Shares of the Los Angeles-based metal processing firm hit a high not seen in over four months after posting better-than-expected first-quarter results. Does Reliance Steel's rally have more to go?
American in Paris , Fun Home Lead Tony Nominations

The musicals An American in Paris and Fun Home each received a leading 12 Tony Award nominations today, showing two very different sides of this Broadway season. One side is sunnythe dance-heavy stage adaptation of the 1951 musical film choreographed by Gene Kellyand the other moodythe dark...
Princeton Students Peeved About Big Sean Concert

Princeton University just can't win when it comes to its Lawnparties festival. Last year, Mayer Hawthorne was the main act, and the student government was criticized for choosing a less-than-huge name. So this year, the student government went with rapper Big Sean ... and now it's being criticized for choosing an...
Here's How The Great $41 Trillion Generational Wealth Transfer Is Intercepted By Probate Pirates

Some $16.9 billion of losses comes from deceptive but legal tactics however the crime is covered over because the criminal is in some cases a lawyer in probate court.
5 Amazing Mother's Day 2015 Gifts for Nearly Any Budget

From personalized jewelry and songs to a shopping and spa spree with a butler in New Orleans, mom should get ready to be impressed.
What to Invest In After You Have Maxed Out Your 401(k) Contribution

401(k) + IRA: How to mix and match retirement plans
Tap pension to pay $30K credit card debt?

Your lump-sum pension was meant to be spent later, but you need the money now. What to do?
Roth IRA may be key to heirs' tax savings

Here are some steps to take now to reduce your heirs' tax liability when you die.
Crowded Short

A trade on the short side with an overwhelmingly large number of participants, which greatly increases the risks of a short squeeze.
Who developed the theory of economic externality?

Discover which economist developed the theory of economic externalities, and learn how and why some advocate for taxation to counter negative externalities.
Documents Show Affleck Ancestor Didn't Own Slaves

Turns out Ben Affleck's newly controversial great-great-great-grandfather probably didn't own slaves after allthough other Affleck ancestors did, and the great-great-great-grandpa in question was the executor of slave-owning estates, meaning he was still involved in that world. The Daily Beast looked at Georgia tax and census records to come to...
How Safe Are Discounted Gift Card Websites?

Could you buy a gift card online and find out it's worthless? Here's how to protect yourself (and whether you need to).
University Steps in After Professor Flunks an Entire Class

A professor at Texas A&M says he'd had enough of the cheating, lying, and verbal abuse going on in his "Strategic Management" classso he decided to fail everyone, Click2Houston.com reports. "I was dealing with cheating, dealing with individuals swearing at me both in and out of class, it...
6 Ways Your Mobile Devices Are Hurting Your Body

Just ask your neck, shoulders and back. But with a few adjustments, you won't have to give up emojis or binge-watching.
Study these loan types to pay for school

If a home equity loan is needed to pay for school, here's what you need to know.
Video: Your home is a piggy bank

Think of paying your mortgage every month as building what is essentially a supplemental savings account.
12 Superfoods for Stress Relief

Get smart about stress-eating. Skip the chips and fill up on these potentially anxiety-reducing foods.
Guess what? America's best savers aren't wealthy

When we asked people how much they save, the answer was surprising.
What Can You Make With Brown Rice?

Three star chefs get creative with this healthy grain.
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Indonesia Firing Squad Executes 8, Spares Woman
Intense international pressure failed to sway Indonesia: It executed seven foreigners and one of its own citizens today via firing squad over drug-smuggling charges, reports the Jakarta Post . However, the newspaper says that a Filipino woman, Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, was spared at the last moment because the drug courier... More >
Latest News
Fire Captain Nabbed in 3 Cold-Case Murders
David Watson was battling his ex-wife, Linda, for custody of their daughter when the woman vanished from her Tucson home on Aug. 20, 2000. In 2003, Watson was locked in another custody battle over the same girl with his former mother-in-law, Marilyn Cox, when she was gunned down after a... More >
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