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3 Tech IPOs That Are Safe Deals for Investors

Congatec Holding, Mimecast and Instructure are safe IPOs in the tech market.
7 Beauty Breakthroughs You Need This Season

From a high-tech toothbrush to a cellulite cure that actually works, these are the beauty inventions we're buzzing about
Shopping Trips and Traps to Avoid This Holiday Season

Retailers may spring some trip and traps that lead you to overspend during the holidays. They're wielding heavy psychological weapons.
7 Underwear Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Recover from all your under-the-surface woes with this lesson in bras, panties and shapewear
10 Best Quirky Gifts for the Holidays

These ten quirky gifts are sure to get noticed and remembered this year -- and appreciated for being truly extra-ordinary.
Why Sofia Vergara Posted Wedding Pics on Instagram

Newlyweds Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello might have cashed in by selling their wedding photos to a celebrity magazine, but instead they posted the pictures online, and the benefits could be priceless. Vergara shared 55 photos from her wedding weekend on Instagram , from the romantic, flower-filled setting to her first...
Wu-Tang Clan Sell 'Rarest Album Ever' for Millions

Wu-Tang Clan just sold what they're calling the rarest album ever created: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin , just a single copy of which exists . The record, which took from 2006 to 2013 to make and features contributions from every surviving member of the group, has been stored in a...
Higher Ed Groups Look for Perkins Loan Revival

Student loan program could be a rider on a bill to avert a government shutdown.
Is Black Friday Slipping? Yes, And That's Good For Everyone

It looks like Black Friday's numbers will be down again this year. Here's why that should have shoppers thrilled.
Traveling During a Crisis? Here's What To Do

Traveling when a crisis hits is a uniquely vulnerable experience. Here are some suggestions for how to stay safe during the worst.
Loan Estimate: Has the interest rate been locked?

The Loan Estimate shows you if you've locked your interest rate and how long it will remain at that rate.
This fall, do home sellers have the upper hand?

With fewer homes for sale, is there any good news for homebuyers?
The Best Financial Modeling Courses for Investment Bankers

Obtain information, both general and comparative, about the best available financial modeling courses for individuals pursuing a career in investment banking.
Under Armour's Plan to Double Revenue

Learn how Under Armour plans on doubling its revenue by 2018. Find out what areas the company plans to count on for this growth and its record streak.
Poland: We Won't Send Polanski to US

Polish prosecutors have closed the Roman Polanski case, meaning the filmmaker can live and work in the country where he grew up and have no fear of extradition to the US . Prosecutors said Friday that an October verdict rejecting extradition for a 1977 statutory rape case was "right" and there...
Identifying And Managing Business Risks

There are a lot of risks associated with running a business, but there are an equal number of ways to prepare for and manage them.
Cops: Here's Why Chicago Boy, 9, Was Executed

A man has been charged with murder in the slaying of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee in Chicago. The Cook County state's attorney's office identifies the boy's alleged killer as Corey Morgan, 27, per the Chicago Sun-Times . The Chicago Tribune calls him "a reputed member of the Terror Dome faction of the...
24 Fat-Burning Ab Exercises (No Crunches!)

Abdominal exercises to burn fat, flatten your belly, and strengthen your core.
Study these loan types to pay for school

If a home equity loan is needed to pay for school, here's what you need to know.
Making a comeback: Home equity loans, HELOCs

As property values and mortgage rates rise, home equity loans and HELOCs heat up.
5 Slim Secrets You Learned in Kindergarten

Consider this your healthy hall pass to get fit, strong and lean, all while acting like a kid again.
How can I prevent my car from hydroplaning?

Wet, slippery roads aren't ideal for driving. Here's how to get a grip.
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Daily Injections Could Be Thing of Past for Diabetics
A new treatment going through clinical trials could mean the end of daily insulin injections for diabetics—and could even have huge benefits for people suffering from arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity, the Independent reports. "This could be a game-changer," one University of California, San Francisco researcher says in a... More >
Latest News
Planned Parenthood Shooter Still Not Detained
An active shooting situation at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic is still ongoing Friday, Fox 13 and the Denver Post report. "The area is NOT secure," the department tweeted about the area around 3480 Centennial Blvd. when the news first broke. At least 4 police officers have been injured... More >
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