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Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Get Ready for a Rough Ride

Supply is the true enemy of the bull and there's a lot of new supply hitting the markets, Cramer says.
Sneaky Ways to Squeeze in Extra SPF

Help kick skin cancer to the curb with these sun-protecting steps
Money and Marriage: Should You Have a Joint Account or Separate Accounts?

Here's what to consider before you share finances with your significant other or play keep-away with community funds.
Ditch Your Coat and Try This Fall Outerwear Trend

Upgrade your wardrobe with a chic and sophisticated cape
Cadillac's CT6 Is Flagship of Luxury Brand's $12 Billion Makeover

Cadillac's new CT6 sedan, introduced this week at the New York Auto Show, takes the 113-year-old brand back into the market where people expect it to be, its president says.
Jay Z: Use My Music Service Because... Water Is Free

Jay Z relaunched the Tidal music streaming service last night at a New York City event with more than a dozen other co-owners, including Beyonce, Daft Punk, Madonna, Rihanna, Jack White, and Alicia Keys, who said the assembled artists hoped the launch would be a "moment that will forever change...
Cynthia Lennon, John's Ex, Has Died

Cynthia Lennon, who was Cynthia Powell before she married John Lennon in 1962, has died. She was 75. Fox News reports that Cynthia's son Julian Lennon confirmed the news, and Billboard has this statement from her rep: "Cynthia Lennon passed away today at her home in Mallorca, Spain following a...
Americans Are Still Charging, but That May Not Be a Bad Sign

Americans are still in love their credit cards and may be getting smarter on how to use them.
Here's How You Get Affordable Life Insurance With a Pre-Existing Condition

An insurance company's definition of a pre-existing condition may differ from yours or their competitors, so it pays to shop around.
College Presidents Dish on Doubts about Affordability, But Do So Anonymously

Gallup Education survey finds pessimism in presidential suite at the nation's colleges and universities
Say what? The Fed statement for dummies

There's no "patient" to be found in the Fed's statement, but that low rate survived.
Getting remarried. What the HECM?

What if the sole borrower on a reverse mortgage dies and the remaining spouse gets hitched again?
Rite Aid Earnings: 3 Questions We Want Answered

Rite Aid(NYSE: RAD) shares have more than quadrupled since 2012 thanks to a debt restructuring, store closures, and a renewed zest for expansion. Can this incredible run continue? The answer to that question may hinge on Rite Aid's fiscal fourth-quarter earnings conference call, which will be held on April 8th.
What does it mean when a company has a high capital adequacy ratio?

Learn about the capital adequacy ratio, what the ratio measures, how it is calculated and what it means when a bank has a high capital adequacy ratio.
Robin Williams Locked Down His Image for 25 Years

Robin Williams' children are fighting his widow in court over how to divide his belongingsand one of the exhibits in the court battle reveals that Williams protected the use of his image in what the Hollywood Reporter calls an "innovative, cutting-edge" way that "just might become a model for...
Use Volume And Emotion To Tackle Topping Patterns

Selling short in a topping pattern offers an advantageous reward-to-risk profile, but it can be hard to find good entry prices.
Hours Before Girl Was to Testify, She Dies in Fire

A 10-year-old Ohio girl and her grandparents died in a house fire just hours before she was supposed to testify against her alleged rapist, and prosecutors are having a hard time believing it could just be a tragic coincidence. Robert Seman Jr., 46, was to go on trial Monday on...
Video: Saving for a goal

If you want to save for a goal, you have to pass up the now for the future. Here's how.
Debts that can't be wiped out in bankruptcy

Certain debts can be covered in bankruptcy, but here are some you'll always have to pay back.
Inspection and insurance

Home inspection and homeowners insurance are crucial elements to buying a home. Find out why.
Running With Your Dog: 17 Dos and Don'ts

Health, safety, and behavioral tips for logging miles with your four-legged fitness partner.
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Atlanta Teachers Sent to Jail in Cheating Scandal
Atlanta educators convicted in a huge cheating scandal got a quick taste of justice today—the judge sent 10 of them straight to jail after the guilty verdicts were announced, allowing one woman to remain free until sentencing only because she is about to give birth, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution... More >
Latest News
Indiana Woman to Serve 20 Years for Feticide in US First
On Monday, 33-year-old Purvi Patel became the first US woman to be "charged, convicted, and sentenced for the crime of feticide for having attempted to end her own pregnancy," according to a press release issued by National Advocates for Pregnant Women . In its report, the Washington Post notes that while... More >
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