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Netflix Venture Shows China Is Open to Foreigners -- at Least the Ones it Likes

Netflix already has 62 million members in 50 countries, so it makes sense for the company to tap the huge Chinese market.
Chain Gang: The Haute Hardware You Need Now

Body chains are having a moment. Here's why
Most Big Auto Insurers Are Just Taking Advantage of Your Low-Mileage Driving

Auto insurance companies seem to be taking low-risk drivers for granted, but consumers aren't standing for it.
Fake a Face Lift With Makeup

Makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian shows how to look years younger instantly -- without going under the knife
The 10 Worst Cities to Enjoy a Summer 'Staycation'

Thinking about taking a summer "staycation"? Hopefully you don't live in California, despite its myriad of tourist-friendly and nature loving cities and towns.
Got 18 Days to Spare? Thom Yorke Has a New Song

Radiohead's Thom Yorke has supplied a piece of music to accompany an art exhibit in Australia, and if you started listening to it today, you'd be done on June 17. Yes, his "Subterranea" is 432 hours, or 18 days, long. And as the Independent reports, "no two minutes are the...
'Screech' Is (a Little) Guilty in Stabbing

"Screech" has been found guilty in a bar stabbing , but not as guilty as he could have been. A Wisconsin jury last night cleared Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond of a felony charge but convicted him of two misdemeanors, reports AP . The 38-year-old is guilty of carrying a...
Chip-and-PIN Procrastination Is Endangering Your Credit Card

While new chip-and-PIN EMV credit and debit cards are being issued before their Oct. 15 deadline, signing and swiping keeps putting your data at risk.
Can 12 Weeks at Hack School Really Get You A Programmer Job?

For the time and the money and the right student, spending your summer at a coding camp could be a smart career move.
Flying to Europe on the Cheap Is Not Impossible This Summer

Know where to fly into will save you hundreds of dollars in the summer of the Euro's discontent
Study these loan types to pay for school

If a home equity loan is needed to pay for school, here's what you need to know.
What happens to heirs and mortgages after I die?

Let's say you have mortgages, and then you die. Do heirs have to apply for new loans?
How can the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method be used to minimize taxes?

Understand what the FIFO inventory method is and how it can be used to minimize taxes. Learn why it would also decrease overall profits in this scenario.
When & Why Should a Company Use LIFO

By using LIFO (last in, first out) when prices are rising, companies reduce their taxes and also better match revenues to their latest costs.
Mariah Carey Says Idol Was 'Worst' Thing She's Done

To say Mariah Carey did not love her experience as an American Idol judge would be a bit of an understatement. "That was the worst experience of my life," Carey said in a recent interview on Australia's Kyle and Jackie O radio show picked up by ETOnline . The hosts wanted...
Why did Target's (TGT) expansion into Canada fail so quickly?

Read about the four major reasons Target's expansion into Canada ended so abruptly and quickly after expanding into northern markets.
Cat Lick Blamed for Woman's Blindness

An Ohio woman who suddenly lost vision in one of her eyes has learned that her own cat is to blame, reports WTOL . Doctors at the University of Toledo diagnosed cat scratch disease as the culprit. "Anything that is exposed to the cat's mouth, including if you have a little...
Pregnant? Diet Changes to Make Right Now

A quick-and-easy guide to the nutrients you need and the foods you should eat—and avoid—during pregnancy.
Do I have to pay tax on my home-sale profit?

You have to meet certain IRS requirements to qualify for the home-sale exclusion.
Can you get a mortgage with a low credit score?

Have credit issues in your past? You still might qualify for a home loan.
The Best Healthy Burger Recipes

Our healthy burgers, made with fresh salmon, lean beef, and lentils, are perfect for a go-to summer meal.
Video: Is cheaper gas helping your savings?

What are people doing with the savings they got from lower gasoline prices?
5 Sleep Problems Nobody Talks About

We pull back the covers on surprising p.m. issues and the latest fixes.
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Swordfish Hit by Speargun Kills Fisherman
A Hawaiian man is dead after jumping into Honokohau Harbor yesterday to catch a swordfish and getting fatally gored, CNN reports. Boat captain Randy Llanes, 47, who was head of a deep-sea fishing charter, jumped in and hit the broadbill swordfish with a spear gun, officials say. The fish then... More >
Latest News
Politician Caught Watching Porn at Awkard Moment
Who needs electoral reform when there's lots to watch online—particularly images and videos involving naked people? That may have been Joao Rodrigues' line of thought when the Brazilian politician was caught watching porn on his phone during a parliamentary debate, the Independent reports. Local media shot video of him... More >
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