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What Avon's Earnings Really Mean and Why You Should Stay Away Right Now

The company may be an iconic brand name, but the stock is distressed and is a toxic investment.
The Secret to Getting Hair With Tons of Volume

Want bigger, badder, sexier hair? The ingredient you're missing is a few shakes of texture powder
Spending Behind Your Partner's Back Is Still Kind of Cheating

While many U.S. consumers see no problem with opening credit cards and spending upwards of $500 without their partner knowing, they're only hurting themselves.
What Should Your Signature Smoothie Be?

A neurotic Crossfitter or a blissed-out yogi -- find out what your favorite health drink says about your personality
Negative Interest Rates Are Even a Federal Reserve Concern Now

More central banks are making negative interest rates a part of their toolboxes. The Fed has asked large banks to include a negative interest rate scenario in their stress tests
Beyonce Backlash: 'Race-Baiting' Act Spawns a Protest

Red Lobster may be one of Beyonce's newest fans , but her Super Bowl halftime performancewhich featured Bey and entourage dressed in Black Panther-like attire dancing in an "X" shape in tribute to Malcolm X, Time notesis being slammed as "hate speech" and is now the subject of a...
Kanye Made a Video Game About His Mom Flying to Heaven

It's Thursday, but it might as well be Kanye Day. The rapper unveiled both his new album The Life of Pablo and clothing lineYeezus Season 3during an event at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. The whole thing was livestreamed around the world. And, as with most...
5 Signs You Should Can Your Financial Advisor

Most financial advisors are honest and diligent. But some aren't, and you need to know how to tell the difference.
Can You Really See with Online Discount Eyeglasses?

Will you go blind? Or save hundreds of dollars?
New Department of Education Unit Set to Scrutinize Fraudulent Colleges

FTC honcho heads Student Aid Enforcement unit while student loan write-offs are a likely cause for concern at ED.
If you sell the house yourself, do you owe agent a commission?

What happens when an owner sells a house before the agent's contract goes into effect?
Aftermarket warranty comes with car's purchase

An aftermarket warranty isone of many offered by the dealer when you buy a car. Here's what it's for.
How Advisors Can Appeal to Nontraditional Families

So-called traditional families represent less than 20% of U.S. households today. Here's how advisors can adjust.
Take the Pain Out of Selling Your House Online

Is an online selling service really better than selling your home the old-fashioned way? It depends on what you're after
Aaron Sorkin Bringing To Kill a Mockingbird to Broadway

It's already been made into an Oscar-winning movie ; now To Kill a Mockingbird is being transformed into a Broadway production. The New Yor k Times reports that Harper Lee's acclaimed 1960 novel will be adapted for the Great White Way by Aaron Sorkin, best known for his work on T...
Which Fund Share Class is Best for Retirement?

Mutual funds are a popular investment for retirement. Here's how to choose the best share class when investing in them.
CDC: Porn Actor Spread HIV After Testing Negative for It

Frequent testing alone can't prevent the spread of HIV, researchers stress in a CDC report on a few cases centered in the porn industry. Researchers say a 25-year-old male porn actor, labeled "Patient A," tested negative for HIV in 2014 and over the next 22 days had unprotected sex with...
Rates rising? 7 tips for moving your savings

If interest rates rise,follow these 7 tips to find the right savings account.
Fed stands pat, sees signs of slowing

See our translation of "Fedspeak" to understand the central bank's latest statement.
16 Things You Must Know About Sex After Pregnancy

From "ouch!" to "oh yes!," the truth about sex after giving birth.
Is divorce a loophole to avoid capital gains tax?

You'll have to pay capital gains on the sale of your rental property. Here's why.
8 Gear Essentials for Summer Races

Gear for getting to the finish line feeling great
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The Mystery of Michigan's Menominee Crack Deepens
In 2010, Michigan's Upper Peninsula recorded its first-ever earthquake when a large crack opened in the ground near the city of Menominee, according to a press release from Michigan Technological University. Now researchers finally know what caused the mysterious Menominee Crack. Sort of. Live Science reports the crack—360 feet... More >
Latest News
Car Left Running Helps Baby Survive Mom's Killing
A killer is on the loose in Dayton, Ohio: Police say Brittany Russell, 29, was shot in the head while in her car outside an apartment complex, with her 6-month-old daughter in the backseat. An officer tells the Dayton Daily News that the child was uninjured, but "her saving grace"... More >
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