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Two Lessons on China and Commodities From Legendary Investor Jim Rogers

Investor Jim Rogers' comments from years past are still valid in today's markets.
8 Jumbo Jewelry Pieces For the Bold Fashionista

Designers take the concept of statement jewelry to the next level
This Memorial Day, Discounts On Travel And Home Appliances Are Heating Up

Memorial Day shoppers should expect big discounts this weekend, but they have to choose carefully.
14 Looks That Prove Turtlenecks Are Back

If these pictures can't persuade you to wear a turtleneck, nothing will
Rockefellers vs. ExxonMobil: Climate Change, Activism and Conspiracy Theories

Climate change activists and wealthy philanthropists may have crossed the line.
Paul McCartney: Yes, Wings Was 'Terrible'

Not a fan of Paul McCartney and Wings, McCartney's follow-up band after the Beatles broke up? No worries, McCartney apparently has no illusions about the group's talent: "We were terrible. We weren't a good group," McCartney admits in a new interview with BBC Radio 4 , per the BBC . "People said,...
Cue the Apocalypse: Mutants Rule

X-Men: Apocalypse romped at the box office this Memorial Day weekend, with the franchise's latest installment pulling in $65 million for the three-day weekend, reports USA Today. That number was projected to climb to $80 million when Monday is added to the Friday-to-Sunday totals. The box office held more bad...
The 529 Plan Is the Best College Savings Strategy You Aren't Using

Three-quarters of Americans don't know they can save for college tax-free, which isn't doing high-school graduates any favors.
Student Loan Debt a Drag on Financial and Non-Financial Asset Values

Study claims student debt hits equity in real estate as owners reach their 30s.
Consumers Warned of Hidden Fees Lurking in Prepaid Debit Cards

As prepaid debit card use surges, a new report is warning consumers to read the fine print carefully as a disturbing number of firms are failing to disclose hidden fees.
5 ways to grow your emergency fund

You cansave for a rainy day without slipping. Follow these tips to stay on track.
Tax break for using HELOC to help son buy home?

The rules for deducting interest on home equity are confusing. Here's how it works.
The Top Places for Retiring in Italy

You don't need to be a Gucci to afford to retire in Italy, but saving money means finding a less-traveled spot. Start by exploring these beautiful locales.
What Are The Differences Between Internal And External Economies Of Scale?

Internal economies of scale are firm specific. External economies of scale occur due to large changes outside of a firm that usually impact an entire industry.
What's Behind the Depp-Heard Divorce

What was behind Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce? According to TMZ 's sources, Depp's familyhis two children, his sisters, and his mom, who died just days before Heard filed for divorce despised Heard and believed she treated Depp poorly. After Depp moved his mom into his and Heard's...
Is Amazon Going to Be Worth $6,000 Per Share? (AMZN)

Find out why Amazon stock is not going to be worth $6,000 per share in 10 years and what future price for the stock investors can reasonably expect.
Travelers on World's Biggest Cruise Ship Complain

It's the biggest cruise ship in the world , but is it ready for prime time? Not according to some of its initial customers, who tell the Telegraph about "workmen crawling all over," overflowing urinals, and long lines to get food and drinksand to register a complaint, with a 73-year-old...
9 Superfood Upgrades That Will Make Your Meals Even Healthier

Give every meal an upgrade with these hot superfood add-ins—all it takes is a sprinkle or scoop.
8 pricey playthings you'll want when you're wealthy

Here's a wish list for your win-the-lottery dream, including boats, coats and cars.
How a single person can minimize taxes in retirement

The rules are tricky when it's time to take money out of your 401(k) and IRA.
Why I Eat Gluten Free

Russ Crandall struggled for years with side effects from a serious condition. Then he began a healthy eating journey, including switching to a gluten free diet. Watch how he revamped his diet and regained his life in this moving video.
Comparing personal loan offers won't hurt credit

Here's when shopping for a personal loan affectsyour credit, and when it won't.
Prep Once, Eat Healthy All Week

Spend 30 minutes preparing on Sunday and you can whip up fast gourmet dinners featuring kale, salmon, and other super foods.
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Cops: Hubby Fatally Beat Man Trying to Rape His Wife
Relatives say a 61-year-old man charged with manslaughter was only protecting his wife from a would-be rapist when he fatally beat a man in a Bronx apartment building Monday. Mamadou Diallo was outside when 43-year-old Earl Nash got inside the building around 10pm and began knocking on doors asking for... More >
Latest News
Flier Says Lack of Legroom Almost Killed Him
An Air Canada passenger says a cramped 10-hour flight from Chile to Toronto in January has taken a serious toll on his otherwise impeccable health, and he wants the airline to "take a good hard look at what they're doing," he tells the CBC . Colin Savage, a 64-year-old avid cyclist... More >
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