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Could the Fed Raising Rates Actually Be a Good Thing?

The CNBC 'Fast Money' traders digest the latest labor data and discuss what it means for the broader market and the potential Fed rate hike.
10 Genius Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Open up drowsy-looking lids with these techniques (and don't worry, no eye makeup trend is off limits)
Life Without Student Debt: The University of Pennsylvania Has a Plan

Loans are still available at the Quaker City Ivy, but the school keeps them under William Penn's hat.
TotalBeauty.com Awards 2015: Best Body Products

For the prettiest, most touchable skin of your life, rub down and lather up with the best body products of the year
Facebook's WhatsApp Adds 100 Million Active Users in 5 Months

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging service, has hit a new milestone with 900 million monthly active users, staying ahead of Facebook Messenger.
Today's a Big Day for Harry Potter Fans

If you saw more people than usual ramming head first into a wall at King's Cross Station this morning, that's because JK Rowling caused a bit of a stir when she reminded fans of a special occasion in the Harry Potter-verse, Vanity Fair reports. "Could somebody at King's Cross wish...
History's Most High-Functioning Alcoholics

There are high-functioning alcoholicsthen there are alcoholics who rule empires, write great novels, and become movie stars. Ozy lists "History's 10 Most Accomplished Drunks," with a few of their choice quotes: The Queen Mother : Queen Elizabeth II's mom, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon, kept up her royal duties until...
Zombie Homes Are Devouring Entire Neighborhoods

In a buoyant real estate market some neighborhoods - whole cities - face longterm struggles to recover.
Credit Card Consumers Dont Care About Fees, Rewards And Card Providers Are Cleaning Up

Due primarily to confusing card contracts, credit card customers are missing out on rewards, and paying big fees.
5 Money-Saving Questions to Ask Your College Financial Aid Officer

Chip away at college costs with questions that every parent should ask a college financial aid officer.
Video: Want to manage your money better? Watch this

Need help managing your money? Two financial experts share tips to quickly improve your money skills.
Why doesn't my gas mileage match EPA estimates?

A car's fuel economy rarely meets the EPA's results. Here's why it often falls short.
ETF Analysis: iShares Cali AMT-Free Muni Bond

Learn more about the iShares California AMT-Free Municipal Bond exchange-traded fund, a popular tax-advantaged ETF that dominates its category.
What is the Theory of Backwardation?

Backwardation occurs when the futures price of a commodity is lower than its market price today.
Keith Richards Slams Pretty Much Everyone

Keith Richards, tell us what you really think. The Rolling Stones guitarist didn't hold back during a recent interview with the New York Daily News : On rock and roll (presumably, rock and roll not played by the Rolling Stones): "It sounds like a dull thud to me. For most bands,...
Explaining the CAMELS Rating System

Regulators use the CAMELS rating system to evaluate a banks level of risk and overall condition.
Fed Up With Burglars, Man Buys Gun, Uses It That Night

Earlier this week, Harvey Lembo decided enough was enough. After five burglaries in his Maine home in six yearsmost recently last month when $1,000 and medications were stolenthe retired lobsterman bought what he describes as a 7mm Russian-made revolver on Monday. Hours later, he used it, reports...
9 Probiotic Foods That Aren't Yogurt

Go beyond yogurt to get even more health perks from beneficial bugs.
How to turn a cash-out refi into 401(k) bonanza

Mortgage rates are so low that a cash-out refinance can boost your 401(k). Here's how.
After bankruptcy, do I owe on 2nd mortgage?

You can't be sued after Chapter 7 for your second mortgage, but pay up to avoid other issues.
3 Easy Portion Control Tricks

Watch this video to discover simple ways to eat less without feeling hungry.
Mortgage rates rise a little, boosted by housing

In a blah economy, mortgages didn't get much lift from improved housing numbers.
Weight Loss Success Story: \"I Lost 96 Pounds\"

When Suheily Rodriguez reined in her portions and made exercise a must-do, she dropped major pounds—96 of them!
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Lack of a Comma Has Big Legal Implications in Tenn.
How important are commas? Well, the lack of one is stopping Tennessee city councils from requesting investigative records from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Tennessean reports. In July, the TBI looked into the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old black man by a white officer in Memphis. In the wake... More >
Latest News
Woman Who 'Jumped' From Cruise Ship Wakes, Denies Jumping
Laura Stuardo fell from her cabin balcony on the Costa Fortuna cruise ship while it was docked in a Norwegian city on July 19, and authorities thought she had jumped—a theory she could neither confirm nor deny, as she was in a coma after being rescued. But now the... More >
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