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Southwest Airlines May Replace Chase for Credit Cards Program -- Exclusive

Southwest Airlines is considering replacing JPMorgan Chase as the issuer of its credit card rewards program, according to two people familiar with the matter.
One Celeb Hairstylist's Secret Weapons

From deep conditioners to curling irons, find out what tools celebrity hairstylist Jennifer J. relies on to get red carpet-worthy hair
For Retirement or Any Savings Goal, Try Being Lazy and Self-Centered

Socking money away is more than a numbers game; its the science of mind of money.
5 Beauty Products That Totally Hide Your Hangover

These hangover beauty remedies will make you look amazing, even after two bottles of wine
Bull Chart of the Day -- How to Profit From Natural Gas

If you're re-evaluating long positions after a rough Friday, natural gas is looking like an opportunity.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has Heart Surgery

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spent his 68th birthday undergoing quadruple coronary bypass surgery, and early reports after yesterday's operation suggest he'll be around to celebrate plenty of other birthdays. Abdul-Jabbar was diagnosed with heart disease only this week, reports the Los Angeles Times , and he underwent the procedure at the Ronald Reagan...
Report: Sofia Vergara, Ex-Fiance Fight Over Embryos

It's a celeb custody fight of sorts: In Touch Weekly reports that actress Sofia Vergara is being sued by her former fiance to keep her from destroying frozen embryos they created together. The court papers refer to Jane and John Doe, but In Touch says the pseudonyms are for Vergara...
Most Christian Women Support Health Insurance Coverage of Contraception

A new polls finds most Catholic and Protestant women want contraception covered by health insurance--and dont believe employers should be exempt from offering it based on religious reasons
How to Set Up a Trust Without Costing Your Children a Cent

Trusts aren't just for the rich. In fact, they may be even more useful to some of the less financially literate investors out there.
Why the Buy-and-Hold Strategy No Longer Works for Some Retirement Investors

The old tried and true method of buying and holding stocks and bonds no longer works for investors retirement portfolios.
Top savings strategies for every age group

Everyone needs an emergency fund. Find the best way to save at your age.
Take on the 52-week money challenge

Can you save $1,378 in one year? See what happened when our reporter tried.
Which professional athletes are on pace to join Michael Jordan as billionaires?

Learn how elite athletes make millions of dollars each year and why Mayweather and Ronaldo may join such greats as Michael Jordan in the realm of billionaires.
Explaining the Geometric Mean

The average of a set of products, the calculation of which is commonly used to determine the performance results of an investment or portfolio.
ESPN Suspends Reporter After Rant Caught on Video

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry won't be on the air for a weekthe network has suspended her after a videotape surfaced in which she insults a cashier for a towing company in nasty fashion. Some not-so-pleasant examples, as compiled by Deadspin and Sports Illustrated . Im in the news sweetheart, I...
What are some of the arguments in favor of a value-added tax (VAT)?

Learn the advantages of the value-added tax (VAT) over the income tax and sales tax, such as the VAT's simplicity and failure to confiscate workers' earnings.
6 Questions Every Woman Has About Her Breasts

No body part gets more attention, but there's still so much to know. Discover the scoop on everything from sag to suspicious lumps in this chest cheat sheet.
Your online tax-paying options

The IRS would like you to pay electronically. Here's a look at Uncle Sam's e-payment options.
How can I deduct my home equity line of credit?

Whether or not you can deduct the interest on home equity depends on several factors.
4 tips to save without really trying

Some are good at stashing cash for future needs. If you're not, follow these tips.
17 Ways to Lose Weight When You Have No Time

The scale doesn't care how many hours you have in your day—only how wisely you spend them.
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St. Louis Marathon Winner Cheated, Loses Title
Kendall Schler was the first woman to cross the finish line in Sunday's St. Louis Marathon, but it turns out she took a short cut. Race officials have stripped her of the win after determining that she slipped onto the course late, after the final checkpoint, and cruised to victory,... More >
Latest News
Truck Flips, Unleashes Millions of Bees on Highway
A truck carrying millions of honeybees overturned on a highway north of Seattle early today, scattering hives and sending beekeepers scrambling to save as many insects as they could. The truck had just merged onto Interstate 5 around 3:30am when it tipped on its side, dumping its load of... More >
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