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Doug Kass: It's All Over for the FANGs

The TFANGs' bubble officially burst on Friday -- and 'kaboom,' thy name is LinkedIn.
13 Holiday Makeup Palettes to Drool Over

The best holiday palettes -- whether you want to drop $5 or $100
How to Navigate the Murky Waters of Eating Lunch With Your Co-Workers

Leaving your cubicle for lunch gives you an opportunity not only to recharge, but also avoid burnout and increase your productivity while connecting with your fellow co-workers. But watch out.
8 Stay-Dry Solutions for Every Sweaty Scenario

Breaking a sweat and battling B.O.? This summer, find a sweat fix that really works
Heed the Fundamentals of Risk Management to Ensure Long-Term Investment Success

Most traders and investors do not know how to execute a risk management strategy.
How 11 Celebs Got Their Stage Names

Ever wondered how stars come up with their stage names? The Chive rounds up the stories behind the names 22 celebs go by: Iggy Azalea: Amethyst Amelia Kelly, as she was born, is not a fan of her real name. "Iggy" was the name of a dog she had as...
Beyonce Spent Super Bowl Weekend in Airbnb Rental

Looks like Airbnb might be headed for the Beyonce Bump . On Monday, she posted a photo of herself relaxing on a couch to Facebook with the note, "It was a Super weekend," in which she tagged Airbnb. As TMZ reports, Bey used the rental service to get a place in...
This Valentine’s Day, 25% Of Spouses Won’t Know Their Partner’s Credit Score

Don't surprise a spouse or partner with a low credit score - make honesty the best policy.
5 Signs You Should Can Your Financial Advisor

Most financial advisors are honest and diligent. But some aren't, and you need to know how to tell the difference.
$1 Gas Is Here, But Will Your Savings Be Long-Term?

The volatility in crude oil prices amid the global glut has pushed gasoline prices down, with a Kansas station to $0.99 a gallon on Wednesday. Is this sustainable?
4 saving and investing tips for 20-somethings

It's not easy to save and invest for retirement at age 20, but you should do it. Here's how.
How do I pay my $80,000 credit card bill?

A new mortgage to pay off crushing debts may not be in your interest.
How to Run a One-Person Business

Learn how to get a successful one-person business up and running with a business plan, financing, time-management tricks and delegation of tasks.
Yo Shkreli: Kanye Doesn't Want Your $10M, Bromance

Martin Shkreli, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but you might be one of the weirdest ex-CEOs of all time. Of all time!
Shkreli Sued Over $2M Wu-Tang Album

Fresh off smirking his way through a Congressional hearing, "pharma bro" and Internet villain Martin Shkreli is being sued over the Wu-Tang Clan album he bought for $2 million, Reuters reports. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday by New York artist Jason Koza, who claims his drawings of Wu-Tang members were...
Advisors: How to Deal With a Social Media Nemesis

Here's how financial advisors with a social media presence can monitor and handle disgruntled client comments and pesky online trolls.
Cops: 15-Year-Old Girls' Deaths Were Murder-Suicide

A shooting at a suburban Phoenix high school that killed two 15-year-old girls and caused panic among parents was a murder-suicide, police said. Police announced that a suicide note was found at the scene of the shooting Friday morning near the cafeteria area of Independence High School in Glendale, the...
49 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Feeling Full

Drop pounds and slim down with these mental tricks.
Can bank foreclose on reverse mortgage?

Can a homeowner keep her house, despite owing the reverse-mortgage lender for taxes?
The best time to refinance a reverse mortgage

It usually doesn't make sense to seek a 2nd reverse mortgage. Here are some exceptions.
Hearty Soups and Stews

Warm, low-cal dishes that you can serve to a group
See the home Gov. Scott Walker is selling

The Wisconsinite who left the presidential race now is leaving this quaint colonial.
8 Celebrities Who've Struggled With Lyme Disease

These celebrities have been vocal about their Lyme disease symptoms, treatment, and more
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Who Might Take Scalia's Seat?
With the death of Antonin Scalia , the longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court, comes the inevitable question of who might succeed him on the bench. Some of the bigger names being floated, via USA Today and Roll Call : Sri Srinivasan: The 48-year-old Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit judge... More >
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Gloves Off: Debate's 7 Most Brutal Attack Lines
There were lots of boos, plenty of actual yelling, and no shortage of digs. Some standout lines, which happen to come courtesy of Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump: Bush: "I'm sick and tired of Barack Obama blaming my brother for all of the problems that he's had. I'm... More >
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