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How to Win Travel Rewards With Hotel Loyalty Programs

Forget playing the airline miles game. Smart travelers now have their eyes on hotel programs.
Cushion Compacts Are Here to Replace Your BB Creams

The latest alphabet beauty trend -- straight from Korea -- will give you a dreamy, dewy complexion
Where Does It Make the Most Sense to Raise Your Home Insurance Deductible?

Raising your homeowners insurance deductible will save you money in the short term, but it's a more lucrative proposition in some states than others.
4 Mascara Topcoats With Magical Waterproofing Powers

These genius products give your mascara magical, water-resistant powers -- with none of the hard, clumpy downfalls of typical waterproof mascara
Colleges and Universities Embrace Coding Boot Camps

Some partnerships between universities and boot camps offer credit as part of continuing education programs.
49ers QB Won't Stand for National Anthem

Before Friday's preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a stand by not standing for the national anthem. It's a decision NFL.com reports will likely lead to "incredible backlash" against him. I am not going to stand up to show pride in...
Latest Bust of Hollywood's Brutal Summer: Ben-Hur

Critically maligned Suicide Squad is laughing all the way to the bank, blocking another remake from box office success to hang on to its No. 1 spot for a third week in a row. But it wasn't so much the success story that ruled the day as the utter failure...
How Road Warriors Combat Bland Hotel Rooms

When work takes you on the road, it's important to make the road feel like home.
What a 50-Year Low in Homeownership Means for American Buyers

America homeownership is bouncing along the bottom at a five-decade low. But will new buyers fill the hole anytime soon?
What Is the Best Cell Phone Carrier for International Travelers?

T-Mobile and Google's Project Fi slug it out for the title of best for travelers.
See Johnny Depp's in-aarg-uably high net worth

See how the actor amassed a fortune that would make a pirate of the Caribbean envious.
Private reverse mortgage in the family

Keeping a reverse mortgage loan in the family can substantiallyreduce closing costs.
Viacom Board Tightening Oversight of Paramount

When your studio management greenlights Ben-Hur, one of the biggest bombs of 2016, it's reasonable to think your parent company may have some questions to ask. That's exactly what's happening with Paramount, which released a remake of the classic picture that failed to click with audiences on an epic level.
Your 401(k): What's the Ideal Contribution?

If done properly, planning for retirement can affect the quality of life at retirement age for the better. Here's what to contribute.
Ex-Host Sues: Fox Like a 'Playboy Mansion-Like Cult'

The departure of Roger Ailes hasn't stopped the legal trouble over sexual harassment claims at Fox News. On Monday, former host Andrea Tantaros sued the network, Ailes, and other Fox execs and alleged that she was punished after she complained about inappropriate remarks by Ailes, reports USA Today . According to...
How Corrupt Is Venezuela? An Inside Look

Learn more about the corruption level in Venezuela and how it could affect your investments if you decide to invest in the country.
EpiPen Company CEO: I'm No Martin Shkreli

Is Mylan CEO Heather Bresch the next Martin Shkreli? Based on public reaction to the bloated costs of her company's EpiPen, the 671% pay raise she's reaped as those costs rose, and the recently publicized fact that her dad is a US Senator , the initial answer may seem to be...
These Workout and Diet Mistakes May Not Be as Bad As You Think

You skipped stretching, skimped on water, slammed a sugary smoothie. Are these mini workout "offenses" really a huge deal? The answers may surprise you.
Saving Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Avoid these three mistakes if you want to save more money.
Dad's $50K account in India must be reported to the IRS

If your dad is a U.S. citizen or resident, he must file the FBAR soon.
People Become Less Selfish After Age 45, Study Says

New research identifies another perk of getting older.
Millenniares: Investment fears and how to win

Financial experts explain ways for Millennials to overcome investment fears.
Why I Snack

Kevin Curry was a regular gym-goer, but wasn't seeing the benefits of his workouts. Watch this video to see how he changed his approach to daily snacking, which helped him regain his health.
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Inside the Futile Search for 'Inchworm' on the Trail
The discovery of a 66-year-old hiker's body off the Appalachian Trail last year made headlines in part for the poignancy of the journal and letters she left behind. “When you find my body,” wrote Jerry Largay, “please call my husband George ... and my daughter Kerry. It will be the greatest... More >
Latest News
New Theme of 2016 Race: the 'Alt-Right'
Suddenly, "alt-right" is the political phrase of the moment. Hillary Clinton on Thursday called out Donald Trump for being linked to what she calls a racist, "paranoid fringe" movement, while Trump denied even knowing what the phrase means. Coverage: What Clinton said, per Gothamist : "These are race-baiting ideas, anti-Muslim and... More >
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