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Home Depot, Angies List Should Be Concerned About Amazon Home Services

Home-services business may generate 25% of profit for the world's largest online retailer within 10 years.
9 Anti-Aging Hacks That Will Have People Asking, \"You're How Old?\"

Ward off wrinkles and other signs of aging with these lifestyle tricks and tips
The Nanny Tax Is Different This Year: How It Will Impact Household Employees

Nannies need to be paid on the books, or they wont qualify for lower health insurance premiums.
7 Best Cream Blushes

Creamy, blendable and oh-so-pretty, these blushes win over our reviewers
Stocks Could Rise 20% by Next Summer: Guggenheim's Scott Minerd

Despite the volatility seen in recent months, the market still has room for growth, says Scott Minerd, global chief investment officer for Guggenheim Partners.
Why Artists From Kanye to Coldplay Are Going Blue

Check out Twitter and Facebook today and you may notice the cover and/or profile photos of musical artists from Kanye West to Madonna to Coldplay are blue. Why? Jay Z. The rapper is launching his own music streaming service tonight, and artists started turning their social media profiles teal last...
Dave Grohl Helps Out a Dying Fan

A big Foo Fighters fan with terminal cancer will get to scratch off one item from his wish list: meeting Dave Grohl and the band. The band was flying home from Australia when a flight attendant told Grohl about the wish of her friend, Australian Ken Powell, 56, who has...
What Newly Divorced Parents Need to Know About Filing Taxes

Former spouses turned co-parents who don't coordinate their separate income taxes are asking for an audit.
Hotel Wi-Fi Under Siege: Here's Why You Should Never Use It

Researchers find devastating vulnerability in a widely used hotel WiFi router. Are you a victim?
Middle Class Retail Is Dying, And Inequality May Be To Blame

Empty retailers have become a common feature of our city streets. For all our panic about e-commerce, something much simpler may be to blame: customers just have less money.
Can I deduct costs from Medicare supplement plan?

Yes, they are deductible, along with other medical expenses, if you meet certain criteria.
Borrowing from home equity: Rules of the road

A home equity loan or HELOC can be a blessing or a curse. Know the difference.
Are capital gains taxed differently in different countries?

Learn about capital gains taxes in the Unites States as well as those of other countries, where these tax rates vary significantly.
What is the difference between efficiency ratios and profitability ratios?

Learn about efficiency and profitability ratios, what these ratios measure and the main difference between efficiency and profitability ratios.
No One Laughing at Jamie Foxx's Bruce Jenner Joke

Jamie Foxx made the ill-advised choice last night to joke about Bruce Jenner's rumored transition to female during his opening monologue as host of the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and the reaction was swift. "We have some groundbreaking performances here, too, tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, who will be here doing...
What's the difference between an index fund and an ETF?

Learn about the difference between an index fund and an exchange-traded fund and how index fund investing compares to value investing.
Police: Missing Student Entered Mississippi River

A sad development in the case of a missing University of Minnesota student last seen around 1am Friday at the Blarney Pub & Grill: CBS Minnesota reports that police last night secured video footage that apparently shows Jen Houle entering the Mississippi River via a bridge located a few blocks...
10 Exercise Cheats That Blow Your Calorie Burn

Get more out of those sweat sessions! Experts reveal the bad habits you don't even realize you have.
What should senior do with $60,000 gift?

Don't blow it! Weigh these factors before deciding where to direct this free money.
Condo owner ambushed by conversion to rental

Nightmare: An underwater condo is turned into an apartment against the owner's wishes.
10 Ways to Deal With Painful Sex

Medical conditions, some drugs, and your own anatomy can make sex hurt. The good news: all of these symptoms can be treated.
Video: Home equity rates for March 26, 2015

Home equity rates were mixed this week.
15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido

Easy lifestyle tweaks that will crank up your sex drive.
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'Unrepentant Nazi Murderer' Dies a Free Man at 93
In what Denmark's chief Nazi hunter calls a "terrible failure of the Bavarian judicial authorities," the country's most-wanted Nazi has died a free man at the age of 93. Soren Kam, one of the highest-profile Danish Nazis during World War II, was wanted in his homeland for the 1943 kidnap... More >
Latest News
All the Fallout Happening to Indiana
As Apple CEO Tim Cook warned , Indiana's controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act is turning out to be pretty bad for business, with companies, cities, and at least one other state joining a boycott. Among those shunning the state over the law, which critics say could allow businesses to discriminate... More >
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