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What's Ahead Wednesday: Will 21st Century Fox Boost Earnings, Revenue?

Kraft Heinz, Tesla Motors and Time Warner are also scheduled to release financial results on Wednesday.
28 Animals Who Feel Your Thanksgiving Pain

These cute creatures understand everything from your frustration with your family to your food coma
Americans' Biggest Debt Burden? Health Care

Health care tops the list of consumer financial anxieties heading into the 2016 elections.
7 Craziest Beauty Treatments for Your Vagina

From pubic hair softeners to vajacials, check out these vaginal treatments and products that make Brazilians seem tame
T-Mobile's German Owner Binges On U.S. Customer Growth

T-Mobile U.S.'s stellar performance is cushioning the blow of lackluster domestic performance.
Farmer Plows Prince's Symbol Into His Field

A retiree in a tiny community in North Dakota has paid tribute to Prince in perhaps the most unique way a farmer can, the AP reports. Gene Hanson is a retired farmer in Edgeley who always liked the song "Purple Rain." On Friday, he hopped on his tractor and plowed...
Source: Prince Probe Looking at Doctor's Role

Investigators suspect an overdose of prescription drugs caused Prince's death last week and they want to find out exactly where he got them, according to a source close to the investigation. The probe is looking at whether a doctor was on Prince's plane when he made an emergency landing in...
Hottest Real Estate Markets Across U.S.? Go West, Homebuyer

The U.S. real estate market is tilted westward to hot markets like California and Colorado. Here's why.
5 Money Saving Tips When Studying Overseas

For college students, studying abroad is a great experience, but you'll need to manage your money wisely.
5 Great Reasons to Boost Your Credit Score

Don't ignore your credit score. You're risking thousands of dollars in doing so, and here's why.
How to fight the 'zombie house' next door

You won't successfully sue the vacant home's owner, but you can try these tactics.
HELOC vs. reverse mortgage line of credit?

HELOCs and reverse mortgages have pros and cons. Which one is better for protecting assets?
Clorox Buys Probiotics Maker Renew Life

Arguably, one of the best times for a company to announce an acquisition is concurrently with encouraging quarterly results. And Clorox did just that when it unveiled its latest asset purchase while delivering an encouraging third-quarter report. The company said it is the new owner of Renew Life, a privately held company that makes dietary supplements, chiefly the Ultimate Flora line of probiotic goods.
Ferrari Stock Races Lower Despite Earnings Beat (RACE, FCAU)

Ferrari now expects fiscal 2016 earnings to reach at least 800 million euros, 30 million euros more than its prior forecast of at least 770 million euros.
Prince Had Painkillers on Him When He Died

Officials say Prince had prescription painkillers on himas well as elsewhere in his homewhen he died last Thursday at the age of 57, CBS News reports. According to NBC News , the sheriff's department has asked for help from the DEA to figure out where the drugs came from...
Why Coke's Diet Soda Strategy Beats Pepsi's

More consumers are cutting their consumption of carbonated soft drinks these days; sales volumes of the beverages declined last year 1.2%, an acceleration over 2014 when they fell less than 1%, according to the industry watchers at Beverage Digest. But diet soda sales in particular remain in free fall, and the two big soda giants, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, continue to watch volumes of their respective zero-calorie brands slip away.
Madonna Bares Way Too Much at Met Gala

Madonna proved once again that pants are optional as she bared her butt cheeks and most of her breasts on the red carpet of the Met Gala on Monday. Surprisingly, the little clothing she did wear made it "hard to pee," she told People . Keeping with the tech theme, Katy...
The Best and Worst Foods for Your Thyroid

Thyroid problems can be helped (or hurt) by what you eat.
Seller's agent is a bully -- don't give in

A seller's agent throws a hissy fit when there's a hiccup with the buyer's mortgage lender.
3 ways to refinance a HELOC

Your payments could go up drastically once your HELOCturns 10.
32 Longstanding Health Myths That Need to Go Away

Some of these crazy health myths are downright dangerous, while others are just bizarre.
10 worst ways to scare off homebuyers

Does your house make buyers say "yuck"? Make sure you avoid these turn-offs.
Will Immunotherapy Be the End of Cancer?

Immunotherapy has been called a great hope—and a great hype. As a patient facing devastating odds, our writer bet her life on it.
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Cruz Elbows Wife in Head During Hug Gone Wrong
Ted Cruz's botched hug might be getting more attention than his concession speech on Tuesday night. Cruz managed to elbow his wife, Heidi, in the head while moving in to hug his father, Rafael. This has not gone unnoticed: Christina Cauterucci, Slate : "Cruz's awkward physicality ... was a sore spot throughout... More >
Latest News
The #NeverTrump Movement's Last Remaining Options
Donald Trump is now being described as the inevitable GOP nominee by just about everybody outside John Kasich's campaign —but that doesn't mean the GOP has to like it. After Ted Cruz dropped out Tuesday night , RNC leader Reince Priebus tweeted that the party should unite behind the "presumptive nominee.... More >
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