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Facebook's Dislike Button Isn't Exactly What You Think It Is

Conventional psychology recognizes six basic emotions. Soon, Facebook will as well.
9 Cute, Cold-Weather Outfit Ideas From Sundance's Celebs

Nail the après ski look -- whether you're headed to the slopes or not -- with these celebrity styles from Sundance
Working After 50: How to Navigate the Workplace So You Don't Short-Change Retirement

Theres a strong chance that one out of every three Americans reading this is over the age of 50not quite ready to retire and still a viable, valuable worker.
See Every Piece in the Charlotte Tilbury Collection

Hint: It's rose gold, icon-inspired and all-around fabulous
Here Are the 7 Best Tech Stocks You Can Buy Right Now

Here are 7 tech stocks with A+ ratings, from TheStreet Quant Ratings,TheStreet's proprietary quant-based stock-rating tool.
Rihanna: Rachel Dolezal Is 'a Bit of a Hero'

What does Rihanna think about Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP exec who portrayed herself as black? You may be surprised: "I think she was a bit of a hero, because she kind of flipped on society a little bit. Is it such a horrible thing that she pretended to be...
Carrey's Ex Reportedly Found With His Pills by Body

Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend was found dead of an apparent suicide last week with three pill bottles next to her, and law enforcement sources tell TMZ the pills were prescribed to an alias used by Carrey. They were for Ambien, Percocet, and Propranolola sleep aid, a painkiller, and a blood...
The New Mortgage Process Will Require a Houseful of Patience

Streamlined mortgage documents make it easier for a buyers to see if the loan they were quoted is the loan they're getting. However, it takes time to get them right.
Hotels as Art Galleries - Here's Some of the Most Impressive (and Free) Exhibits On Display

Hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada have amassed breathtaking collections of art that are all on display for the public
Retirement Misjudgment: You Probably Are Measuring Portfolio Performance All Wrong

Looking only at returns without thinking about risk, means seeing only half the picture. As they say, 'In investing you can either eat well or sleep well.'
Can you save grocery money by drinking these shakes?

Would replacing meals with Soylent save money? Maybe, but would you be happy?
Can HELOC save couple from debt time bomb?

Facing rising debt payments soon? Here are some options to explore for winning the battle.
Retire on 70% of Your Income? Why It's Not Enough

Many people think 70% will be enough to support them in retirement, but they forget a few significant expenses that could lurk in the future.
Are Cafeteria plans taxable?

Find out which benefits offered through your employer-sponsored cafeteria plan are taxable, and which qualified benefits may be subject to partial taxation.
Kim Really Does Like 'Easton West' for Baby Name

For those of you who think Kim Kardashian might name her second child "South," get real . "It's not a good direction," Kardashian said on Ellen today, according to E! . "[We] haven't decided on name ... It's definitely not South. Every time someone says 'South' I just want to roll my eyes....
These 3 High-Quality Stocks Are Dividend Royalty

Here are three resilient, dividend-paying companies that may mitigate some worry in an uncertain investing environment.
3 Teens Died After Principal Hypnotized Them

On Tuesday, a Florida school board approved a $600,000 payout to the families of three students who died after being hypnotized by their high school principal, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports. The bizarre case has its roots in 2011, when 16-year-old North Port High School quarterback Marcus Freeman died in...
18 Crucial Foods and Health Supplies You Need Before a Big Storm

Don't be caught unprepared. Here are the essential supplies you need to ride out a hurricane, blizzard, or other major storm.
Loan Estimate: Can this mortgage trip me up?

The Loan Estimate will show you if there are any risky features in a mortgage offer.
Fitting annuities into a retirement plan

Proceed cautiously when looking at annuities for your retirement. They can be complicated.
10 Foods That May Trigger a Migraine

Alcohol, cured meats, and aged cheeses all might bring on one heck of a headache.
Put down that credit card application

Avoid extra credit card applications, unless it's necessary. Too many applications can hurt your credit score.
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American Who Foiled French Train Attack Is Stabbed
One of the three Americans who helped stop an apparent terror attack aboard a French train is hospitalized in Sacramento after being stabbed, reports KCRA . The details on what happened to Spencer Stone are fuzzy, but police say the assault took place about 12:45am outside a stretch of popular... More >
Latest News
Judge Shows No Pity, Sends Abused Woman to Jail
A Florida woman reported being choked by the father of her son while she held the 1-year-old on April 2. The man served 16 days for simple battery—but she ended up in jail herself for three days. A now-viral video has surfaced well after it was shot in a... More >
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