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Guns on Texas Campuses Get the Blessing of A Federal Judge

Concealed carry law in the lone star state survives a preliminary challenge.
7 Beauty Breakthroughs You Need This Season

From a high-tech toothbrush to a cellulite cure that actually works, these are the beauty inventions we're buzzing about
Private Student Loans Almost Always Have a Cosigner

Private loan refi market could get a boost if limits on federal student loans are reduced.
We Tried It: Estée Lauder's New Perfectionist Makeup

Is this new foundation worthy of its superlative name? We put Estée Lauder's latest to the test
Tableau Prepares for Its Next Act With a New CEO and an Ambitious Revenue Goal

Founder Christian Chabot wants to join Adobe, Salesforce.com and other enterprise software "hall of famers" with more than ten digits in annual sales.
In Final Concert, a Nation Bids Adieu to Dying Singer

The rock concert started with flag-waving fans breaking into a national anthem, "O Canada." The impromptu tribute by an emotional sold-out crowd that included Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began what was expected to be the final performance by the group known as Canada's Band and its lead singer and songwriter,...
Wahlbergs' Company Sued Over Alleged Wage Theft

Five former employees of the burger chain founded by Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are suing the company over what they call "rampant" violations of labor laws, reports the AP . The ex-employees who filed the class-action suit in New York federal court Thursday previously worked at a Wahlburgers location in Brooklyn....
What Is the Best Cell Phone Carrier for International Travelers?

T-Mobile and Google's Project Fi slug it out for the title of best for travelers.
Your Job Is Probably A Lot Safer Than It Seems

A lot of Americans are convinced that jobs are in a state of crisis. They might be right, but for the wrong reasons.
This Is What a First-Time Homebuyer Looks Like

They're young and they're willing to pay in cash, but their desire for lower down payments echoes some of the worst aspects of the housing crisis.
5 countries where you can retire on $1,500 a month

Your retirement dollar goes a lot further in these places, if you're willing to be an expat.
IRS can't find my W-2. How do I get my $3K refund?

Take these steps to find out why the IRS doesn't have a record of your work.
Top 5 Companies Owned by Whirlpool (WHR)

Whirlpool's major acquisitions go back to the 1980s, and the companies that it owns has helped make it the second-largest appliance manufacturer in the world.
Top 5 Medicinal Marijuana Stocks of 2016 (ABBV, INSY)

These five companies could benefit from the development of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals.
You Can Buy Truman Capote's Ashes

Have $4,000 to $6,000 burning a hole in your pocket and really weird taste in souvenirs? Consider bidding on Truman Capote's ashes when they go up for auction Sept. 23 and 24 in LA. Capote left the ashes to his friend, and Johnny Carson's wife, Joanne Carson; oddly,...
Cosi Fires CEO, Accepts CFO's Resignation

The C-suite at fast-casual restaurant operator Cosi (NASDAQ: COSI) isn't the coziest place to be these days: Two of the company's top officials are headed out the door. Cosi announced that it has fired its CEO and president RJ Dourney, effective immediately.
After Protest Gesture, Medalist Can Never Return Home

If they awarded Olympic medals for bravery, Feyisa Lilesa would have a gold to add to his marathon silver. The Ethiopian runner crossed his wrists above his head at the end of the men's marathon in Rio to show solidarity with protesters in his homeland, and he says the government...
What Your View of the Olympics Says About Your Personality

How much you value silver and bronze medals can offer clues about your happiness, according to a new study.
How Do We Invest Our Additional Savings?

What's the best way to invest your additional savings?
Should you skip the down payment on a VA home loan?

You don't have to make a down payment ona VA loan. See the pros and cons.
Mediterranean Diet Boosts Memory and Keeps Brain Young, Study Finds

The plant-based, minimal-meat meal plan is linked to a host of cognitive perks.  
How do I maintain control during a tire blow-out?

There are ways to prevent a tire blow-out, but if one does happen, here's what you should do.
What Makes Simone Biles Unlike Any Other Gymnast in the World

Biles, her family, and her coaches explain.
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Tesla Hits a 'Profound Milestone'
Tesla on Tuesday introduced a car battery that's being hailed for two reasons: Its ability to power an electric vehicle 315 miles on one charge, and the fact that it makes a four-door sedan the fastest accelerating production car (with an *; more on that below). The Wall Street Journal... More >
Latest News
Trooper Kills Deaf Man After 7-Mile Chase
A family is left searching for answers after a deaf man was shot and killed by a North Carolina state trooper last week, CNN reports. Daniel Harris, 29, was driving on the interstate near Charlotte when a trooper attempted to pull him over Thursday. Harris didn't stop, and the trooper... More >
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