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'Mad Money' Lightning Round: The Netflix Train Left Without You

Cramer is avoiding Peabody Energy and Royal Dutch Shell while taking a longer-term view on Whole Foods Markets.
Stila Set & Illuminate Powder Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a Stila Set & Illuminate Powder Giveaway
Bank of America, Santander, Bank Direct And PNC Are Among The Banks That Offer The Juiciest Perks

The best of 2015's checking account promotions offer 10,000 airline miles and up to $300 cash.
Beauty Junkies, Meet Your New Favorite Photo Book

From Marlene Dietrich to Lana Del Rey, author Alice Harris highlights history's most legendary lips
Reliance Steel Rallies on Earnings but Is Still 'Undervalued'

Shares of the Los Angeles-based metal processing firm hit a high not seen in over four months after posting better-than-expected first-quarter results. Does Reliance Steel's rally have more to go?
Justin Bieber's Latest Stunt: Prom-Crashing

A bunch of high school girls probably had their dreams come true Saturday night when Justin Bieber crashed their prom. The Bieb, 21, was on his way into a recording studio that just happened to be at the same location as the Chatsworth Charter High School prom in California, according...
7 Best Lines From the McDreamy Petition

As of this writing, there are more than 16,000 people who care so much about (spoiler alert!) last week's shock Grey's Anatomy death that they have decided to sign a petition entitled, "Bring Dr. Derek 'McDreamy' Shepard BACK!!!" Just a few of our favorite lines from the petition:...
The Youngest Generations Are Not Interested in Filling the Leadership Gap

The opportunity has never been greater for many to take the leap into leadership. The only problem is no one wants it.
How to Fly in the Front of the Plane - on the Cheap, Maybe for Free

Five proven techniques for winning an upgrade
Here's How The Great $41 Trillion Generational Wealth Transfer Is Intercepted By Probate Pirates

Some $16.9 billion of losses comes from deceptive but legal tactics however the crime is covered over because the criminal is in some cases a lawyer in probate court.
Video: Mortgage rates for April 23, 2015

Mortgage rates showed little change this week.
How to live a more simple and frugal lifestyle

Do you keep a stressful job to support a sumptuous lifestyle? You could make some meaningful changes.
How do I calculate production costs in Excel?

Find out about ways to use Excel to simplify production cost calculation and some sources of good templates and tips for various production cost paradigms.
What are the disadvantages of using a simple random sample to approximate a larger population?

Learn what a simple random sample is, how researchers use it as a statistical tool and the disadvantages it carries when approximating a large group.
Feds Won't Re-Open Inquiry in Buddy Holly Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board has declined a request to reopen the investigation of the Iowa plane crash that killed musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson. The Civil Aeronautics Board ruled in 1959 that the most likely cause of the crash was pilot error. Snow...
What do creditors have to report to credit bureaus?

Protect your credit score by understanding how creditors report information about your debts and payments, which can affect your ability to borrow money.
Bruce Jenner's Ex-Wife Speaks Out

"If Bruce had told me about his gender issue when we first began getting romantically involved, I would not have married him. Pure and simple." So says Linda Thompson, second wife of Bruce Jenner. Jenner, of course, recently revealed to Diane Sawyer, " I'm a woman ." Even so, Thompson says in...
12 Mental Tricks to Beat Cravings and Lose Weight

Can you think yourself thin? Yes! Shed pounds with these simple tips and tricks.
Necessary paperwork for a buyer

Mortgage lenders may ask you for myriad financial documents. Be prepared and save time.
5 tricks to sweeten savings a little at a time

Building savings incrementally can have a snowball effect. Here's how to get rolling.
6 Questions Every Woman Has About Her Breasts

No body part gets more attention, but there's still so much to know. Discover the scoop on everything from sag to suspicious lumps in this chest cheat sheet.
Video: Home equity rates for Oct. 23, 2014

Home equity rates were mostly unchanged this week.
20 Things You Shouldn't Do Before Bed

Having trouble sleeping? These insomnia-inducing habits could be to blame.
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Indonesia Firing Squad Executes 8, Spares Woman
Intense international pressure failed to sway Indonesia: It executed seven foreigners and one of its own citizens today via firing squad over drug-smuggling charges, reports the Jakarta Post . However, the newspaper says that a Filipino woman, Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, was spared at the last moment because the drug courier... More >
Latest News
Fire Captain Nabbed in 3 Cold-Case Murders
David Watson was battling his ex-wife, Linda, for custody of their daughter when the woman vanished from her Tucson home on Aug. 20, 2000. In 2003, Watson was locked in another custody battle over the same girl with his former mother-in-law, Marilyn Cox, when she was gunned down after a... More >
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