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2 Big Tech Bargains to Buy -- Plus 2 You Should Sell in June

Here's a technical look at four giant trades from the tech sector.
What Your Favorite Fashionistas Pack for Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week begins tomorrow, and if these style mavens' suitcases are any indication, we're in for some front-row eye candy
How to Handle Your First 401(k) Plan

For a new 401(k) investor, education and an early start are the keys to becoming a retirement millionaire.
8 New Products to Add to Your Collection This April

From the best tinted dry shampoo we've ever tried to a brow-growing serum that really works, you're going to love this month's offerings
This Wall Street Firm Succeeds by Helping Military Vets Become 'Generals'

Broker-dealer Drexel Hamilton, led by disabled veterans, gives ex-military personnel a chance to use skills learned on the battlefield on a new frontier -- Wall Street.
Depp's Ex: His Wife Is Making This Up

Johnny Depp, wife-beater? Not according to his French ex Vanessa Paradis, who wrote a hand-written letter saying she believes "with all my heart" that domestic-violence allegations by Depp's wife, Amber Heard, are "outrageous," per TMZ . "In all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with...
Can Bill Cosby Be Convicted?

Will one of the biggest celebrity trials of the decade complete Bill Cosby's downfall? The 74-year-old has been ordered to stand trial on sexual assault charges , but it is far from clear whether prosecutors will be able to secure a conviction in the case, which involves allegations from 2004 and...
To Cut Debt, Americans Are Downsizing or Even Eliminating Summer Vacation Plans

Worried about debt, and even a recession, Americans are forgoing summer vacations.
The 529 Plan Is the Best College Savings Strategy You Aren't Using

Three-quarters of Americans don't know they can save for college tax-free, which isn't doing high-school graduates any favors.
Showrooming Remains Unpopular With the Majority of Customers

The trend of showrooming has not caught on as experts predicted.
Mortgages rates rise on possibility of Fed hike

Mortgage rates rise after the Federal Reserve signals a possible increase in mid-June.
How a teen gets added to Mom's auto insurance

Parents may be able to hold off the high cost of putting a teenager on their policy.
How safe are money market accounts?

Learn the difference between a money market account and a money market fund. Both savings vehicles are relatively safe, but only one type is insured by the FDIC.
Sands and MSG to Build Big New Vegas Event Venue

Just how many major event venues can Las Vegas sustain? The Nevada gambling oasis was already been undergoing a building boom, and now casino operator Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) has announced that it is partnering with Madison Square Garden (NYSE: MSG) to build a privately financed, 17,500-seat concert venue behind the Venetian and Palazzo casinos.
Little House Star 'Devastated' to Drop Bid for Congress

A star from Little House on the Prairie won't be moving to a bigger House after allat least not this time around. Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls Wilder in the Little House TV series, is "devastated" to have to drop out of her bid for Congress via Michigan's...
Regional Bank ETF: Is KRE Still a Buy if Rate Hikes Are Unlikely?

Get a review and analysis of the SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF (KRE), and learn why it's a good investment even if interest rates remain low.
Message in Photo: 'Please Help Me. This Is Last Chance'

Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda vanished last June while near the Syrian border. Now a Syrian man connected to his alleged captors on Sunday released a photo that Japan's foreign minister says the country believes "is of Mr. Yasuda himself." In the photo, a man with long hair and a heavy...
Teens Who Eat More Saturated Fat May Develop Denser Breasts

Researchers have discovered that different types of fat might play different roles in breast tissue development.   
House-rich senior denied credit for home repairs

If you lack funds to repair your home, you still have at least 5 options.
A tax-free way to pay IRA account fees

You won't owe taxes if you pay fees from your IRA. In fact, there may be other tax breaks.
The Best and Worst Foods for Your Thyroid

Thyroid problems can be helped (or hurt) by what you eat.
HELOC vs. reverse mortgage line of credit?

HELOCs and reverse mortgages have pros and cons. Which one is better for protecting assets?
Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

These simple tips will help you stay healthy all year.
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Famous Climbers' Bodies Left Where They Were
The mountaineers who discovered the bodies of long-lost American climbers Alex Lowe and David Bridges in Tibet left them untouched out of respect—and it took them days to realize who they were. Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck tells Reuters that he was on the way up Mount Shishapangma with German... More >
Latest News
Swim Team Captain Drowns During Lifeguard Tryouts
Jack Jakubek was one of the last people anybody would ever expect to drown: The 22-year-old had been captain of the swim team in high school and at the State University of New York at Cortland, where he set records in the 100-yard and 200-yard breaststroke, KTLA reports. But during... More >
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