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Stocks Extend Drop in Final Hour as Retail Lags

Stocks extend their decline by the final hour of trading as fears over a lackluster Cyber Monday hit the retail sector.
9 Statement Belts That Will Upgrade Your Outfit

This is the only way you should style your dresses this spring
Why Age Discrimination Hurts Your Mom the Most

Older women seeking jobs encounter more age discrimination than their male peers, according to a recent study that reviewed 40,000 applicants -- from teachers to accountants and janitorial workers.
Exclusive First Look: How to Do This Fierce Star Wars Makeup

Do you sense a disturbance in the force? CoverGirl x Star Wars is the collaboration us geeky beauty junkies have been waiting for
Weak Holiday Spending Puts Stocks in Sour Mood

Consumers appear to be pulling back on holiday spending, and that is causing worry in the stock market.
Paul Walker's Dad Sues Porsche, Too

Paul Walker's father sued Porsche for negligence and wrongful death Wednesday over the 2013 accident that killed the Fast & Furious star. Walker's father, who is the executor of his son's estate, filed the lawsuit claiming that the Porsche Carrera GT that his son was riding in lacked safety features...
Royals Release Pictures of Princess Charlotte

Ahead of the occasion of the fourth in line to the British throne marking six months on planet Earth, the British royals have apparently decided to reward the Internet with two new photos of Princess Charlottetaken by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, reports Sky News . Per Sky,...
Heres How to Talk Money with Family, Friends, This Holiday Season

Money can be a taboo topic around the holidays - here's how to handle it.
Fees Down, Tougher Security Features Mark New Era for Gift Cards

Gift cards are increasingly popular this holiday season, as mobile, security, low fees drive demand.
Are You Really Getting The Best Deal On Cyber Monday?

Holiday shoppers have already missed the best online discounts, and they're less open to shopping by retail's calendar. Cyber Monday feels as dated as that cyber portion of its name.
Mortgages stand still as lenders adjust to rules

Mortgage rates don't budge as the lending industry adapts to new disclosure forms.
Should I reapply for divorced spousal benefits?

It's doubtful you'll get a bigger Social Security benefit, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Getting Certificates of Deposit (CDs) in Emerging Markets: Risks and Rewards

Learn about the risks and rewards associated with investing in a certificate of deposit (CD) offered by an emerging market and what to consider before buying.
HSAs and FSAs: How to Decide Between Them

FSAs and HSAs are both excellent ways to help cover a portion of medical costs with pre-tax dollars. Here's how to decide between the two.
After Marrying Jackie, JFK Sent Woman Love Letters

Exactly 52 years and one day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, a batch of letters the then senator wrote to Swedish socialite Gunilla von Post sold for $15,000 at Upper East Side auction house Doyle New York, reports People . This set includes two complete letters on Senate stationary,...
Is Turkey a developed country?

Understand that the distinction between developed and developing countries can be nebulous, and learn why Turkey sits in the gray area between the two.
SF's 'Hot Cop' Arrested in Hit-and-Run

An police officer dubbed the "Hot Cop of the Castro" is in pretty deep trouble after a hit-and-run Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Christopher Kohrs, a 38-year-old who gained social media fame for his chiseled good looks, faces two felony charges stemming from an early morning accident that left...
24 Fast Food Breakfasts That Aren't Terrible for You

Whether you're on the road or in a rush, these fast-food breakfast items won't wreck your diet (or your health).
Bottleneck in processing mortgage payments

Paying your mortgage on time weekly and still being hit with late fees? There's a problem.
Bottleneck in processing mortgage payments

Paying your mortgage on time weekly and still being hit with late fees? There's a problem.
Report a monetary gift from a non-citizen to IRS?

You can each receive up to $100,000, but be sure to follow all the reporting rules.
20 Little-Known Facts About Being Left-Handed

The secret perks and pitfalls of being a southpaw.
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Guy Insults Stripper, Bad Things Happen
Insulting a stripper about her weight may not be the world's best idea—as a young man discovered early Sunday morning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Unidentified by police, the 23-year-old apparently told a dancer at Derriere's Gentlemen’s Club to "go to the gym and lose weight" and she responded... More >
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'Ghost Ships' With Corpses Keep Turning Up Near Japan
Over the past two months, the Japanese coast guard has been towing in gruesome finds off its western shores: fishing boats filled with nets, hooks, and, in some of the boats, decomposing corpses, NBC News reports. A total of between 20 to 25 bodies on 11 vessels (the latest boat... More >
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