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Michael Kors, Tiffany, Costco Earnings and Housing Data in Focus Wednesday

Six companies are scheduled to report their quarterly financial results on Wall Street.
The 8 Top Resort Wear Trends for 2015

The most covetable, drool-worthy pieces we'll wear everywhere
Is Credit-Free Living Realistic? Yes, But It Takes Careful Planning to Execute

Living your life without credit means no credit score. How can you live a full life with no credit report?
Want It, Need It: Fall Boots

Whether you want ankle, knee-high or lace-up, we've found your new favorite fall boots to get you through the cold
Workday Shares Take a Dive on Reporting First-Quarter Loss

While Workday delivered better first-quarter results than analysts anticipated, the cloud-computing player still reported a loss and its shares fell. Investors should watch the stock in Wednesday's trading session.
Johnny Depp's Dog Mess Gets Messier

Johnny Depp's dogs were actually the subject of a Senate committee hearing in Australia yesterday. Depp, of course, brought his Yorkshire terriers into Australia illegally and they were almost euthanized , but they managed to escape death . However, Agriculture Department officials had to answer questions about the fiasco yesterday, what with...
Omar Sharif Has Alzheimer's

Legendary Lawrence of Arabia actor Omar Sharif is battling Alzheimer's disease, his agent Steve Kenis confirms to the AP. No additional details were provided about the 83-year-old or his care. His son, Tarek Sharif, first revealed the diagnosis in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo on Saturday. The Egyptian-born...
Charter Cable To Buy Time Warner And Bright House, Consumers Fear Rate Hikes

Charter Cable announced on Tuesday plans to acquire Time warner for $55 billion, creating the second largest cable network in the country. Is this bad news for your wallet?
10 Craft Beers Brewed for Kicking Off Summer

Seasonal beers are a growing portion of craft brewers' beer portfolios. Summer's peak beer-drinking season is prime time for certain styles.
Easy Ways You Can Get Thousands More When You Put Your House on the Market

Not only is it possible for you to improve your home and get more money, it's probably a lot easier than you think.
Consumers on financial security: Video

According tothe poll, nearly half of Americans are saving virtually none of their paychecks.
Strike it rich with prize-linked savings?

These accounts offer the chance to win prizes of up to $2 million just for saving.
What is affected by the interest rate risk?

Find out more about interest rate risk, how bond prices are affected by interest rate fluctuations and how interest rate risk affects bonds.
How can I lower my effective tax rate without lowering my income?

Discover how to reduce your effective tax rate without losing income by maximizing adjustments and deductions, earning tax-free income and more.
Jon Stewart Has Been Helping Veterans on the Sly

Jon Stewart's last day on The Daily Show will be Aug. 6 , but there may be a few employees sticking around that he's been hiring on the sly: military veterans. In a surprise revelation in the New York Times , Stewart cops to a stealth "boot camp" he's been running for...
G.19 Report

A monthly statistical report from the U.S. Federal Reserve that shows outstanding credit extended to individuals for household, family and other personal expenditures.
What Insecure People Post on Facebook

If friends brag about the sweet gestures of their partners on Facebook, they might be inadvertently sharing a thing or two about their personalities at the same time. Researchers at Brunel University London reviewed the status updates of 555 Facebook users who completed surveys about self-esteem, narcissism, and the "Big...
Mapping the road to a fixed-rate HELOC

If the draw period on your HELOC is ending in the next few years, here's a plan of action.
With no heirs, is a reverse mortgage wise?

With or without heirs, proceed carefully with a reverse mortgage and see a counselor.
No-Cook Meals You'll Love

Too hot to turn on the stove? No need to—just make our yummy throw-together dinners!
5 tricks to sweeten savings a little at a time

Building savings incrementally can have a snowball effect. Here's how to get rolling.
4 Energizing Breakfast Recipes From the Ranch at Live Oak

Power up your day! Start with an energizing breakfast straight from the Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, Calif.
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Angie's List
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New Bipartisan Cause: Cheaper Booze
Raising a glass of whiskey, rum, or tequila to the spirit of bipartisan cooperation will become cheaper under a bill introduced to the House yesterday. The Distillery Innovation and Excise Tax Reform Act, co-sponsored by Indiana Republican Todd Young and Kentucky Democrat John Yarmuth, would dramatically cut federal taxes on... More >
Latest News
Obama's Immigration Reform Takes a Big Hit in Court
It was supposed to be one of the signature elements of his second term, but a court ruling today raises the possibility that President Obama's sweeping immigration reform won't begin until after he leaves the White House—if it begins at all, reports the Washington Post . The setback came courtesy... More >
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