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Staples, Utilities and REITs Look Risky as Valuations, Bond Yields Rise

The CNBC 'Fast Money Halftime Report' traders take a look at bond-like stocks such as MLPs, REITs, and utilities, which look risky now that bond yields are rallying.
VS Angel Selfies We're Jealous Of

Yes, they are as gorgeous as you think they are in real life
Allergic to Plastic: One-Third of Millenials Still Do Not Own Credit Cards

A large percentage of Millennials, or more than one in three of 18 to 29 year olds, have never had a credit card, according to a new CreditCards.com report.
The Best Makeup Look For Your Eye Shape

We all want our eyes to look bigger, brighter, better -- these are the looks that will enhance every eye shape
Stocks Sell Off as Trade Deficit Augurs First-Quarter Contraction

Stocks sell off on Tuesday after weak trade data prompts worries that revised GDP numbers could show the U.S. economy contracted in the first quarter.
William, Kate Reveal Their Daughter's Name

The royal baby has a name. "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana," Kensington Palace announced on Twitter . "The baby will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge." The name, of course, appears to honor...
Pacquiao Could Be in Trouble Over Injury

Manny Pacquiao could face disciplinary action from Nevada boxing officials for failing to disclose a shoulder injury before he lost the sport's richest fight ever against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar said yesterday that the state AG will look at why Pacquiao checked "no" a day...
Corinthian Students and the Department of Education in Student Loan Stand-off

Corinthian bankruptcy filing will not prevent a throw down as Corinthian students and ED get set to jump ugly
Here Are 3 Things You Absolutely Shouldn't Buy Around Mother's Day

Mother's Day isn't immune to the same demand that make Valentine's Day an overpriced hassle. You'd be well-served by steering clear of the traditional.
The Hard Rock Hotel Credit Card Breach: Yet Another Hotel Falls Victim to Cyber Criminals

Hotel industry suffering attack after attack - how can a consumer protect himself?
Avoid rate shock from variable-rate HELOC

Have a variable-rate home equity line of credit? Consider refinancing and locking in a lower rate.
Roth IRA sometimes beats 401(k) as retirement savings vehicle

A young worker may find a Roth IRA to be superior to a 401(k) when saving for retirement.
How do companies report the value of their capital stock?

Find out how companies report the value of their capital stock in their financial statements, including why some companies list a par value and others do not.
How is a leveraged buyout different from a buyout?

Learn about leveraged buyouts and circumstances under which an acquiring company wishes to pursue a buyout funded mostly with debt versus equity.
Sofia Vergara: Why I Don't Want Frozen Embryos Used

Sofia Vergara gave her side of the story to Howard Stern yesterday, saying she's not at all worried the lawsuit from ex Nick Loeb, who wants to bring their two frozen female embryos to term , will amount to anything. Loeb has offered to raise the resulting children himself, but kids...
What is the relationship between specialization of labor and opportunity cost?

Learn the basic meaning of specialization of labor and opportunity cost, how they are applied in economic theory and the relationship between the two concepts.
ISIS Claims Its First Attack on US Soil

ISIS is claiming responsibility for an attack at a center near Dallas that was exhibiting cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad. An audio statement on the extremist group's al-Bayan radio station says that "two soldiers of the caliphate" carried out the Sunday night attack; both men, identified yesterday as Elton...
Yoga Moves to Beat Insomnia, Ease Stress, and Relieve Pain

Here are some favorite calming and comforting moves.
How to lock a mortgage rate for a good deal

Lock a low mortgage rate by comparing rates and watching the timing.
Julia Roberts' Hawaii estate for sale

Not checking out this Hawaiian house would be a big mistake. Big. Huge!
Can credit increase query hurt my credit score?

A credit limit increase might actually help your credit score. Here's why.
10 Rules for Raising a Healthy Dog

Are you prepared to keep your pet healthy and happy long term? Here are the rules you should know, from training to feeding to keeping it stress-free.
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Suspect in UVa Killing Faces Death Penalty
The man accused of abducting and murdering a University of Virginia sophomore will now face the death penalty. Prosecutors today announced a charge of capital murder against 33-year-old Jesse Matthew in the death of Hannah Graham last year, reports the Daily Progress . Prosecutors initially didn't seek the death penalty, but... More >
Latest News
Florida Ferries Going to Cuba Again
The US embargo on Cuba is still in place, but two developments today further suggest that its days are numbered: Ferry service: Two companies have gotten approval from the US to begin running ferries from Florida to Cuba for the first time in 50 years, reports the Sun Sentinel . The... More >
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