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'Fast Money' Recap: Choppy Waters for the Dow, Rough Airlines, Apple's Change of Title

The Fast Money panel discussed the Dow's big drop, the struggling transportation sector and a new role for a key Apple executive -- sort of.
7 Sugary Sweet Beauty Products for the Holidays

These hair, bath and lip products smell just like our favorite holiday treats
Charter Cable To Buy Time Warner And Bright House, Consumers Fear Rate Hikes

Charter Cable announced on Tuesday plans to acquire Time warner for $55 billion, creating the second largest cable network in the country. Is this bad news for your wallet?
8 Ways to Prevent (and Treat) Old Lady Hands

Get the upper hand on aging with these expert tips
Open Sourcing Beats Crowdsourcing on the Road to Success, Says Red Hat's CEO

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of software maker Red Hat, says open organizations are superior to those with traditional corporate structure because innovation comes first.
Taylor Swift Can Save Students From Final Exam

Does world history teacher Colton Pierce at Skyview High School set a tough final exam? This year's students will never have to find out if Taylor Swift gives the Billings, Mont., teacher a call. He has promised the exam will be canceled if the star calls him, and a Facebook...
Jon Stewart Has Been Helping Veterans on the Sly

Jon Stewart's last day on The Daily Show will be Aug. 6 , but there may be a few employees sticking around that he's been hiring on the sly: military veterans. In a surprise revelation in the New York Times , Stewart cops to a stealth "boot camp" he's been running for...
These Are the Consumer Fees That Make Even Finance Experts Angry

Overdraft fees penalize consumers exactly when banks know they don't have money, then make the situation worse. But overdrafts aren't alone in their awfulness.
10 Craft Beers Brewed for Kicking Off Summer

Seasonal beers are a growing portion of craft brewers' beer portfolios. Summer's peak beer-drinking season is prime time for certain styles.
Easy Ways You Can Get Thousands More When You Put Your House on the Market

Not only is it possible for you to improve your home and get more money, it's probably a lot easier than you think.
3 financial moves to make after you lose your job

Self-preservation is key when you lose your job. Here's what to do.
Savings challenge: Make your own shaving oil

Stop nicking your budget; lather up some savings with this money-saving tip.
What are the financial benefits of retiring in the Philippines?

Read about the many financial benefits of retiring in the Philippines as an American expatriate, including low health costs and a favorable exchange rate.
3 Things to Watch When Seadrill Reports

After an awful 2014,Seadrill (NYSE: SDRL) has kept its head above water in 2015, as its stock is up a little more than 11%. More gains could be on the way if the company reports stronger than expected first-quarter results on May 28. Here are three things to watch in that report, which is a key one for the company given the turmoil in the offshore drilling industry these days.
Josh Duggar's 2008 Incest Joke Pretty Creepy in Retrospect

A joke Josh Duggar made back in 2008 was pretty uncomfortable at the time, but in the wake of the child molestation scandal swirling around him, it's even more uncomfortable. On an episode of 19 Kids and Counting from that year, Duggar was discussing an upcoming date he had with...
What taxes will I pay if I win a lot of money while gambling in Las Vegas?

Travel to Vegas and try to win big at the casino; but before you do, make sure you understand the tax laws that govern gambling winnings.
John Nash Wasn't Supposed to Be in Cab That Crashed

Renowned mathematician John Nash and his wife, Alicia, weren't supposed to be in the cab that crashed into a guardrail on the NJ Turnpike on Saturday, killing the couple , according to the New York Post : Their flight from Norway to Newark Airport got in five hours ahead of schedule, at...
Babies After 40: The Hidden Health Risks of Mid-Life Pregnancy

Potential risks of trying to get pregnant and giving birth after age 40.
Video: Home equity rates for Feb. 13, 2015

The environment for home equity borrowing remains favorable.
Found a homebuyer, but now I don't want to sell

Homeowners often get seller's remorse. It can be an expensive affliction.
20 Must-Have Gadgets for Exercising With Your Dog

Expert-approved gear for playing fetch, setting up an obstacle course, or running with your dog.
The risks of home construction loans explained

Want a house built just for you? Financing is kinda complicated. Here are the basics.
4 Ways to Eat More and Still Lose Weight

No need to go hungry if you're slimming down—use this trendy tactic and enjoy full plates.
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Dark Knight Shooter's Diary Finally Opened
Was James Holmes in the grip of madness when he massacred 12 moviegoers in 2012, or had he coldly planned the rampage for months? Both sides in the Dark Knight shooter's trial say the gunman's diary helps their case, and on Tuesday, prosecutors entered it into evidence and gave jurors... More >
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New Bipartisan Cause: Cheaper Booze
Raising a glass of whiskey, rum, or tequila to the spirit of bipartisan cooperation will become cheaper under a bill introduced to the House yesterday. The Distillery Innovation and Excise Tax Reform Act, co-sponsored by Indiana Republican Todd Young and Kentucky Democrat John Yarmuth, would dramatically cut federal taxes on... More >
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